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Started by Chocofreak13, July 04, 2011, 12:18:14 am

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"I thought the song went "Stand on what you believe""
- Me


"i'd say he's the motherfuckin' candy man
but that just sounds creepy."
-me, on romney

"god now i'm just picturing him singing it
he's the type that would
to be 'hip' "

that is a terrifying mental image"

"almost as bad as magical girl rick santorum"

-me and bella, on romney

"why do i think al gore would be in on that superhero team
mask, cape, corn oil-powered rocket boots, done."

"we need a superhero name for him...
The Green Planet?"

"we could just paint him blue and call him captain planet"

"is romney a villian or hero in this context

good question"

-me and bella on the potential league of super-politicians

"i'm now mentally replacing Gene Wilder with Romney in some willy wonka and the chocolate factory scenes"


"Why do women put their boobs on their chests?"
"It's so when they chest-bump one another, they bounce really far back. It's like a bouncy castle, but sideways."


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Quote from: Paradox Interactive Forum Newsletter August 2012
At Paradox Development Studios Johan Andersson, studio manager, had his birthday this week!

Just for him*, we're announcing a brand new Europa Universalis game; one that brings EU's legendary scope into the Napoleonic Wars, that glorious slice of European history that we like to think of as a geopolitcal barfight. Players will take control of a nation of their choice, dispatch armies and envoys, raid supply lines, form coalitions and get with the times, already. Because if they don't, that maddeningly clever Corsican is going to make fools of every single one of them.

* (Not really)

Quote from: March of the Eagles trailer"War never changes", they said

Troll game devs are trolls. I LOVE IT


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"The purpose of a ninja is to flip out and kill people"

"my friend made an interesting point about skyrim
the only beverages in skyrim are alcoholic
maybe there is no magic, or dragons, or anything
maybe everyone is just drunk off their ass"

"Wario. Wario never changes"



- A Dalek to a Cyberman


"Vegetable, what does the scouter say about his power level?"


Anyway, a comment tonight on HIEs in general. 

During some phase of a given HIE story, ponies will invariably comment on how a human looks like a giant, hairless monkey.  You can suppose that's flattering or unflattering depending on how you take being called a big monkey...

But has anyone every really thought of just what it means to be compared to an arborial mammal like a moneky?  I mean, beyond just appearances.  What's a human capable of?

Examine this video and ask yourself how pony populations in stories would react to a creature that's as at home on the ground on two legs, as it is off the ground on any number of its four appendages in an all out, MAD scramble in which the environment is little more than a platform game to them.

What is a human? 
It's a creature with incredible physical control and fluid balance beyond anything an Earth Pony or Unicorn could think possible without wings.

#7 [Thursday 6th of September 2012 11:03:43 AM] Posted 4 hours, 31 minutes ago 

Honestly, if they saw that parkour vid the first thought most ponies would have is "predator". Seriously. Watch that video with the eyes of a prey species. Imagine how you'd feel if this strange creature suddenly came charging across obstacles you couldn't even hope to pass, leaped in the air and then bounced of the wall behind you.

The capability to move in unexpected ways is a big fear generator. Even a pegasus would feel threatened by a creature that could appear to leap so high from out of nowhere and change direction so unpredictably. They'd probably also interpret a lot of that motion as misdirection strategies designed to confuse prey. Sure, I couldn't do it. Most humans can't do it, but we all have the potential to transform from this ungainly biped into a spring-loaded wall-climbing murder machine

My view on humans has now been positively modified. Makes me wanna dig out them PK skills a bit myself...


[Stew]: (3:22:16 AM) you have to suck the humor out of everything
[Stew]: (3:22:21 AM) You're a humorpire


Quote from: SethistoEQD - Not selling Adspace for Furniture!

It was a joke guys, you can stop sending emails for adspace now!


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"My samurai senses are tingling"
- Me

"Also, yours was definitely bigger"
- Me, to Kari

"They even took the novelty slot machine! Who does that?!"
- Dr. Insano

"I actually don't hold a grudge against people talking trash about me, if they're shot afterwards"
- Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind)


"i was chewed on ;v;"
"which is fine
since it was the cow
which i guess means that she was making...

-me, on being used as an approved teething device

"(Or "lickass", as I amusingly said months back because I was typing too fast)"

"We could also work on a draft of a script to a sitcom; titled "My Little Nejin: Friendship is Science"

"i'm curvy, but not THAT curvy
not like, 3 boxes of ho-hos sitting down curvy"


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"I'm a hologram. How do I get drunk?"
- Linkara's hologram

"I can't do anything until somebody sends me some balls"
- Dad

"I don't want to upgrade my obsolete browser, Stan Collections"
"Noss Lost an Collection"
- My ISP's search engine, interpreting the (fake) URLs Fedora-tan posted

"Stan "I don't want to upgrade my obsolete browser" Collections, a famous retro-techy *nod*"
- Pitkin, on the above


"Should.... have sent ... a poet.... the cake is beautiful...."
-My brother


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"There's no gravity. There's no rules!"

"The pants were dead"

"Coming soon: Bratquest -- the sausage fest of an RPG"