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Forum Game: Context Quote

Started by Chocofreak13, July 04, 2011, 12:18:14 AM

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"...I want an Oscar Meyer wiener inside me"
"Oh. You probably meant that innocently. xD"
- Me, Duko


"i've pretty much accepted i'm gonna be forever alone at this point"

-Morgen Azure Ochin, 2016


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"Whom is the being that resides in a tropical fruit located on the seabed?
- Me

"My balls don't need to be retrieved"
- Joseph (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

"I needed Guy Fieri holding a giant hot dog, thank you. xD"
- Duko


"That sounds fun, minus the whole going mad part." - Me, while discussing alien geometries with a friend.


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- 95-tan

"The ghost of my cat ordered a pizza"
- Me

"big bird telling me to wiggle the joystick is freaking me out a bit´╗┐"
- someone in the comments, on episode 102 of Oddity Archive

"What I'm trying to say is that after seven years I returned to TV to find that Flavor Flav's penis had spawned more television franchises than Law and Order."
- an article I'm reading


"You guys are starting to convince me that maybe we DON'T want to stop climate change."
-Josh Fox, Director of How to Let Go of the World (And Love all the Things Climate can't Change), a climate change documentary; after discussing two depressing news articles while on TYT Live


"This isn't even a trainwreck anymore. It's an airplane exploding during takeoff. " - MyAnimeList discussing the newest episode of Mayoiga.


"Insert the Oscar Meyer wiener into the steaming hot bun"
- Me


"you're a big cute teddy bear"
what the waifu says when I roast myself


"I was a fairly mediocre individual, yet I got to sleep with two queens."
-Ammu Sophist, in her book Eating Like a Horse: The Guide


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"I haven't decided yet if they're still alive, or if they died from Daplotsezso"
- Me

"It's a soda that pays people to say they like it, so you know it's good"
-Ronaldo (Steven Universe - Keep Beach City Weird blog)


"Now you are just throwing random words at each other and hope they stick together."
- A discussion went to a rather specific direction, and I kind of lost the train of thoughts.


"I refuse to believe that time is not Jello"
- Linkara (Atop the Fourth Wall)


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"Ah, those were the days; when computers were much smaller....and almost completely useless"
- Stuart Ashen

"I have a vibrating pussy"

"Senpai's Oppai would make a great name for a band"


"William Faulkner?  Didn't he write Grapes of Wrath?"
-Your August Admin