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Started by Chocofreak13, July 03, 2011, 11:18:14 PM

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Me: "Yoshi's cucumber is amazing"

The room got really quiet after I said that


me (quoting spongebob) 'what's so great about a nerdy pickle?'
mom: 'i'll tell you when you're older.'
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From one of my stories:

"Since when as a whale done anything for you? All they do is drink our water and eat all our sailors"


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"I'll have to take it from you by force...the hard way!"


From my Facebook "Quotations" section:

"It's more exciting than a ship full of screaming babies crashing into an aircraft carrier - that's ON FIRE!" - Random dude in sandwich shop


"When I see dandelions, I think to myself...that stuff would itch if it got in your nose"


"Now I know what parents feel like when they send a kid off to Iraq or Afghanistan" -Dad, only semi-jokingly reflecting on me going on a trip to Washington DC. >_>;;;;


While talking with Choco earlier:

[7/14/11 2:58 PM] chocofreak887: also going to rake my grandpa


My Boss: Nathan, I like you.  But I don't understand you at all.


Quote from: stewartsage on July 14, 2011, 05:57:12 PM
My Boss: Nathan, I like you.  But I don't understand you at all.

</insert comment about genius being misunderstood> d:


I thought I posted this here, but I must have forgotten:

Not me: "I thought you always wanted to drive a tank?"
Me: "But this thing is a SHERMAN."

-On ditching me and leaving me with a 1990 Ford "dually" pickup truck of questionable mechanical reliability that I've only driven twice before - once as an 8-year old in a parking lot, again yesterday, in which time I committed property damage to some dude's stone wall - as my only means of transportation.


My brother-in-law said this in a conversation once:

"Women have bigger penises than men. They're so big, they roll back over into being non-existent"


From a comic, but it's an awesome quote:

<At starbucks>
Girl: *splashes coffee cream in dude's face* "Now, imagine that, only warmer, saltier and stinging in your eye."

I lol'd so hard. -w-;

Same series:
"How are we supposed to undress him without seeing his GUITAR HERO?"

And in the category of plain silly, we have,:
Guy 1: "Those screams! Those HORRIBLE screams! They're the screams of the apocalypse! THE APOCALYYYYYPSE!"
Guy 2: "Yes, Rob, and you better go hide under your bed QUICK if you want to survive!"
Guy 1: "Tell me, it the Bolsheviks?"
Guy 2: "Worse...Bolshevik VAMPIRES!"

Guy 1: "But 60 seconds aren't enough!"
Guy 2: "I have it recorded! LET'S LOOP IT!"

Girl 1 on phone: "I NEED YOU!"
Girl 2, in head: "SHE NEEDS MEEE!!!!"
Girl 1 on phone: *barfs*



EDIT: talking with a friend earlier:
"at first I was poking at things with plastic forks but then I said screw it and put my hand in there"
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[10:18:33 PM] PentiumMMX: Also, touchscreen. Touching is good

Also, this bit of gold from earlier today:
"I don't give a fuck about sex"