Pokémon Challenge Run: GYM LEADER MODE (General thread)

Started by NejinOniwa, June 19, 2011, 08:16:57 PM

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1: FUCK, I FORGOT/LEFT MY DS AT HOME. Oh well, emulators are there for me.
2: I am totally going to do a Gym Leader run on some pokémon game.


You may only catch pokémon that share one single type. (exception: you may catch 'mons that evolve into your type, even if they don't have it at the moment: ex, your type is Flying, and you catch a caterpie -> butterfree has flying) Your first pokémon may be ANYTHING unevolved at lv5, however - as long as it fulfills the above criteria. Use emulators and Pokésav for great justice - if this is unavailable, the first pokémon you catch, or your starter if you so wish, has to take that spot and decide the type. (Extra rule for pokésav users, however - that's ALL you get to edit. IV's remain the same as the starter you're replacing, and no handing out weird egg moves like a retard. If your starter lacks a decent attack move, it gets Tackle or Scratch. This is hard mode, not l33t h4x m0d3.)

You may only carry with you as many pokémon as the last gym leader you battled had (only 1 until you've cleared the first gym). If you're overfilled due to a new catch, you must immediately return to a pokécenter and remedy that.

No legendaries. EVER. No matter the type. You're not even allowed to let them sit idly in their box. They STAY LEGENDARY by NOT BEING CAUGHT. You're just a gym leader, who do you think you are to catch a fucking legendary?

No defeats. EVER. When a gym leader loses, the game is DONE with them. Lose your first battle? START OVER! Lose halfway through the elite four? START OVER! Gym leading is SRS BSNS, suitable for only the baddest of asses.

No switching mode (switching pokémon when your opponent's pokémon faints and he sends in a new one). EVER. Want to switch? Prepare to take a beating from whomever is on the field at the moment. Or get yourself a fucking U-turn/Volt Change/Baton Pass user.

No excessive farming. Nobody ever battles a gym leader with an entire team that's 10 levels below his lowest (unless they're n00b/stupid or have an imba legendary or a team full of shinies or something. which you DON'T.) and since your opponents won't think of this rule due to being NPC's, you will have to do it for them. Simply put: your team's total levels must be equal or less to your opponent's when battling gym leaders, rivals or E4's (for the first time). Unsure if you've overfarmed? Bring someone who's low as fuck or just one less team member CHECK DAT BULBAPEDIA/SEREBII.NET AND ADJUST YOUR TEAM ACCORDINGLY. This rule is disabled once you've beaten the E4/beaten the game (for games whose main plot stretch beyond the first E4 run, where you need to beat them in accordance to the rules the second time as well - Black/White is an example of this).

Bug clause 1: Plot Eggs. Eggs that are given to you in the plot (ex. Togepi) are treated the same way as starters; they can be changed into any basic lv1 poke; however, if there are ANY proper baby pokemon with your type, ypu may only choose one of them. Ex. Electric has elekid and pichu, ice has Smoochum, psych has smoochum, mimejr and wynaut, steel has riolu, while Dark and Bug have none. Check serebii xfor list of babies.

Bug clause 2: Eevelutions from DPPt in HGSS. Glaceon an Leafeon CANNOT be gotten without trades in HGSS, despite Eevee being available. This is stupid because Glaceon is massive bro tier, so we will handle this in this way: Eevees to evolve into leaf/glac are trained until their happiness is maxed, which makes them evo into umbreon/espeon. Cancel this evolution, save, pokesav edit your eevee into a leaf/glaceon egg (yes, evolved pokemon can be in eggs with editor), hatch it, save, and pokesav edit your lv1 eevelution to the level it was before the chain of edits. This way, you get it in your 'dex.
Will post stuff when I start. If anyone else is INSPIRED!!! and doing it too, please do post ITT so we can compare teams/types/setups/other geeky pokémon master shit.

Personally I think I'll be doing Ice or Ghost or something. Cool types are cool. Restricts my choices of 'mons, but for DAT GLACEON I'll do fucking anything. He's fucking BRO TIER.

So, /OSC/ - what say you of dis challenge?


This makes the Nuzlocke challenge look like something for wimps. I might have to try this out sometime...


Heh ^^ I was mainly thinking of all the shit I do during my lazy runs, and then pulled BAN EVERYTHING on it. Plus, single-typing makes you think a lot more about what you're doing - and hardcore mode + no overfarming makes it sufficiently difficult as to actually enjoy the challenge, rather than just sweep through like some fucking bulldozer with a perfectly synergized 6 man team (like I usually do).

So yeah. MAJESTIC.

Dr. Kraus

Ok, so we are doing a play thru of Pokemon SS/HH/Crystal/Silver/Gold on our Gameboy/DS/Emu and see who can get to the end with just one type of pokemon? If this is a case, do we record what we do and what happens here until we all finish? Is this just a hardcore mode of Pentium's topic which is just a run thru of Crystal/HH/SS/Silver/Gold


@Kraus: For the record, mine's not a normal run through Crystal; it's a one Pokémon only run (Well, only one to battle with. I'll have others, but they'll strictly be as HM slaves and nothing more)


it sounds tough.....especially since i'd be going with psychic, since espeon would be my partner pokemon. FOREVER.

only trouble is, i'd want to do it on crystal, and my crystal game died....
but if i did it on ruby i'd get milotic....

if we happen across a pokemon that is a dual-type and one is our type, do we get it?
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Duals are allowed. HM slaves? NO. Unless you actually cant find something with your type that can learn the needed move. Ice has Delibird for Fly, many for Surf duty, etc. Since some types are hard to come by early, though, you need to pick your starter wisely, so you can properly run all HMs you need before you can catch your next poke.

Also, two more rules have been added, to ease out some possible bugs.


i'm gonna consider trying it, but i can't do anything about the second bug, since i'm not using an emulator or game genie. :\
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Well, consider the Natural Clause added - if you can't mod your game, you may delay the start of the run until you can catch the first of your chosen type.


ahhh. well, ok. sounds good.

plus, it's likely it'll overlap with your trip, so you can monitor me and make sure i don't cheat. xD
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::Gym Leader's Log::Tythan, the Crystalline Battleartist::
Day 1 - 20:00

Having received his Chikorita from Professor Elm, Tythan felt intensified shocks from the blue egg - the one he had been entrusted with by his father long ago - as he was exiting the labs. Finally! It would soon hatch open and reveal the shape of the pokémon that would be the first step on his path to destiny.
Having consulted his mother about the matter (and received her support) he took his newly equipped Pokégear and wandered out into the tall grass.
It just didn't feel right commanding the Chikorita he now owned, however - its attacks were clunky and ungraceful, and only took a tiny chunk of health off the wild Sentret that was his first encounter. He decided to retreat, and wandered around outside the grasses, his spirits down.
Then, suddenly - the egg cracked open.

He named the newborn Bifrost, for the rainbow - and promptly set about to test its mettle.
Being a level 1, he was aware that not even the level 2 sentret they first encountered would be an easy match - thus Bifrost switched out for Chikorita, who tanked the wild pokémon down easily. This increased Bifrost's level to 2, however, and the next pokémon went down swiftly with a pair of Powder Snow attacks. Realizing the potential of even low-level ice-type attacks, he strode on to Route 31, where Geodudes and Spearows were aplenty.
After kicking major amounts of ass, he regarded his now lv7 Glaceon with respect. This pokémon, despite being a female, was truly Bro Tier. Having been guided around Cherrygrove City by a strange geezer and received a pair of savvy running boots for the trouble, Tythan proceeded to dump his now unnecessary Chikorita in the Poké Center, before proceeding with his grand adventure. It was time for his path as a gym leader to begin.



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::Gym Leader's Log::Tythan, the Crystalline Battleartist::
Quick summary of Day 2 and 3
Bifrost the Glaceon, being an Ice pokémon and thus having total type dominance over both Grass and Flying-types, totally steamrolled through both the Sprout Tower and Falkner's gym. After defeating the gym leader of Violet City, he received a phone call concerning the egg that he had absentmindedly transported from Mr. Pokémon's house; said and done, he went to the PokéMart to pick it up.
After some wandering and idle battling (and disappointing the director of the Ruins museum by promptly ignoring him) the egg burst open, revealing something Tythan was quite sure shouldn't come out of eggs; he wasn't about to whine about getting a second Ice type, however.

Snover the snow-covered tree was named Lavinius, for the avalanches, and with his grass-type moves short work was made of many a Caterpie, Weedle, Wooper and Geodude on the way to Azalea Town.

Well there Tythan spotted some odd fellow dressed in a quite hideous black outfit blocking the entrance to the Gym; thinking to rebuke the fellow he searched for someone knowledgeable on the subject, and found the Ball Maker Kurt happy to oblige. Following him down the town Well, Lavinius and Bifrost proceeded to beat the living shit out of every black-dressed moron they came across, making sure to poke fun at their lack of fashion sense while at it. Apparently the cause of the outbreak of black-dressed hobos was some matter related to Slowpoke, but Tythan disregarded this fact completely as nothing good could possibly ever come from such a lax and simple creature. Instead, he stormed through the Bug-type minions of Azalea's gym in a matter of seconds, shattering shells and wings between the combined forces of Lavinius and Bifrost like so much glass.
The Gym Leader, Bugsy, was not as easy a fight as the others. He had duly noted the ease with which his subordinates were swept through by Ice-type attacks, and was well aware that his prized Scyther was especially weak to them due its Flying type. Thus, Scyther kept pulling his U-Turn move whenever he was in the field, dishing out a good amount of damage to Bifrost before retreating and letting the tanky Metapod or Kakuna take his place.
This tactic only had so much possibility, however. As Scyther was sent out for the third time, there was nowhere for him to run; Bifrost had also recovered some of her lost HP with her Shell Bell while taking down the high-hp tanks. Thus, there was little for Scyther to do against the screaming Icy Wind attack of Bifrost, which downed him in two shots.

Having completed all necessary things to do in this little woodside town, Tythan proceeded into the Ilex Forest. After aiding the woodcutter apprentice to fetch his Farfetch'd, he received HM1 Cut; when booting it up, however, he was faced with quite a tricky dilemma.
None of his pokémon could learn the move, and thus, he could not advance through the trees that blocked the path to Goldenrod.

After some disturbed mumbling he decided to make angry calls to Professor Elm, a random Bug Catcher, Professor Oak and his mother (in that order). Finally his mother came up with a solution to stop the pestering; one of her friends had recently been fishing in the waters behind New Bark Town, and landed a very strange egg. Not being much of a trainer, he was willing to part with the still-unhatched pokémon, which Tythan picked up at the Mart the next day.

After some wandering about, the egg hatched - and by the size and sharpness of the claws of the thing inside, his Cut problems were now very solved...

The Ice/Dark-type Sneasel (Tythan figured the egg must've rolled down the mountain somehow) was named Darclaw - Tythan wasn't very imaginative at the moment she hatched, as he was busy being overjoyedsmug. After watching her TEAR through a Lv8 Hoppip at Lv1, Tythan decided to keep doing that for a while; some Ice Shards and a LOT of Hoppips later, Darclaw was Lv10, and Tythan decided things were very much good enough for him to return to his journey. He let Darclaw Cut down the trees blocking the way in the forest; after offing some pesky Weedles (and showing some weirdly dressed woman the way out), he was out of the forest. After a few tough battles on the way up the fields, Darclaw fell to a Mankey; after defeating its trainer and giving him his deserved respect for managing to down one of his pokémon, he proceeded to Goldenrod City.

Bifrost (Glaceon) - Lv. 19, ICE
Moves: Powder Snow, Sand Attack, Icy Wind, Rock Smash
58 HP
27 Attack
53 Defense
66 Sp. Atk
46 Sp. Def
33 Speed

Darclaw (Sneasel) - Lv. 15, ICE/DARK
Moves: Ice Shard, Faint Attack, Cut, Screech
45 HP
41 Attack
23 Defense
15 Sp. Atk
31 Sp. Def
42 Speed

Lavinius (Snover) - Lv. 16, ICE/GRASS
Moves: Icy Wind, Absorb, Razor Leaf, Grasswhistle
50 HP
29 Attack
27 Defense
28 Sp. Atk
26 Sp. Def
21 Speed

Reflection: Yes, Glaceon is OP. Bro Tier, remember? However, once I get up into the higher levels and my enemies get some evolved pokés to field against me, I will be having a tough time; Glaceon is somewhat tanky, but has very low HP for the job, and due to her low speed relies on surviving enemy assaults before she can unleash her superpowered ice specials. If helped along with Hail and something accuracy-reducing, however, she can do the job admirably, however; since her Snow Cloak ability increases her evasiveness in hail weather. With the possibility of double battles, a combo such as Glaceon and Snover (whose Snow Warning ability immediately whips one out at the moment he's fielded) looks very bright indeed. Snover, however, is not the brightest of stars, and won't be for a long time; he doesn't evolve into Abomasnow until level 40, and I'll be needing him well before that mark is hit. Sneasel is Sneasel - stay on the field and keep on dishing out heavy-as-fuck Ice or Dark physical attacks until fainting is her job. Evolving her is simple; just get a Razor Claw and level up at night with her holding it, and baf. Now I've just got to find or buy one...

Tonight's challenge: the Goldenrod Gym.


if you want to fix bifrost's speed issues, find a quick claw. idk where it is in the remake, but in the original silver/gold/crystal the quick claw was owned by a woman with a persian (?) in the national park. it can do wonders in battle, as going first is much more epic than it sounds.

after several speedbumps, i've started the first half of my dual challenge. after things get a little more epic i'll detail it.
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i feel like copying you!

~ Gym Leader's Log ~ Crystal And Espy's Journey ~
Today, Crystal got her first pokemon! The level 5 Tododile Eevee took to her right away, happily bounding along as the two went on their mission. This turned out to be a breeze, because even at the level it was all it took was a tackle or two to plow right through whatever came in their way. Eventually, they fulfilled The Doctor's Professor's request, arriving at Mr. Pokemon's house. The obviously-named eccentric welcomed them in with open arms (despite the late hour), introducing them to Doctor Professor Oak, who also seemed enthusiastic about meeting the young Crystal. After the meeting, Crystal left the house 1 egg and 1 pokedex richer.
Upon exiting, she received a call from The Professor, who, amidst crashes and mumbles, urged her to come home. Racing back, she was stopped by a rather fluffy-looking man by the name of ???. He cordially asked her to a battle, and she and Eevee made quick work of the man's Chikorita.
Crystal made her way home, only to find out that that exact Chikorita was stolen from the lab. Providing the authorities with the first name she could think of, Garyoak, she proceeded to give The Professor the egg, to which he reacted in shock. After some pleasantries, he shooed her on her way, telling her to go visit her mother before she ran away with the strange brown creature.
Her mother seemed at once disappointed and happy, and, offering to save her hard-earned blood money for her, also proceeded to shoo her on her way. After a brief tutorial from the friendly neighborhood Bro, she made her way back to Cherrywood, where a lovely old gent she dubbed 'grandpa' showed her the ropes. After saying goodbye to grandpa she was back on the road to Violet City.
Along the way, she was challenged to battles from various people, including a pair of youngsters named Joey and Wade, whom she became friends with. However, as she was about to continue on her way, Joey felt the POWERFUL URGE to battle, and called her up--5 minutes after their last battle. After indulging him, Crystal was once again on her way, but feeling that she wasn't powerful enough yet to challenge the gym leader, she milled about town and eventually decided to take on Sprout Tower.
Crystal and Eevee prepared themselves for the challenge by stocking up, saving, and then heading in. The prospect of seeing Ghastly in the tower was both exciting and frightening for Crystal; They were cute, but unaffected by all of Eevee's attacks. As they moved on, they crushed all that came in their path, till eventually they reached the top floor. As they stood and watched, Garyoak proceeded to give a MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH, then rappelled out of the tower like some sort of fucked up Spiderman wannabe. Finally, it was Crystal's chance to take on The Master.
All was going well for Crystal. Eevee was in good health, plenty of potions in reserve, The Master's pokemon putting up little resistance, until Eevee ran out of Tackle PP. Crystal immediately lost her nerve; How was she going to win? In a desperation ploy, Crystal began telling Eevee to use Tail Whip and Sand Attack, hoping to exhaust it enough to let it use struggle. This inevitably failed; leaving a bruised and humiliated Crystal to walk back to the Pokemon Centre with her wounded Eevee.
Upon leaving the Centre, Joey once again felt the POWERFUL URGE to do battle, so, to cheer herself up, she complied, coming out as the victor again. Crystal 3, Joey 0.

She headed back to the city, where she planned to rest, and eventually do some more training with Eevee. Seeing as she had a long night, however, she decided that it would be best to wait until daylight.

Eevee: lv. 12
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack

also, news from the other front: MAN IMITATES CLASSIC MEME
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