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Started by Chocofreak13, August 23, 2011, 05:53:12 PM

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my art isn't as good or polished as some of the people here. maybe it's not as "realistic", or as smooth. but i have one thing over some of the people here, and that's that i'm putting my art to use for more than just a hobby. it's my passion, and it burns me that people who are better than me in this game are wasting their talents.

that said, i don't want this to get bitter. some of you requested that i post my comics "raw" (meaning i haven't cleaned or coloured them), since it was taking me so long to clean them up. since speedy's back up for the moment, i figured i'd take the oppertunity to finally get around to that.

i try to stick with canon for my stories, and anything that falls outside of it or that doesn't exist ("human" names, CE-kun and XPMCE-kun, etc) i've consulted you all about. so without further ado, here they are.

(note: the last page of issue 1 was incredibly messy, so that page has been cleaned and a gimp brush effect was added.
also, these were drawn about 2 years ago. i've since improved, lol.)


I want to see where this is going. Post more, please :)

Also, the artwork is pretty good. Considering the goofy nature of the comic thus far, the oddities like the long fingers give it a more cartoony feel, which works in it's favor.


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Pretty good so far. Hopefully you'll find the time to finish this chapter


i am, there's another page in progress, and i have plot lined up for 4 more chapters. it's just that my pigment liners have dried up. :\ (almost all the work on the page is done with a .25mm pigment liner, so they dry up the quickest. i could use my .35, but i typically reserve that one for speech bubbles. :\ )


This looks really good Kari. ^^b Visually, these are amazing to behold ... it's rare to see amateur (sometimes even professional) manga with SO much detail put into the panels; a lot of artists tend to laze out when it comes to background/detail work, instead focusing solely on the characters. While it doesn't quite fit the form of "traditional" manga, I find your style delightfully refreshing.

Can't wait to see where this goes. :)


what is "traditional" manga anyway? :3 i think that manga is a style, not just a regional thing.

or if you're talking about the left to right format, that was to save my own brain. ^^; one of my comics is read right to left, but i tried that with Ace's High (first comic i ever 'officially' wrote/drew), and it ended up a big mess, so i decided not to lie to myself. once i was more adjusted, i went with right to left format on Shoji Seven (the third of my three current comics).

as for detail, it's like a game to me; being able to stick random faces into a crowd scene turns it into a game of where's waldo. xD there was a scene in Ace's High where ace was going off to have a pit fight with his rival, Slim. there was a crowd of people watching the fight, and i managed to stick all sorts of characters in there, including the OS-tans, various vocaloids, some characters from Teenage Robot, and even Ace himself. xD

that said, i'll do my best to get the next pages up within the next few days. ^^

Aurora Borealis

I'm so happy to see this posted! Your art style is very cute, and while it's distinctly manga, it doesn't look derivative like a lot of amateur manga does. It has an original flair to it, and it suits the tone of the story well! The characters are sooooo in-character, their reactions are over-the-top yet believable.


yaaay, thanks for shoring up my confidence. ^^ alot of times when i write these, i wonder if they're good enough to be posted as webcomics (of course that'd be after cleaning and colouring). thanks for believing in me. ^^


Quote from: Aurora Borealis on August 27, 2011, 05:07:16 PM
I'm so happy to see this posted! Your art style is very cute, and while it's distinctly manga, it doesn't look derivative like a lot of amateur manga does.


I am so sick of seeing super-derivative amateur manga artists, whose work looks like it was copied from a "How to draw anime" book. It always ends up looking so.... fake. But your style is gorgeous, lighthearted, and cute, and best of all your own. : D


i think that has to do with me learning from multiple books (from multiple publishers and authors) as well as studying life, the classics, and learning from class and friends.
plus, i started attempting anime style when i was 5 and got my first "how ton draw manga" book at 12. :3