Quest: Fixing up the Place (Vault 9)

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Umeko skids to a stop right in front of the classroom, just as the bell begins to sound. She rushes to her desk as the chatter of schoolgirls fills the air. She breathes a sigh of relief as she sets her Big Book of Science on the desk. She checks the time on her Pip-Boy, 8:31. As she is about to settle in, she feels a hand on her shoulder; she turns sharply to find the teacher, her only friend, staring down at her with a frown. Umeko cringes, expecting detention for being late, to which the teacher offers a smile and a wink. The teacher makes her way to the front of the class.

"Good Morning, Students!"
"Good Morning, Ms. Averill!"
"As you know, there is an assembly this afternoon. The Overseer has decided to pay us a visit, so be on your best behaviour, girls!

Some giggles and snickers permeate the room along with many "Yes, Ms. Averill"s.
Umeko looks down at her desk. She's excited about the assembly, no doubt. After all, what could the Overseer have to say to the students of Vault 9? She must be so busy, to take time out of her schedule like this.
But in a way, Umeko is dissapointed. She hates sitting with the other girls, the ones who mock her for her weird name, weird speech, weird shoes. Even the other kids who belong to the Nihon Kyoudai shun her, mostly for being a nerd. All they want to do is goof off and insult the other girls in a language they can't understand. It makes them feel important to be able to do that.
Umeko shifts her gaze to the ceiling tiles, breathing a sigh as she hopes that Ms. Averill won't mind her sitting next to her again.





Malinda nearly fell off the couch; at the last minute she managed to grab onto the backrest.  However, that wasn't enough to prevent the stack of computer printouts on her belly from coating the floor in a new layer of paper.  Looming over her was the familiar face of Trixie, number one assistant to the overseer and coincidentally number one interrupter of naps.  Mal blinked sleepily, "Mwuh?"

"Where are you supposed to be at 10 o'clock ma'am?"

The Overseer considered the question, examining it for tricks before replying, "....brunch?"

In a flash, the gray haired administrative assistant had hoisted her boss upright, straightened her jumpsuit, and handed her several notecards from the night before outlining her speech to...

She stifles a yawn, "Oh right!  'supposed to talk to the kids today."

"Get going!"


After finishing her breakfast, Adeleine set off for the Maintenance department to meet up with Chief Cohee; hoping she isn't running late


Nova moves over to the terminal to read the night shift reports. She is halfway through when suddenly pauses, her focus shifting away from the wall of softly glowing green text in front of her and to her coworkers. "Have you heard from Officer Crovan today?"


Cat, having just softly closed the door behind her as she hears her name mentioned, takes a few light steps up to her chief. Then, to avenge her fallen comrade Secret Lab Fun, she puts her head an inch beside the preoccupied Nova's ear, whispering breathily.
"Did you need me for something?"

Seeing her reading messages at the terminal, however, she frowns. "And what is the matter with you people and not receiving messages on your Pip-Boys? It's not even hard to set up, you're just neglecting your duties!" She harrumphs heartily and sits down at a desk with a second pot of tea that she's brought with her. Nobody's going to miss it anyway. Probably.


Despite hearing her sidle up, Nova startled at Cat's whisper. Swiveling her seat, she turned to face the redhead, who'd since departed to her own desk. "Messages?" she asked, checking her Pip-Boy, "When did you send- wait, never mind. Sorry about that, Crovan." she blushed and gave a small chuckle.


Cat nods briefly as she gulps down another cup of tea. "Yea, yea. Just- put a tone on that damn thing, would you? The functionality is pretty amazing, but it's heartily annoying when you can't use it just because nobody else is."

Sliding her chair a bit closer to Nova, she looks her in the eye. "So now that we're here wo-mano-e-wo-mano... Today's schedule. What we got?"


Ms. Averill's lectures are always interesting to Umeko, with her love and curiosity of science. However, she can't seem to focus this morning, with the assembly weighing on her mind. She fidgets in her desk, gaze darting around the room. 'What is this bad feeling I'm having.....?' She thought with a looming sense of unease.

"Umeko? Umeko!"


"The answer to question 3." Ms. Averill said with a small chuckle. The other girls stared, most snickering. Umeko turned a reddish-pink.

"T-two hundred fourty-three....."


Arriving in the maintenance department, Adeleine finds she's there a bit early; as nobody else was down there yet. She then sits around and waits; wishing she had brought a book to help pass the time.


"Yeah yeah, I'll make sure the tone is turned on from now on. As for the schedule ..." Nova frowns and fidgets in her seat a bit, before averting her eyes from Cat's intense gaze. She just couldn't bring herself to tell her that - in the midst of last night's preoccupation and her late start this morning - she hadn't arranged one.


The science lecture this morning was interesting. However, Umeko just couldn't focus. Had she drank Okasan's coffee again by mistake? Just as she was getting self-concious, an announcement came over the school's intercom:


"Alright class, be on your best behaviour!" Ms. Averill said as the class got up and shuffled out of the classroom. Umeko hung back as usual, not wanting to get caught up in the crowd.