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Favorite TV Shows

Started by Penti-chan, May 29, 2011, 09:46:21 pm

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i never understood much of seinfeld. i got an occasional laugh (note the context quote posting i made from it a few weeks ago), but otherwise it was never my taste. i think my mum liked/likes it, though.

as for pawn stars, i really like the show, but my feelings about it have cooled the way they have for svu, simply because i've seen 90% of the episodes already. the fact that it's semi-staged kinda bothers me, though. >>;

@leaf: nah, i'll just find a torrent. there's a torrent somewhere.


You know, one show I'm let down never continued was Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension.

It was a live-action sci-fi series for kids that aired during Fox Kids' final season before 4Kids took over the block ('01 to '02), and honestly it was cool. I was skeptical of it at first, but I ended up catching an episode and got hooked; when the season finale ended on a cliffhanger, I eagerly awaited the next season to premiere. I felt that they had to pick this back up; it was too good not to, and if anything, they should cancel Power Rangers: Wild Force.

Unfortunately, it was cancelled. Apparently, there were some conflict behind the scenes over who held the rights to the series, which prevented another season from being produced. However, maybe one day it'll be finished; the actor who played Nick Bluetooth, the show's main character, has mentioned before in interviews that he's considered trying to fund creation of a comic book series to continue the story, since he really loved working on the series as a kid.


I've never watched Seinfeld. Apparently it's so awesome and jargon, but I haven't looked into watching it.

And as for Pawn Stars, it's was... OK.


Who said Seinfeld was awesome? :\

@pent: hope he succeeds. ^^


My dad loves it, which is odd because we share a lot of TV programming preferences in common (SCTV, MST3K).  I've honestly just never found it funny.  I get that its supposed to be all lolsmart and witty and they don't need no comedy rules man to tell them what to do, but I just never connected with the cast or their jokes.  With Pawn Stars, or Storage Wars, the whole concept repulses me.  You're essentially trying to make a living ripping desperate people/idiots off.  Yeah yeah Bells constantly reminds me that the people get compensated for appearing on screen, but the concept still repulses me.

Other shows I don't like: CSI, SVU.  The latter just got too insane for me; I miss the UST between Cabot and Benson too....

Also: Every so often I remember TV shows I liked a as a kid.  The Kratz brothers' original show on PBS was what I usually watched before school, also Cyberspace, Tugs, Arthur, and others I'll remember eventually.  One series I loved as a kid that I finally got around to getting on DVD is Black Sheep Squadron.  Its a pretty pulpy WWII series based on the memoires of Maj. Gregory 'Pappy' Boyington, but it doesn't really stick to them that close.  Still I loved it then and love it now.


My parents loved Seinfeld and I remember seeing fragments of it when it first aired (I couldn't have been older than 5 or 6), later on when I was in my early teens I watched it a lot and thought it was hilarious but then it kinda ran its course and now I just find it worn out and unfunny. In hindsight the characters are fairly horrendous, I mean, they're SUPPOSED to be awful and unlikeable, but I tend to not get into shows where I can't empathize with / feel apathetic toward the characters. (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a rare exception to this rule.)

CSI I can't stand either, although this was another series I watched quite a lot in my early teens. u.u;;;

SVU is fuckin' awesome but I can't get into the newer episodes. In the past year or so I've started to gain an appreciation for Regular Law & Order, but Criminal Intent still annoys me. >>

The only PBS shows I remember watching with any level of consistency as a kid are Arthur, Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street... and that one with the lions who owned the book store or library or something ... and there was this other where these kids, like, built things and did science projects and stuff? But I'm totally blanking on the name, dammit. I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting too... :/


seinfeld = no
csi = hell no
always sunny in philadelphia = god god fuck no anything but that
svu = anything past season 12 is utter trash, and even some of the more recent episodes from that pool grate on my nerves at times
law and order = childhood memories but not the same hook as svu
criminal intent = ugh
pbs shows = fond childhood memories of me and my sister doing homework to the tune of arthur, liberty's kids (especially liberty's kids) and cyberchase, and occasionally zoom and bill nye (though BN aired mostly on weekends if i recall)
other = i have faint memories of reading rainbow from when i was very young, and i also loved Between the Lions, the show bells mentioned with the lions in the library. when i was younger, they also had a show called The Big Comfy Couch, which involved a clown and her doll learning all sorts of moral lessons and the like. i had the doll. -w-

did anyone here watch Madeline?


I did. It was pretty good; I haven't seen it in forever, though


i have so many videotapes. and i had the doll, and the outfits, and the books, and the live-action movie, and the board game, and i even have the trash can. -w-


Madeline Much...?

as for hated Shows, I only have one f(r)iends... Wanna puke every time it starts

I remeber Loving some girly stuff when a Kid... Rainbow brite, She-ra, My Little Pony, Carebears...

Remeber hating Zaboomafoo (The show with the kratz and the lemur...)


I loved the Madeline cartoon series.


Big Comfy Couch!  I was pretty little when I watched that, and Lambchop. 

Currently airing TV shows I enjoy are probably Friendship is Magic, Justified, Cops, Adventure Time, etc.  I can't say L&O anymore but I did watch the series finale.


I faintly remember watching Big Comfy Couch...and remember nothing of it :\


big comfy couch was a fun show. i really enjoyed it, since it was informative but not preachy. it kind of had the pee-wee's playhouse vibe but without the 80's motif or the unsettling air of creepy. (though peewee seems like a nice guy.)

@stew: funny, i have faint memories of watching lambchop! i think i had a lambchop puppet when i was small. it might have been a little before my time.

@leaf: me too, me too. i never saw it played on tv, but that didn't matter since i had all the videotapes anyway. -w- i'd like to get the two movies, since i really enjoyed those, too. (the second movie in particular was interesting because the story was a bit darker; i think this may have been around the time my taste for dark, gripping stories developed.)

@alfonso: i remember watching Zaboomafoo as a kid. the theme song annoyed the crap out of me, but since my dad's so big into eco-stuff and nature and all that jazz, i was sort of indoctrinated into shows that dealt with nature like that. it was around the time i was getting ranger rick magazine anyway so it sort of fell in line with that. plus the show taught me about those neato little fish-flavoured cakes that you can leave around in the wild that prevent rabies. (they're a bit bigger than a chunk of bubblegum. :3 )

@pent: i was thinking of torrenting some of it. if i find it, you maybe want the files?


Not really. I'm not quite interested in it enough for you to pass the entire series onto me, but thanks for the offer

I do remember liking Zaboomafoo. Never saw their original series, Kratts' Creatures, aside from a VHS tape from the library; which I don't remember much of. Granted, I don't remember much of Zaboomafoo beyond the "Zabooland" segments; which were animated in claymation...and the fact I couldn't take Zabuza from Naruto seriously at first, due to my immediate thought being Zaboo.

On a similar note on the bit on Zabuza, I found it hard to take the villain of Monster Rancher seriously due to his name. In Japanese, his name is "Muu", which apparently means "emptiness" in Japanese, while in the English version, his name is "Moo"; as in the sound a cow makes. Thus, as a kid I constantly cracked jokes about how, when the mystery of Moo's true form was first introduced, that he's be an evil cow.