Strike Witches: Operation Torch OOC

Started by stewartsage, May 15, 2011, 09:32:35 PM

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Hey, the mere possibility is more then enough.  When we get some battle scenes.





noice, Bellz.  I did a little quick one myself for Eléonore.

I haven't drawn in a LOOOONG time, so pardon the random things that don't look right. I was thinking of adding a foregrip to where the tripod is supposed to be mounted.  But yeah.  Design is always up for changes, so have at it. I just have the basic stuff down. I will proceed with another revision with basic colors once I feel satisfied with it.

Also, interesting to note, on the Strike Witches world map, Belgium is marked as Belgiga.


Looks good Sleepy! : D

Your machine-drawings skills are admirable. >w<


Thanks Bella~ I only roughly put in the details, but if I spend effort on those things, it can be much much better. :D
Also, I forgot her ears/tail. ^^;; oops. ---stew, since this is your character, feel free to place your input~---

Also, noting the African map in Strike Witches, the northern african nations are as follows:

Morocco, Ouedraogo (took a long time to find this name. rl nation equivalent: Burkina Faso), Mauretania (rl: Mauritania), Numidia (rl: Algeria/Libya), Tunisia, Cyrenaica (rl: Libya), Egypt, Kingdom of Aksum (rl: Ethiopia/Eritrea)
(Tunisia is seen in the Europe map I linked earlier)

In addition, the capital of Numidia is not Algiers, as in Algeria, but its old Roman name, Icosium.


Sorry, I completely missed your post Sleepy!  She looks good, especially the details of her head and uniform collar.  The Hotchkiss looks good (nice detail on it and the striker) but there was actually an attachable stock for it that I imagine she'd use.

As for the map: Thanks for the translations!  I never knew if Belgium had it's own name or not, let alone the North African countries.  I'll make the appropriate corrections.


Okay, I forgot the animal features again. ^^;;
But yeah.

Nejin, that's a helluva lot of detail and things to put onto a 13 year old body. XD; Made this a lot harder than stew's. heh
And you're gonna have to help me find reference images for that Bofors, cuz I can't seem to find em. Not the sort of images where I could figure how she would hold one, anyway.

As usual, feel free to note any changes you'd like. I'm not exactly well-versed in these things. I didn't draw the axe/rapier in too much detail, I just wanted to know where they were going to be.

And I get better the more I draw someone, so yeah. Excuse the current state of things.


Ohwowo! Quite looking good there. _W_

And no, the Bofors is an autocannon made for vehicle mounting or turret fire. You're not supposed to hold one. But Inga is a badass (and has MOOSE POWAR), so she does it fucking anyway. Basically it is used as a rapid-fire artillery piece.
It looks something like this:
or on its AA mount:

I think you might've missed the skirt, though.
And I must say I'm getting considerable Chiaki vibes from her design. Intentional? ^^


haha, unintentional, but yeah, sure, why not?

I made the skirt too short, so it ended up not serving the purpose that a skirt should have. That is, covering the undies. heh Item duly noted.

Yeah, I saw that pic of the Bofors. I was trying to figure out what it looked like in the back. Where the casings come out, where all the little knobby things are, etc. And also how the hell one goes about firing the thing. My perfectionist tendencies can be a bitch sometimes. ^^;


I've looked around, but I haven't found anything else on the Bofors 20mm's - info is hauntingly rare on all points, really. I'm afraid you'll have to work on what's there and spin off the rest ^^;

The skirt is supposed to be semi-long, but slitted - like the ones designed for riding.
I want to draw now OwO;



Don't mind the perspective errors or proportions or erroneous details...
I also took many, many liberties with the Bofors, Nej. heh

As always, feel free to chime in on things, as they are your characters.


My one critique is leg-length ... they're looking a little short here. Aside from that, everything looks good... .w.


Yeah I noticed that too. Also long outstretched arm is loooooong. XD;

But yeah, the main purpose of these things is for me to know how to draw them when I get around to doing something more complicated.  Then I'll probably spend the effort to fix proportions and things.


As bells said though, they both feel a bit short... (Inga is supposed to be 5"10, after all)
Also, nitpicking, but important nitpicking: THE HORNS.
Inga has a pair of these on top of her head, when transformed.
Otherwise, nice gone, this is getting somewhere indeed! ^^

Also: I think the Bofors should be a bit...bigger. Longer, at least.