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Started by stewartsage, May 15, 2011, 09:32:35 PM

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Casablanca, November 9th 1942

Liberion launched Operation Torch yesterday morning, coming to the relief of the Free Gallian force trapped throughout their African possessions around the cities of Oran (Numidia) and Casablanca (Morocco).  Barely holding out against the Neuori forces, they've been unable to take offensive action to assist the Britannian 8th Army in Egypt.  The invasion changes things.  Liberion troops are pouring ashore and driving land Neuroi back from the beaches past the outskirts of the cities while the task force's few witches join the Navy fighters (plus a few beleagured Gallian witches) to engage the Neuroi in the air. 

This is where the situation stands; the allies are making steady gains against tougher then expected resistance.  Casablanca remains under siege from a Neuroi force, but early this morning the siege lines around Oran were broken.  Together, Gallian and Liberion forces are advancing against the remaining enemy units in the surrounding desert.  Up the coast from Casablanca at the Rabat-Sale Aerodrome General Alphonse Juin has requested that a small allied squadron of witches be formed to provide better support to the ground troops (and their eventual inward march).

Okay folks, anyone interested sign up here with your witch's profile.

The witch generator categories are a good starting point (make sure you get a time {1942} appropriate fighter), but the following categories should be added:

Code ("Bio Addendums") Select
Rank: Don't go too crazy.  After all there's only one witch general (Adolfina... mmmmm) and any Liberions will have probably been in the service less then a year.
Appearance: Should be self explanatory.
Background/Bio: Character's history and such; keep in mind the time period (1942).[

Other then that I don't have too much more to add.  Make a witch, ??, play the campaign, profit.  This'll serve as our base for out of character discussions and pre-game planning.

Roster, Rabat Air Detachment - Free Gallia

  • Capitaine-commandant Eléonore Petrisse, Belgigan Air Force (Detachment Commander)
  • Lieutenant Celia Baumer, United States Navy
  • P/O Abigail Chandler, Royal Air Force
  • Fänrik Inga Krig, Baltland Royal Air Force
  • Quartier-maître de 2ème classe Joëlle Moreau, Marine nationale(NPC)


Looks good. ^^

I'll post my character's bio once I get the rest of it jotted down. .w.;


Good!  Here's mine.

Rank: Capitaine-commandant 
Name: Eléonore Petrisse
Nation: Belgiga
Service: Aéronautique Militaire Belgiga
Striker: Dewoitine D.520
Weapon: Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun
Familiar: Chatreux
Personality: Docile
Accessories: Smokes
Appearance: A little taller then five feet, brown hair with serious sun damage worn loose, lightly tanned, wears the remains of a Belgian Army tunic and dark blue panties most of the time, typically carries a white parasol on the ground.
Background: From the French speaking region of Belgiga originally, the eldest daughter of a foundry foreman.  She has been in the Air Force since Neuroi destruction of Ostmark and in Africa since the fall of Karsland.  Served in East Africa with the Britannian/Romagnian army, Syria, and in the defense of the Belgian Congo before arriving in Casablanca.  More then a little sun addled now but still a competent witch as far as anyone can tell.




However the generator's material was unsatisfactory, so I scouted teh wiki for better results. SO HERE WE GO!

Also, a note: Witches in general have some sort of magic specialty, no? I think we should include that as well.

Rank: Fänrik (OF-1)
Name: Inga Krig
Nation: Baltland
Age and DOB: 13½ (born March 15th, 1929)
Striker: Saab J 21A-UX Prototype
Weapon: Bofors 20mm M/40 Akan; Waraxe, Rapier (often in dual wield)
Familiar: Moose
Power: Thermal Manipulation - Able to increase or decrease temperature, as well as dissipate or gather it. She cannot increase it above 100C, or decrease it below 30C (Only target temperature is limited thus, however) - using gathering/dissipation, however, she can manipulate at temperatures far outside those limits. While her magical reserves are quite enormous, it drains quickly when operating over large areas, so she normally avoids it - for example, dousing a campfire drains 2% of her mana pool, while putting out a fully enflamed 2-story house would drain 50%, and tire her further due to the high amount of instant drain.
Personality: Proud/Curious. Prone to going bärsärk when provoked outside battle, however she normally keeps her cool in combat.
Accessories: Belt with heavily gilt, locked notebooks - inside are a complete history of all parameters and details of her Striker prototype, as well as all modifications and adjustments she makes to it. The keys are kept on a silver necklace around her neck. The belt also holds her melee weapons.
Appearance: At 178cm (5"10) and with a well-tuned body, she is quite intimidating - the only part of her looks that betray her youth is her somewhat lacking chest. She has shoulder-length hair of a strikingly golden blonde, worn loose (read: permanent bedhead). She wears a thin white shirt under a blue longcoat in old Karoliner style, the aforementioned belt, and a deeply crimson slitted skirt. Her panties are laced white.
Background: Born in Uppsala, her father was a doctor, who named her in hope of peace (her name literally means "No Wars") - these hopes, however, were ruthlessly shattered soon enough. She has been in the Baltland Royal Airforce for 2 years now, and her academic upbringing and technical ingenuity have made her a great asset to the R&D department of the force. Having mainly worked as an engineer and test pilot back home, she is somewhat lacking in combat experience - her first flight was less than a year ago. What of it she has, however, suggests that she will indeed be a valuable asset on the field - if nothing else, her equipment holds positively terrifying amounts of firepower. Her thermal manipulation ability allows her to stay comfortably cool, even in the stark blazing sun of Casablanca - and the majestic antler crown she sprouts when using her powers give her eyes some shielding from its light.

Dr. Kraus

YES, to Africa we go!
Branch: RAF

Rank: Pilot Officer

Name: Abigail Chandler

Age and birth: 16 - December 11, 1926

Nation: Britannia

Striker: Hawker Hurricane MK I (before December 28, 1942), Vought F4U Corsair (after December 28, 1942)

Weapon: Primary-Thompson SMG w/ drum mag Secondary- Colt M1911 .45 FMJ

Familiar: Ankara Cat

Personality: Impish/Proud, Abigail enjoys playing pranks on other witches (Inga is a prime target due to her being easily provoked). Though when her country or family are insulted, Abigail becomes defensive and threatens others (face turns stone cold, hand on pistol).   

Accessories: Aviator sunglasses

Power: One shot, One kill- Magical energy is stored into a single round within the gun (ability applies to any gun used at the time) causing the round to fire at speeds well over Hypersonic (mach 5). This ability can be used only once every two days and Abigail is unable to fight for 24 hours and is only at minimal magical level by 35 hours, this ability is used only in ex-stream circumstances where the life of Abigail or other witches are in danger.

Appearance: About 5"11 (182cm) with a body structure that is slim yet sturdy, she is commonly confused for Major Miles when her, waist length, brown hair is tied up ,not visible, or has turned blondish from the sun. She sports a white blouse which is worn under a No. 1 Squadron RAF flight jacket and white panties, though, while on ground she likes to wear tan cargo shorts and a brown leather belt.

Background: Abigail was born in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to her Liberion father and Britannian mother and has two younger sisters whom are the ages 13 and 10. Abigail's father was a gifted gunsmith and engineer with much wealth and influence throughout Britannia due to the great deal of rifle designs he had before and during The Great War and building many Hawker Hurricanes. Her Grandfather was also a great gunsmith in Liberion and worked with the Liberion Military and other gun designers to create the Thompson SMG and the Colt M1911 .45 FMJ, the guns which Abigail would use every battle and training exercise. Abigail's father was also a engineer of the Hawker Hurricane MK I, her first striker unit, and the Vought F4U Corsair, her belated Christmas present from her father which both served well during battles and training. Though being highly supported by Liberion guns and strikers, she still has the up most loyalty toward the Britannian Crown and Government and is very sensitive when her country is bashed by Liberion's and Karlslander's. Abigail's goal is to become like her idol, Dolores Bader, and achieve the rank of Wing Commander while showcasing her Father's and Grandfather's Liberion engineering. Before arriving in Casablanca, Abigail flew with Britannia's No.1 Fighter Squadron during The Battle of Britannia in 1940 where she shot down a fair number of neroi even though she was only a rookie sergeant and a flew a fair number of night missions in 1941. She has a tendency to provoke Inga, her squad mate, by playing harmless pranks on her such as switching out the water in Inga's canteen with tea (cheap tea at that) and sand.   


Rank: Lieutenant
Name: Celia Baumer
Nation: United States of Liberion
Striker: Vought F4U Corsair
Weapon: Boys .55 AT Rifle
Familiar: Eagle
Personality: Brave but reserved
Accessories: N/A
DOB: August 8, 1925
Appearance: 5'6'', untanned skin, dark brown hair worn in a ponytail, amber eyes, usually wears a khaki navy uniform blouse and jacket, light-colored panties and dark pantyhose.
Background: From a town proximate to Youngstown PA. She is of mixed Karslander and nobody-really-knows what-since-she's-never-talked-about-it heritage. The only witch in her immediate family, she joined the navy in 1941 with hopes that her magic would get put to to good use... it hasn't yet. Operation Torch will be her first experience in combat, and as such, she may seem uncharacteristically apprehensive.

Dr. Kraus

Quote from: Bella on May 16, 2011, 07:42:01 PM
Striker: Vought F4U Corsair

Take note to how I put two models of striker, the Vought F4U Corsair wasn't used until 28 December 1942 while this operation is in November a month too early. I went safe with two but I'll wait for stew to confirm on what you should do.


Welcome aboard to all three of you, and enjoy your stay in la belle Africa.

As for aircraft; Nej is using an experimental Swedish aircraft that wouldn't even fly as an experimental aircraft until July 1943.  How?  Because extrapolating from in series striker use they enter service about a year before the actual airplane their based on does.  Only problem I have with your character using a Corsair is her actually getting it.  We're talking about a brand new unit that the Liberion Navy hasn't even fully accepted yet let alone the Fleet Air Arm or especially the Royal Air For-

Okay you can go ahead and use them.  Both of you and Nej can use your strikers as listed, just keep in mind replacement parts will be hard (impossible) to come by.

(As a historical sidenote the Corsair was taken aboard the CVE Sangamon for carrier qualifications in September 1942 where it was derided by Navy pilots as too rough landing.  The Sangamon would go on to take part in the Torch landings.)

Might I recommend you all peruse this?

Dr. Kraus

Hmmmmm, I'm going to play around with an idea in my head for right now and then put it into action during the first battle... It will be interesting how I can play this out.

In the mean time, I'm going to draw my witch!


Good luck Doc!

You draw her, pic'll go on the roster.


On replacement parts. As my character is one of the main engineers for the whole project (aside from combat phase test pilot), she has a limited number of spares stocked, as well as the entire buttfucking load of blueprints and such worn on her person in case she needs to manufacture new ones. She is quite paranoid about industrial espionage, though, so there might be stops if it comes to that. -w-;

And Kraus, boi: Remember that if you're too naughty, Inga won't hesitate to royally fuck you over - King of the Forest and all. And watch out for dat Cold shoulder, too... >:]


I expect everyone to bring some basic parts with them, and some basic parts can be modified to fit from existing scrapped strikers, but don't expect to find a machine shop to fabricate anything new after November 12th when the Ranger departs for Norfolk. 

If that's everyone, I see nothing stopping us from starting later today.


I don't join RPs since I never ever visit my favorite online hangouts in any sort of consistent manner... But if this inspires me... I might feel like drawing your characters and/or whatever battle scenes you guys cook up.  No promises though. ^^;


If ya end up doing it, I (and I everyone else) would be mighty glad, mah boi. -w-

Dr. Kraus

Quote from: NejinOniwa on May 18, 2011, 05:23:23 AM
If ya end up doing it, I (and I everyone else) would be mighty glad, mah boi. -w-

I second this motion.