Forum Games: What would you prefer?

Started by Pitkin, May 05, 2011, 05:41:41 pm

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Ninjas. I'd go play golf with them

WWYP: Being immortal, or being able to regenerate?


being immortal. i'm cool with the way i look now, plus there's a limited number of regenerations (plus if you get a fatal blow before you get the chance to regenerate you die).

wwyp: creepy little girl or creepy little boy?


Creepy little boy. Let's face it; creepy little girls are overdone

WWYP: Being a Prinny, or being an Octorok?


since i don't know what the latter is, prinny. but i'd wanna be big sis prinny. >:3

wwyp: becoming a piece of pie or a poptart?


(You don't know what an Octorok is? Have you played any of the Legend of Zelda games before?)

I'd rather be a pie; because pie is good too

WWYP: Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream?


Chocolate. Vanilla is boring. :3

WWYP: A spyglass or a spider?


A spyglass. Spyglasses are cool

WWYP: For it to be raining cats and dogs, or raining chocolate?


CHOCOLATE RAYNNN~~ cause i don't want the animals to get hurt. :[

wwyp: having everything you eat be too spicy or salty?

(also: the only zelda games i've played were ocarina of time and one of the GBC games. i played OoT for about 2 minutes, and i never got out of town on the GBC one. i had fun in that one though <3)


Too spicy, so long as I have something to cool my mouth down with afterward (Lest I relive the experience of having Domino's Pizza hot sauce on my burrito)

WWYP: A car that looks awesome but runs terribly, or a car that looks terrible but runs awesomely?

(To show off my nerdiness about Zelda enemies, Octoroks are an octopus-type monster that have been in every Zelda game to date. They are commonly found around beaches and other places close to water, and attack by spitting rocks at their foes)


runs awesome. i can always fix it up. -w-

wwyp: a loyal friend who's spreading rumors/doing nasty stuff about you behind your back, or a total flake of a friend who sticks up for you when s/he's around?


The flake of a friend, though I sort of don't understand it: isn't someone who does stuff behind your back not loyal by definition already? ._.

WWYP: Full or crescent moon? ^^


yeesh, that's a tough one. but i think i'll go with full, since moonlight is beautiful. (but if i could, it'd be a tie!)

wwyp: a snake in your boot or one in your pants?

(also, about the loyal by definition, i think i was meaning someone who acted loyal and was always around. :\ )


In my boot, and if I may ask for something, a non-poisonous and non-constricting kind of a snake, please. :/

WWYP: A tight defeat, or a crushing win?


crushing win. >:3

wwyp: cold soup or hot salad?


Cold soup, because salad is for bunnies

WWYP: Helping your Uncle Jack off the horse, or helping your uncle jack off the horse?
(I'm feeling a bit tired and have an old joke of mine involving the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" segment from Animaniacs on my mind)