Forum Games: What would you prefer?

Started by Pitkin, May 05, 2011, 05:41:41 PM

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(ahh. still though, you'll find a large number of OSCers live in the new england area. -w- )

the latter.

wwyp: burning feet or icy hands?


Burning feet; since usually my feet are one of the coldest parts of my body >_<

WWYP: Feeling sick, or missing out on something you wanted to see?


feeling sick, i do routinely anyway and if i missed out on something i was looking forward to, i'd get quite cranky, which might make me sick anyway.

wwyp: having a looming sense of dread or the days dragging on?


Days dragging on I guess...?

WWYP: A father who is stuck in the 80s (What I mean is hates gay people, is sexist, etc.), or a father like Malcom's Dad from Malcom in the Middle?


i would kill for malcom's dad. like, literally kill. who do you want me to murder, i will do it without question.

wwyp: being stuck in a time loop or a monster movie?


Monster movie. Being stuck in an endless recursion of time would drive me mad

WWYP: A nicely cut tux or a fancy dress?


fancy dress, i don't have as many formal dresses as i'd like.

wwyp: a license to carry a rocket launcher or 5 concealed handguns?


A rawket lawnchair rocket launcher -w-

WWYP: Ho-Oh or Lugia?


lugia, if only because it can learn surf AND fly. -w-

wwyp: aeroblast or sacred fire?



STEAK, but CROC is awesome too. ^^

wwyp: donuts or bagels?


Donut. Bagels are good too :3

WWYP: Toast or biscuit?



What Would You Prefer?  A shotgun that can fire off normal shells AND grenades at the same time, or a mini statue of your favorite character?

I hope your ready!


shotgun, since i can find mini statues pretty easy.

wwyp: having/starring in your own anime or a date with your favourite anime character?


The latter >w>;;

WWYP: Constant calls from telemarketers, or no calls from anyone ever?