Chinese Fakko Storaggio Magico Hardo Disko

Started by Raffaele the Amigan, April 22, 2011, 05:07:02 pm

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Raffaele the Amigan

April 22, 2011, 05:07:02 pm Last Edit: April 22, 2011, 05:09:57 pm by Raffaele the Amigan
Once upon a time Naples alleys were famous due to the fact there were cheaters who sold VCR recorders or VCR cameras at the corners of the streets for ridicolous amount of money.

The cheaters made you "Joe Customer" even test-proof the VCR, and when you paid it $$$ bucks and bring it home, and you believed you got a bargain deal, you had a sad surprise...

When you opened the carton box, you got a VCR case that just lighten all the led lights, but did not accepted the cassette.

It was just a void case with the led lights electrical contacts, or you can just find a pair of bricks instead than the VCR...  :o

This cheat is called "pacco" (Pack) in Naples, as it was a cheat involving a magician trick of quickly manipulating the box containing the real VCR that they used for the customer test, and swapping it with another one loaded with bricks, in order to give enough weight to the box.

Now chinese cheaters made another "pack" cheat more subtle than the one performed by neapolitan cheaters...  :D

It could be possible you buy from an itinerant reseller or from a little chinese merchandise store a 500 Gigabytes external USB 2.0 Hard Disk at a ridiculous price...

When you are at home and you starting downloading files on it (for example a movie) you will find it keeps only last 5 minutes of the movie...

How could be this possible?  ???


You open the HD case and you will find a simple 128 megabytes only "el cheapo" old generation USB drive key!

And there are also 2 steel bolts to give the impression of the hard disk weight.

The controller of the USB key has been hacked to show it is a 500 Gig Hard Disk, and when you start copying files on it, it writes the files recursively upto previous ones, overwriting it again and again, any time 128 megs limit was reached.

This is why, if you copy a movie file on it, then the key plays only last 5 minutes...  ;D

So you are adviced!

When someone offer you external hard disks for ridicolous amount of money, be suspicious and even doubt it is a bargain!

He/She could being cheating you!
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Lulz @ troll salesmen. -w-
Then again, these days people sell 2tb drives for like 80$ here in prices much? -w-;


@nej: jealous.
@raffaele: there was an article in the paper today about a phishing scam in my area. phones were called between midnight and 2am and callers were told that their bank account was frozen, and in order to unfreeze it, you had to press 1. once you did, it repeated the message, and if you pressed it again it hung up. if you tried to call back the number, it said it was disconnected. even the police dispatch was called.

i still don't understand how that works.