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Started by NejinOniwa, February 08, 2011, 03:14:30 AM

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I'd want to join. After all, I have the papers and such for Maid RPG, as well as a variety of dice (Including some vintage d20s)



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Seriously, that game sounds fuckin' awesome. I'm on for it.


I was only offering what I have, anyone else should make their own offerings. 

The rules aren't very good for that set though....


The only one I have papers for is Maid RPG, although I read on TV Tropes about a Warehouse 13-inspired RPG. I'll have to look it up later for more info


I can provide for any game I suggest.  And a lot of things I don't offer.

Dr. Whooooooooo (I still think either Changeling or that would be awesome for this group)


I'd still like to see Maid RPG happen
Me gusta maids

But, a Doctor Who RPG would also be good


a friend of mine actually mentioned that a friend of his was running a dr. who themed D&D game. this tells me that with the right amount of planning, we could adapt any game to fit a dr. who theme. :3 (though dr. who maids just sounds like a recipe for tasty, tasty pony chaos. >>; )


Well, I do have rules for both Classic Dr. Who and New Series Dr. Who games.  Maids as well.


if people want to play, it'd be fairly easy to make a campaign for changeling based off Dr. Who.


I still kinda want to DM a campaign of MUTANTS, SWEEEDISH STYYYLE
What I'll do is just translate the character sheets and stuff and then be encyclopedic so I don't have to do SHITLOADS OF WRITING.


all of it sounds too awesome for words. let's hope we can keep it together this time. ^^


Character sheets for Mutant: Heirs of the Apocalypse, translated.

I'll roll up some basic materials on classes and whatnot, but I'll be walking you through character making manually anyway, so I won't translate more than necessary.



Welcome to post-apocalypse Scandinavia, where everything is crazy and wants to kill you in five to eight different ways. And/or eat your weapons. (no, seriously, they do that.)
The gameworld encompasses a fairly small part of Northern Europe, with a lot of radioactive holes and wastelands in it. A LOT, seriously. But for simplicity's sake let's ignore the most of that, and stick to the main part of the setting - the Pyri Communion.

Or, well, to be exact - the Pyri Communion and its bordering lands, including the city-states Göborg (Gothenburg) and Moss, the raider-infested no man's lands of Frihetens Slätter (Plains of Freedom) and the towns it encompasses, as well as Pyri's main military rivals - Gotland and Ulvriket (Wolfreich, formerly known as Denmark).

Now then. Those big, ominous circles you see? Those are the Forbidden Zones - or more straightforwardly, nuclear wastelands. They house a good blend and large variety of things you do not want to meet, things you definitely do not want to meet and things you want to find and whisk away to sell for credits at the markets of Hindenburg and Pirit. And other things you want. Like laser guns! Who wouldn't want one? The problem, of course, is that you have to get past a good number of nightmare creatures, unfriendly mutants and homicidal robots to get to them...and you're armed with muskets and swords. Sound fun?

Don't worry, though - that's not all you're armed with. After all, what would a game called Mutant be without, well - Mutants?
The peoples of the land are of many different kinds, but to generalize there are 4 distinct groups - classes for you to choose between.

First we have the regular Mutant Humans and Animals - physically altered from their normal form and, in the latter case, granted sentience and the ever-important twiddlethumbs and trigger fingers. Somehow. Hell knows how those moose mutants operate a gun...
In any case, the MH/MA class have Powers called Mutations (no shit, Sherlock), that range from multiple limbs, double brains (sorta), suction cups, photosynthesis, poison, poison immunity, WINGS AND FIREBREATH AND SO ON. You get the deal.
Politically the MH/MA are the working force of the nation, the rank and file of society - they are the Lower Class, except for some who managed to fiddle their way upward by way of skills, kills or a bit of both.

Then we have the Non-mutated Humans (NMH). These guys are, or at least claim to be, the Heirs of the Apocalypse. They've got the brains, the power, the flair, the money, the pizzazz - they're the guys in charge, the Bloody Aristocrats. Their Powers are a bit less diverse, and go under the name Talents. These range from things like connections with the higher strata of society, servants and estates, or an imperial carte blanche; to more defined personal skills like Artistry, Dueling, Strategy and Command. A note: Talents can be purchased by the other classes as well, if they are eligible for it, for increased costs. This represents the bitter truth of the Communion's hierarchy - the emperor is human, and so are 90% of the aristocracy and upper strata. You can get in, but it's going to be tough.

Next we have the Psi-Mutants and their animal counterparts, Mentally Mutated Animals (which sounds really, really stupid, so stick with PSI, please). If the regular mutants are the lower class, PSI/MMA are the outcasts and casteless - feared and hated for their magical powers, they live their lives hiding their true selves, hiding from society or forever seeking recognition where there is very precious little to be found; even less, even, than for the comparatively normal MH/MA.
PSI/MMA have Powers called Psi-mutations (ORLY I WOULDN'T HAVE GUESSED), that range from classics like tele-, cryo- and pyrokinesis, telepathy and astral projection; to things like walking through walls, walking on walls, EMP bursts, manipulation of weather and plants, et cetera. It's magic! But watch out when you use it, or you'll get backlashes in the form of Resonance, afflicting you with things from horrible migraines or sensory overload to brain overheating and death. Or even worse, you'll get spotted by one of PSIPO's hunters, and get their xenophobic hounds on your heels...

Lastly we have the unarguably rarest of the classes in M:UA - the Robots. RBT are the loyal, artificially sentient servants of the upper echelons - in most cases, anyway. The Robot Laws, hardcoded into every robot's core circuits, dictate that a Robot is not allowed to harm a human, and must follow their orders - however, if one is so inclined (or On A Mission) mutants and beasts are generally considered Not Human and thus fair game, and there are even some units who have had their behavior limiters removed to ensure no pesky humans can stand in their way - all the more, making for a strange, exotic class of beings that nobody fully understands anymore.
Robots have Powers called Options. They are the things that define them, that sets them apart - the various physical parts and abilities that separate them. Options range from subtle things like intercoms, sensor suites, microscope eyes and translation units - to cooler things like eye lasers, weapons platforms, wheels or maglev units.

Now I'm getting too tired to keep doing this, so I'll just ask you to report in for character generation, which I will help you with manually.


*tosses a pheonix down into the hole that is this thread*


i was digging under my bed yesterday, when what did i find but the notebook containing the map of Ashburg, the setting for the changeling game we played way back when. which makes me itch to play changeling once again.PLEASE PEOPLE, I ACTUALLY HAVE TIME NOW.

in reference to this its getting its own thread. see you there. ^^