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Favorite Song?

Started by CanaryTan, January 30, 2011, 11:46:49 AM

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listened to some 80's music, bob marley, offspring, metallica, and various forms or rap through family members. :3 after that, most of my discovery was via radio or tv.
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I also remember loving Benny and the Jets as a kid... oh, and I'm told I used to love I Got You by James Brown as a baby. (But isn't that something of a cliche?) XD

Anyway.... since this is /Favorite Songs....

I recently gave a listen to the Amnesiac B-sides by Radiohead. They're all the tracks that got cut from the great esoteric masterpiece Amnesiac; not for lack of quality, it was apparently executive meddling that got them axed. (Either that or it's all a part of Radiohead's master plan to hide all their best tracks on their B-sides and EPs, thus keeping them intentionally unknown and out of the mainstream.)

Whoa. I mean, like.... holy crap. This is one of those albums that seriously make me wish I had a really good set of speakers or pair of headphones, because there's a ton of bass and it would probably sound so much more awesome through quality speakers. ><

A track-by-track review (since i know so many of you care about this):

Trans-Atlantic Drawl: The first part: DAT GUITAR RIFF! The second part: Not as great as the first.
Fast-Track: Would be FUCKIN' AWESOME if not for the "ching ching ching ching" sample playing throughout the entire thing. It's still AWESOME though.
Kinetic: Makes me want to dance.
Worrywort: It's so plinky and 8-bitty, but like, 8-bitty in an echo chamber.
Fog: Tambourines and bittersweet little ditties in MY Radiohead? Its more likely than you think!
Cuttooth: A great song outside of the context of this album, but after The Amazing Sounds and Fast-Track and Kinetic... it  doesn't seem so great. Still a really cool song though, and the lyrics make me think of TIME TRAVEL for some reason.


Quote from: PentiumMMX on September 17, 2011, 08:38:37 AM

I have to post this (can't say it's my favourite song, but I listened a lot of songs from this band few years ago):

I'm not sure where I first heard this song, but it was either in Digimon movie or in THPS4 which I still have on my GC... Weird how that game only cost 5 € (or was it 10 €?) at the store I bought it from.

Anyway, if I'll start posting songs that have been (or are) my favourite, the list will be endless. I'm just going to say Panic! at the Disco - There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet.


that song is from the digimon movie. it's one of my favourites from that movie. :3

@bella: i have a pair of speakers with mini-subwoofers. you could borrow them if you want. :3
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Mentions of Digimon, Less Than Jake and Panic! At The Disco, this thread has officially transported me back to my tweenage years.

Speaking of which ... musically-speaking, my tweens and early teens were a terrible, terrible dark time for me, and I am hesitant to mention the atrocities that I listened to. Literally, the one and only good artist that I discovered during that time was Beck.

Thankfully, I rarely got to listen to "pop" stations in the car (the family would have none of that), instead listening to a lot of classic rock and light rock (*shutter*) and my taste in music slowly diverged from the still-infantile choices of my friends (for instance: I had no less than four acquaintances who thought Crank That Soulja Boy was the greatest thing to happen in music since The Beatles appeared on Ed Sulliva- oh wait, I'm sure they had no idea what either of those things are, nevermind). By about my 16th birthday I'd given up on mainstream pop (and rock, hip hop and country...) AND light rock (*gag*) and adopted many of the musical likings i have to this day. Although I'm constantly trying to broaden my horizons.

Thanks for the offer, Kari. ^^ I'm thinking about getting some speakers or headphones as a christmas gift to myself this year...


i got those speakers at the flea market! they were 20 bucks, and they're REALLY nice (which is surprising given that they're from the flea market!). ^^

i don't have a computer to plug them into, though, so they kinda just hang out in my closet. :\
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Oh crap... Bella... why'd you have to mention that song...

now... now there's something stuck in my head... again.

Sonic, man I am parched homie...

The Choice of a New Generation.


last week, me and the anime club happened to talk about the song "AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!" by Team America. however, we were in the classroom, so we were joking about how every other word would have to be bleeped in order for it to be played in school. xD

"AMERICA! -bleep- YEAH! COMIN' AROUND TO SAVE THE -bleepinbleepin- DAY NOW!!"
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While listening to my iPod earlier, a song came up I forgot I had on there; a song that was my "motivational theme song" during a rough time in my life (That being 2007)

The song being Hang Tough, by Tesla (This being the first one in a while that I feel the need to post a link to). It's still a damn good song, even years after I first stumbled onto it


Does anyone here have artists/songs that they really like, but can't listen to very often because the songs/artists in question are somehow sonically or emotionally-jarring? (IE, really energetic and catchy music when you tend to listen to mellow stuff, avant-garde music when you like less experimental stuff, or sad songs when you tend to like neutral or cheery ones?)

I only ask because I've realized I like a lot of They Might Be Giants' works, but I have to be in a specific mood to listen to their stuff and like it.


For me, it'd be most southern rock (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, etc.). A lot of it is good, but I have to be in the mood for it to enjoy it; otherwise, I end up skipping past the song for something else, like Hare Hare Yukai or Master of Puppets


most of my music evokes that response, but mainly it's influenced by the song preceding it in shuffle. for instance, i don't want to listen to "Onegai Sweet Heart" after i've listened to "Silent All These Years".

on an unrelated note, an old friend introduced me and my mum to the singer Katie Melua yesterday. he said he loved her voice and her, and as i was feeling a twang of jealousy he said he loved a popular male artist, and i felt better. :3

that said, she has a very pretty voice, and her songs are quite deep and calming, if a bit sad.
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I have to be in the right mood for the Beatles and a few other bands, but most of the time I just let shuffle flow.  Play what it wants to play.  Music can effect my mood more then my mood effects my music.

Since I don't recall ever posting here before, might as well post my favorite song.  Probably Copperhead Road by Steve Earle. 


@Kari: I've known about Katie Melua for a few years, but have only heard a handful of songs by her... my favorite is probably her cover of the Cure's Just Like Heaven.

Speaking of artists we've recently discovered, I gave the album Andorra by Caribou a listen a few days ago... the first half of so I found mindblowing, it was a modern, but still very authentic-sounding, take on 1960s psychedelic rock. The second half was decidedly more electronica-esque, but still really good too.

Quote from: stewartsage on October 11, 2011, 10:09:58 AM
I have to be in the right mood for the Beatles and a few other bands, but most of the time I just let shuffle flow.  Play what it wants to play.  Music can effect my mood more then my mood effects my music.

Since I don't recall ever posting here before, might as well post my favorite song.  Probably Copperhead Road by Steve Earle. 

That's really interesting; there are some Beatles songs I can listen to just about anytime, and others I can't unless I'm in the mood to hear them (which I guess can be said for most artists in my playlist). Only wanting to hear certain things usually only becomes an issue if I'm trying to do art or feel a certain way.

I knew this before... every time I hear that song I think of you. >//3//>


so i just heard the ducktails theme in about 10 different languages. :\

which leads me to a point i may have already made: when a song is stuck in my head, it's as if i can't listen to another song untill i listen to that one to get it out of my head. when i get a new song or listen to one alot, it's common for a song to loop. :\

@stew: i'm too picky to let shuffle go most of the time. xD and while music effects my mood, once a mood is imprinted it typically effects the music. (although, usually i have to be feeling the mood lightly in order for it to fully imprint, such as listening to saddish songs when you feel down.)
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