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Favorite Song?

Started by CanaryTan, January 30, 2011, 12:46:49 PM

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idk what's regarded as "indie" anymore. when i was a kid, guster and incubus were regarded as "indie", but idk if that's the case anymore. that said, i have both of those bands.

i recently heard a couple songs from local bands, and i wish i could get them on my ipod, but they're so small they're not on the net. :[

as for electronica, depends on what you define as electronica. i have alot of techno which could double as electronica, or if you want to be more literal, i have some songs that are literally electronic noise.


@Kari: Yes, techno is a type of Electronica.

Indie's a bit harder to define, but for me it's some combination of mainstream obscurity or having a "niche" fandom, low-budget records, an unusual musical style and belonging to a small label... of course there are exceptions, and not every band that falls under these categories is indie and there are some indie bands that are wildly popular.


i always considered techno its own genre. but in that case, i have ALOT of electronica. :3

as for indie, i have a couple, but not as much as some other genres i have.

i suppose this counts in the same catagory: i can't get my itunes to work anymore. ;^;
the dream of having katie melua and keane's 'is it any wonder' on my ipod have died....




So, I have a question for everybody:

What is a song you loved, but you never knew the title and/or who sang it until years later?

For me, the ultimate example is the song Desert Rose, by Sting. When I first heard this song way back in 2000, I loved it because it was very unusual; it sounded like nothing else on the radio at the time, before then, or ever since. However, I never knew what the title was or who sang it; the fact it seemingly disappeared from radio without a trace only a year later made it harder for me to solve this mystery.

It was a good 12 years later that I finally solved the mystery, and it was by pure chance. While out and about last Saturday, going to garage sales with my sister, she bought the Sting album Brand New Day for $.50; wanting something to listen to while we're driving around aside from the crappy local radio stations and her husband's mix CDs (Which both of us have heard more times than we care to), and because Sting is awesome (After all, another one of my favorite songs is Message in a Bottle, by the Police, but that's beside the point).

Once track 2 of that CD started playing, and I heard that song, my exact reaction was "Holy crap; I've been trying to figure out who sang this song for the past 12 years". At last, the mystery is solved and the song is now on my iPod :3


cool ^^ even if you hadn't figured that out, i have that song on my ipod, so there might have been the chance you'd have heard it anyway. :3

that said, i know there are several songs like that, but i can't really think of any off the top of my head, other than "Melt" by Hatsune Miku. i didn't find out about vocaloids untill about my last year of high school or so, but about a year or so before, my friend Kai had sent me a Link x Pikachu (SSB) video with that as the back track. i ended up getting the video and the song with it, but didn't know the name or artist until my friend Mike gave me First Sound Story along with a bunch of other albums in one of his mass music transfers (he would occasionally borrow one of my flash drives and load it with a couple hundred to about a thousand songs by various japanese and korean artists).


Sting's alright, I'm fonder of his work with The Police though.

I can't say I've ever gone very long without identifying a song I like, but awhile back I discovered that I was familiar with more Kinks songs than I thought I was, just because I'd heard them on the radio before but never knew who the artist was. It was kind of surprising listening to a Youtube playlist of their songs and recognizing many of them...


i think i had moments like that when i was a kid, since i listened to the radio back then. xD i think the songs i have by the pretenders were like that; when they came on the radio i'd recognize them instantly, but if you told me the name i'd stare at you like you were speaking a foriegn language. xD


That's actually how I was about the Beatles at one point. I knew While My Guitar Gently Weeps for years, but didn't know who sang it xD


i don't have as many moments like that anymore since i don't really listen to the radio >>;;

though there's one song i heard last october during the snowstorm that's by a local artist that i want. i know the title is "Silly Boy" but idk who the artist is. :\


Same here, actually; I generally listen to a CD or my iPod when I'm out and about, as the only semi-decent radio station in my area has terrible reception most of the time :\


all the decent radio stations don't play anything i like anymore. :\

EDIT: i just had one of those moments of discovery!!

when i was young, my sister got a bunch of computer games for a birthday, one of which was this program called 3D Petz, where you got to have a 3D cat in a 3D environment. you could play with it, feed it, and do other things (like play connect 4, weirdly enough). they had an option where you could leave the radio on, so there would be music playing all throughout the house and yard. i had a favourite song on there that i always (incorrectly) attributed to "Zippidy-do-Dah".
here i am today on a Ragtime wiki walk, and i find out that that song is "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin. :3

(*is so excited* ^^)


With stuff like that, the soundtracks to a lot of games by the Learning Company fall under that.

I remember being over at my great uncle's house ages ago, doing something while one of his CDs of classical music was playing, and I clearly remember stopping at one point when I realized the song that was on was the theme to the Greece & Rome level of Ancient Empires :3



maybe it's because it's license-free. xDDD