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Favorite Song?

Started by CanaryTan, January 30, 2011, 12:46:49 PM

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Quote from: NejinOniwa on May 29, 2011, 06:19:39 AM
Correction: Bells' new sig is like
◕‿‿◕ do you want to be a magical girl too?

Correcting the correction:

/人 ‿‿ 人\ Contract?


it's a little creepy.....

is it weird to be able to sing in a language you can't speak?


Alright, here's a new one I like a lot.

Explosions In The Sky - A Poor Man's Memory

starts off nice and slow (it's instrumental), but that guitar part during the last two minutes is one of the most epic things I've ever heard. And the snare! The snare!
(btw, saw them live a few weeks ago, that gig was incredible)


cool. :3 (i've only been to one concert, but it was awesome. >w>; and the snare is cool, too. ^^)

a song i rediscovered recently (that's a bit hipsterish but oh well) is "New In Town" by Little Boots. the chorus in particular reminds me of me, since i sometime have a tendency to randomly lead a group through a city, having confidence even when i don't know where i am. :3


I woke up this morning with the song Meadowlarks (Fleet Foxes) stuck in my head. Dunno why... :o

I've been to a ton of concerts, mostly at summer festivals/park events/etc - last year I saw Weezer and The Gin Blossoms (though that was a free, outdoor venue on the Cape and it got cut short by thunderstorms).

A few years ago I went to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert with my family at an arena in Manchester. I'm not really fond of TSO but they put on a amazing show.


it sounds cool. :3 i'm not much of a crowd person, though, so idk if i'd like a huge concert. :\


I've never been to a concert. Of course, if I where to go to a concert, I'd have to resist the urge to be the guy in the audience shouting "Free Bird! Free Bird!"

Speaking of, another song I like that I think everybody knows is Free Bird, by Lynyrd Skynyrd. To be honest, this is the only song by them I really like by them; it starts slow, but ends with a classic, nearly 4-minute long guitar solo.


Unarguably I have participated in more concerts than I have been to.

Not much of a guy for having my eardrums blasted out, 's all.


@pentium: i have Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Black Betty". not often you find such BADASSERY with guitar solos. :3


we listened to "I'm Not Ok" by MCR in the car earlier. classic. -w-
i also like "Helena" and "Cancer" by that band. :3


Nothing at the moment

Currently stuck in head:
Latimer's Mercy -- Ozzy Osbourne

This is easily one of my favorite songs by him. Of course, the entire album it's off of is awesome


"Chocolate Disco" is stuck in my head, since that's the last song we listened to in the car. :3

i listen to alot of jpop, i've noticed. of course, that was already obvious, lol. xD


This is the appropriate place to post when you have a song (that you like) stuck in your head, yeah?

I've listened to Sailing to Philadelphia - Mark Knopfler approximately a half-dozen times since hearing it on the radio yesterday. It's such a pretty song. ^^


if we're going to name off place-songs, then Amsterdam by Guster is a good one. -w-