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Favorite Song?

Started by CanaryTan, January 30, 2011, 12:46:49 PM

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@Choco: I have a few songs from single artists (Korn, Iron Butterfly, Sir Mix-A-Lot, etc.), but a bulk of the music on Asagi is full albums (Minus the songs I don't care much; why waste space keeping "Ego Brain" on there when I can fit "What Is Love?" in it's place?).

Speaking of, another one of my favorite songs is What Is Love?, by Haddaway. I think anybody who grew up in the early-to-mid '90s remembers this song either from the radio or the SNL sketch it was famously used in, so it shouldn't need any introduction...but damn it's a catchy song.


eh, if i like a song i get it. that's my mindset.

and i find albums clog up my ipod, so it's rare to see multiple songs from the same album on there.


On an iPod or other MP3 player, I can understand cutting it down to just your absolute favorites by single artists to have more variety.

Anyway, another one of my favorite songs is Pussy, by Rammstein

I remember the first time I heard this song; it was when I was playing Mario Kart Wii, with the TV setup so I could listen to satellite radio while playing. While I was blasting through one of my favorite tracks in Time Trial mode, in an attempt to beat my younger cousin's record, this song came on...and I ended up falling off the track and screwing up my record-breaking run because the song had me cracking up.


..... :\

an ex boyfriend played me their song "Te Quiro Puta". :\ i also have their song "Moskau", a crossover with T.A.T.U.


I haven't heard those songs by them; aside from Pussy, all I know of is a spoof of Aqua's "Barbie Girl" they did that my sister likes (She may not understand exactly what they're saying, but Ken sounds like an asshole in that version)

Anyway, another song I like (Which I found the cheesy but awesome music video to) is Hall of the Mountain King, by Savatage. This song is cheesy, but awesome at the same time; it proudly being part of the epic 3-song finale of my 12th mix CD, with those 3 songs flowing surprisingly well from one to the next regardless of being by 3 different artists (I'll talk about the other two later; the last one won't need much of an introduction, though, as I'm sure you'll know it when I say it's name)


ohmigawd, thankyou. *w* i never knew who that version of barbie girl was by, and now i can get it. ^^

and yeah, ken sounds like totally angry, and barbie sounds kinda stereotypically gay (since she's played by a guy). xD


If I had a little quicker access to my sister's laptop, I could easily fetch it for you

Anyway, another song I like and the 2nd part of that epic 3-song finale of that mix CD is Sweet Soul Sister, by the Cult

This song is another one I just like; it's slower than the previous song on the mix, but it's still pretty awesome (With less cheesiness, as well). There is a music video for it...although said music video sucks; while the video itself is fine (Consisting of footage of one of their concerts), what they did to the song was unforgivable; taking an awesome 5-minute song and butchering it down to 3 minutes by removing several sections of the song and putting the outro right after the intro with the rest of the song following thereafter. Now, where the drums at the end of the song leave off, the next song picks up and wraps up the entire CD...which I'll talk about in a bit; I just need to find it on YouTube first


already got it.

and i'm letting everyone know, if the video is over 3 and a half minutes, i'm not watching it. ><;; (tl;dl. ><; )


What if it's just 9 seconds over 3 and a half?

...Which brings me to the final part of the that 3-part finale to that mix CD; Hare Hare Yukai, which shouldn't need any further introduction. I love that song...


how dows that flow with the others.....? .___.;

it's like going from "Forgotten" by Linkin Park to Lilium by Kasane Teto.

no transition whatsoever. :\


How I thought of the flow when I made the mox CD was something like this:

Hall of the Mountain King ends with a slow outro, which picks up with the slow intro of Sweet Soul Sister, which ends with drums, while Hare Hare Yukai opens up with drums. Not the best flow, but at the time, I though it was pure genius.


eh, i suppose when you look at it like that, it's alright.

some of the made-up-on-the-spot music i see on Who's Line i wish i could get on my ipod. >w<


Going through this thread I realized something....

......everyone here has WILDLY different tastes than I do, musically-speaking. Not even on the same planet. Or galaxy. I'm pretty sure the only OSCer I have musical taste overlap with is Stewart-kun... .w.


@bells: your new sig is like O__O

so ducktails is stuck in my head.

i hate that song, but i'm tempted to put it on my ipod just in case it gets stuck in my head. ><;


Correction: Bells' new sig is like
◕‿‿◕ do you want to be a magical girl too?