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Favorite Song?

Started by CanaryTan, January 30, 2011, 12:46:49 PM

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That reminds of how, at one point, I could almost sing Hare Hare Yukai in full without hearing it

Another song I like, which I found the cool although a little creepy music video to, is Pull Me Under, by Dream Theater

Even though this version is the 4-minute music video version, it still manages to maintain some of the awesomeness of the 8-minute album version; which really takes talent and proper knowledge of what to do when abridging a song for a music video. Still, if you want the full experince, go look up the album version; it's twice as long and twice as awesome, although the cool music video makes up for the shortened song.


why is everyone here obsessed with such long songs..... ><;;

i love teto music... ;v;

oh, and to answer your question from topicless/rpt (can't remember which), that picture of the 3 girls in yellow was the band Perfume, which has been a bit of a current obsession of mine recently. :3

if you want to listen to them, i reccomend the songs Dream Fighter, Chocolate Disco(you have no idea how long it took me to find a working vid of this, so watch it before the audio is taken away), Sweet Donuts, and Computer City. ^^


I'll watch those when I get off work.

Also, the obsession with long songs is generally because long songs are awesome; although, for Dream Theater, 8 minutes is considered "short" by their standards (Which would make the 4 minute version of Pull Me Under practically a ringtone)


ugh, i don't get the appeal. the longest song i have that i can name off the top of my head is Jesus of Suburbia, and that's only cause 1. i love Green Day and 2. My favourite song lyrics of all time are at the end of the song.

most of my songs are anywhere from 1:30 to 4:00. :\

oh, also, another song i love by Perfume is their cover of "Jenny in a Bad Mood". (i'll find you a vid later.) I've almost adopted it as a personal theme song, given the translated lyrics. ^^;


I think the longest songs in my music collection are Mild Und Leise by Paul Lansky (20 minute computer-music epic composed on a System/360 mainframe in the 1970s), and a few Porcupine Tree songs whose names i can't remember atm, since I'm really not that into Porcupine Tree... ~v~


Octavarium forever. 24 minutes sharp of solid musical gold.


The 5 longest songs on my laptop, starting with the longest, are:

1: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida -- Iron Butterfly (17 minutes)
2: Rime of the Ancient Mariner -- Iron Maiden (14 minutes)
3: Halloween -- Helloween (13 minutes)
4: I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) -- Meat Loaf (12 minutes)
5: Albuquerque -- "Weird Al" Yankovic (11 minutes)

Of them, the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th ones are among my favorites, while the 1st is pretty cool and the 4th is decent (Not one of Meat Loaf's better songs, in my opinion).

Chocofreak13 guys are insane.....


1: Octavarium (24min)
2: The Count of Tuscany (19min)
3: In the Presence of Enemies: Part II (19min)
4: A Nightmare to Remember (17min)
Dream Theater, all of it.
5: Na Moey Zemle (15min) - Arkona
Song's name is russian for In My Land, btw.

Note that this list does not include various mashups, concerts and kumikyokus and whatnot (since that's just cheating).

Honorable mention also goes to And Then There Was Silence by Blind Guardian, at 13 minutes - essentially a retelling of the Illiad, in music METAL form. A must-listen. Here, have your fill: Meh quality and a bloody audiosurf video, but damn was this hard to find.
Now also comes in 8 bits of pure flavor!



Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day - 9 minutes
Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meatloaf - 8 and a half minutes

most of my other songs are in japanese and usually top off at anywhere from 3-5 minutes. :\


The longest songs for me:

Bluesia Pieksämäen asemalla - Juice Leskinen - 16 minutes
Trapped in the Drive-Thru - Weird Al Yankovic - 11 minutes


oooo, trapped in the drive thru. -w- i wanted that one when i first heard it. ^^

any chance you could send it to me? i'll trade you one of mine if you like. :3

EDIT: i also found a decent youtube of "Jenny in a Bad Mood" (the cover by Perfume), for anyone who's interested.

it's a crappy set of pictures, so for anyone that wants wants translation, it's here.


A noteworthy fact:
Finnish is a fucking AWESOME language for metal lyrics.

Ensiferum, that's you I'm talking to.


@Choco: Is that all the Meat Loaf you have? I have the entire Bat out of Hell trilogy on my laptop, if you're interested
(I also have Trapped in the Drive-Thru, in case Pitkin can't get it to you)

Anyway, another one of my favorite songs is Dumpster of Chicken, by Kitsune^2

I only just discovered this song a few days ago, but I love it; the style and everything reminds me of the music of the original Mega Man games, which makes me want to storm the front gates of Dr. Wily's fortress and kick some butt. After discovering it, I found myself listening to it several times throughout the day; it's quite simply an awesome song.


unrelated: SatW taught me to swear in Finnish. :3

i just edited my last post, so not much point in saying anything else. :\

@pentium: i have alot of songs from single artists, since i go by a song-by-song basis of what i like vs an artist-by-artist basis.

and if i can get the full version of trapped in the drive thru, idc who i get it from. ^^;