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Favorite Song?

Started by CanaryTan, January 30, 2011, 12:46:49 PM

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Since favorite albums came up, here's a some of mine listed in no real order:

- Led Zeppelin IV (Led Zeppelin)
- Boston (Boston)
- The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath)
- Blow Up Your Video (AC\DC)
- Painkiller (Judas Priest)
- Steal This Album! (System of a Down)
- Indestructible (Disturbed)


"steal this album" reminds me of "download this song". :3


@Choco: By "download this song", you wouldn't happen to mean Weird Al's "Don't Download This Song"?

Anyway, I would talk about my favorite songs off of Steal This Album, but it's a case of it being easier to name off songs I don't like on that album (Which, for the record, the only songs I don't care much for on that album are "ADD" and "Ego Brain"; the rest ranges from very good to awesome). Instead, I'll talk about another SOAD song I like from a different album; that song being Holy Mountains.

"Holy shit" was my initial reaction to hearing it for the first time; it's probably the heaviest, most epic song they have ever done. Really; all I really have to say about this song is "holy shit, it's awesome"


personally, like their song "Violent Pornography". :3

and no, i don't mean that song. :\


Another song I like, getting into some of the sillier stuff, would be The Thing That Should Not Let It Be, by Beatallica.

To summarize, Beatallica is a band that's entire focus is taking songs by the Beatles and Metallica and mashing them together to create new songs. Of all the stuff I've heard by them, my favorite would have to be their mash-up of Metallica's "The Thing That Should Not Be" and the Beatles' "Let It Be". I'll try to find a link to it later; it's just too weirdly awesome to ignore.

@Choco: Violent Pornography is also a pretty good song; it's not among my all-time favorites by SOAD, but it's among the ones that are in the "very good" category


my sister got the image in my mind of dead nuns dancing to that song. xD

if we want silly music, how about the couple of Monty Python songs i have? :3


Another song I like is Lemon Demon's "Your Evil Shadow Has A Cup of Tea"

They're more well-known for Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, but they did have other songs; like Your Evil Shadow Has A Cup of Tea, which is just as weird as it's title makes it sound. This is another one I'll dig up a link for later.

@Choco: Yes. This topic needs moar Monty Python


@pentium: that sounds epic. is it LEMON tea? >:3

has anyone besides me had the problem of playing their music in the car? not the actual playing of it, but the worry that not many people will like it because half your music is in japanese? :\


You don't say. Furthermore, the half that isn't japanese is mostly Metal, which nobody likes either... -_-


Yeah; whenever my mom is in the car, I usually put in a CD or set it to a radio station I know she'd prefer, since I don't figure she'd want to listen to some of the stuff I like (Also, to save the weird looks she'd give me when my PSP, while set on shuffle, goes from Asagi My Love (A J-Pop song from the Prinny soundtrack) to Through the Fire & Flames)

I'd post links to those two songs I mentioned in my previous two posts, but YouTube seems to be down now
Since it's working again, here are the links to those two songs:

The Thing That Should Not Let It Be
Your Evil Shadow Has A Cup Of Tea


was that rhyme on purpose?

most of the time my mom's willing to put up with it, if only for the fact that there IS some music on my ipod she likes (i happen to have alot of 80's music for some reason). however, occasionally there's a song that she doesn't like. case in point, when i played konata's version of "cha-la-head-cha-la" for her, she described it as "a song she never wants to hear again" :\


@Choco: The rhyme was unintentional, actually; it just happened to fall into place like that. Also, your mom's reaction to that song sounds like my mom's reaction to Trogdor

Anyway, another song I like, which I actually found the very cheesy music video to, is I Want Out, by Helloween. This song was used as my battle anthem for that 2nd job toward the end; when things where finally starting to look up for me after a very rough 2 months, although any hope of meeting the approval of the boss I had in that department was long gone by that point (Because, as I soon figured out, she was trying to do to me as Fox did to Firefly years before).


that songs reminds me of the lost boys, lol. xD

if we're speaking of semi-cheezy songs, then i feel like mentioning "Onegai Sweetheart", the ending from the anime Fight! Ippatsu! Juden-chan. it's so sugarcoated and bubbly and high-pitched. >w<

on the topic of cute, bubbly songs (that we love), "Romantic Strike" from the anime Taishou Yakyuu Musume is a personal favourite. ^^ every time i hear/sing it, it makes me smile so big i can barely form the words. <333


Another song I really like is Welcome Home, by Coheed & Cambria

This is one of the bands I discovered from back when I still played Rock Band and Guitar Hero regularly, and I was blown away by how awesome it was; it was easily one of the best songs on the first Rock Band, and possibly even better than the grand finale of it's World Tour mode (That song being Run to the Hills, by Iron Maiden; another one of my favorites). This song lead to me reading up on the band, and now has me interested in tracking down the album this song was off of; I wouldn't mind hearing some more stuff by them.


Lemon Kid by PUFFY.

it's the only non-english song i can sing full through w/o the song playing. i get the lyrics a little mixed up sometimes, but i get a little better each time. ^^

i love the feel of it. it's so smooth. -w-