Screen-saver help needed.

Started by MisterCat, January 30, 2011, 12:47:23 AM

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Folks, I want a screen-saver utility which displays my  Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files in alpha-numeric order.  The built-in Windows screen saver won't do, because it only displays images in a random manner.  I don't want "random"!  I want "alpha-numeric"!


I spent way too much time today searching the Web for a utility which would meet my seemingly-simple requirements, but there are squillions of screen-saver utilities out there — all surrounded by double-speak malarkey so you don't know what you're getting unless and until they're installed.  I'm not going to stay up around the clock for a month installing and uninstalling hundreds of screen-saver utilities just to discover whether or not one of them actually works.


One which I went ahead and installed had great potential, but it wouldn't show PNG files!  So I had to uninstall the [CENSORED] thing.  Like, give me a break!  How stupid can this get?  What, alpha-numeric order and PNG files are now mysterious concepts beyond the comprehension of today's software designers?  Anyway ... do any of you know of a screen-saver utility which displays the user's own PNG files in alpha-numeric order?  If you do, please give me a link to where I can get it.  Thank you very much!




It's simple enough in Windows 7, at least - you can choose whether to shuffle your images or not by just checking a box. Dunno what Windows version you're running, though, so it might be different...

Dunno about utilities for the purpose, but it's a fairly safe bet that SOMETHING is out there. -w-;


I have a process for turning gifs into screensavers, but i'll have to get back to you on this one. :\