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Started by Red-Machine, December 24, 2010, 06:01:41 PM

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Merry Christmas, everyone!  I hope you get everything you asked for and your day is filled with joy, and not drunken arguments/punchups, etc...
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Happy holodays, tho we heath- I mean, sensible Scandinavians celebrate it on the Eve, like it's supposed to be done.

CDay is mainly a national "red dead" day, with nothing open and nothing happening what. so. fucken. ever.



I'm more partial to Festivus myself, but yes, Merry Christmas everybody~ =v=

Went to church, the cool one with the hippie lady reverend, choir, brass section and small-house-sized pipe organ, then out to dinner at the Thai restaurant. This is a Xmas Eve tradition.



(I finally took the time to set up SCIM & Anthy on watchtower just so I could type that! :p)


Merry Christmas.  I'm off to play War Plan Orange at my aunt's house.


There weren't any gifts under the tree last night, we put them out in the morning while one another is asleep. XD

I got:
A pink sweater
A pink shirt
...Pink thigh-high striped socks (noticing a pattern?)
Faux fur sash/scarf
More socks
Cake (yes, cake was wrapped up under the tree)
Ferrero Rochet (did I spell that right?) candies
A "college fund" cookie jar (made me sob profusely)
...A vintage National Park Service uniform donated by the Bella Uniform Fetishism Association local 170 and bought from Bodie Miller's mum

There were my pre-Xmas gifts too: that trip to Boston and the Osborne 1 THAT SPEWED SMOKE AT ME AND I AM STILL PROFUSELY DEPRESSED OVER. ;___________;


To round up my own tallies...

Skigear: Gloves and cover pants

The rest, kinda meh. I gave better presents than I got this year.


I got a new 5.1 surround sound 800 watt stereo system, now my OS Tan can sing even better!

I haven't opened my other presents yet though.


- hello kitty computer mouse (it has a little floaty in it, and it lights up and changes colours! ^^)
-curlers in various sizes and colours
-matching scarf/beret covered in little reflective thingies (gonna return it..)
-hello kitty toothbrush set
-various chocolates/candies (including 2 boxes of mini candy canes :3)
-pick up sticks >:3
-a skirt with a pine tree design on it, black longsleeve shirt with little gathers at the front (bot from grandmother, both are getting returned
-a bathrobe from aerie (getting returned)
-a small asian-inspired makeup case
-a little twin stars thermos <333
-a beautiful ceramic japanese tea set / basket (one cup is missing, but idc)
-bunny slippers
-an amethyst beaded necklace, and a gold-plated silver broach (both were my grandmother's)
-scratch tickets (out of 5 tickets, i won $1)
-pepper spray
-a cell phone card worth 120 minutes (which will get doubled into 240 when i put it on my phone)

if i got anything else, i can't remember it right now ;___;

but last night, we went out for hibachi! i got tempura, but the other 8 people in the group (me, my sister and her friend maggie, my parents, my grandparents, and my uncle and his girlfriend) got stuff from the hibachi grill. :3 it was a good show, and tasty, tasty food <3
afterward, we went to my uncle's house for dessert and conversation (and to play with his new kitten <33). after hanging out there for awhile, we went home and dropped my mum off, got on pants, then went back out to find maggie an open store so she could get cigarettes. after much searching, we found a walgreens, where we found 1. cigarettes, 2. christmas presents for maggie, and 3. a chia pet that we wrapped and said was from maggie to my mom.

after this, we went to the kmart next door in search of eggnog (cause while walgreens sells cereal, they do not sell MILK for that cereal). upon going there, we found a bigger selection of chia pets, which prompted me to get the reciept from my sister, run to the car, get the chia pet, run to walgreen's, and try to return it for a different one......only to find out that the reciept is the wrong one. so i run back to the car, then back in to kmart to ask my sister for  the right reciept, which she doesn't have, and we decide to keep the one we have. so i run back tot he car, drop it off, run to wallgreens and tell them merry christmas, then run back to the car.

kmart didn't have egg nog. so we drive over to the 7-11, buy the nog, and stop by my sister's bank to check her balance, to find that the atm has eaten someone's card and we circle around. after she checks it, we FINALLY drive home, making sure to drive by the shaw's to see if we could have gone there. i get out to check (they were closed), and they drive away, so i walk off (they come back for me), and we go home, with shenanigans all the way (and a possibly drunk driver in front of us some of the way).

best. eve. ever.
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Raffaele the Amigan

Buon Natale,  Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas to everybody... And Happy New Year!  ;010

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(Jean-Lous Gassée, former CEO of Apple France and chief of developers of Mac II-fx, interviewed by Amazing Computing, November 1996).


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Alright, I opened the rest of my gifts last night (that's when we got home)

I got...

-4 Apple Executive pens.
-the 800 watt surround sound system from earlier
-two other big cat themed PJs
-few miscellaneous itunes gift cards
-all of the original Transformers on 25th anniversary DVD sets (w00t)
-an Apple lamp, to replace my old boring lamp


cool. :3

after the initial opening, i recieved extras:
~jar of nutella
~chocolate orange

also found out i'm getting moar cash later in the week. *w*
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Not a Christmas present per say, but I did discover a photo of one of my ancestors (Dr. Thomas B McDonald) in the Phillipines with Col. Fredrick Baldwin (one of19 men to receive two Medals of Honor)