Plausible pricing for red win chan

Started by Hecate, December 19, 2010, 07:18:10 pm

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As the topic sais, i am about to buy a red win chan and i wonder approximately how much you think an acceptable price would be. I am currently getting an offer for 50$ (edit: plus shipping of course, so it will probably be 60$+ total ) from a more or less trustable source ( a bit fishy, but some paypal mechanisms should prevent a total ripoff ).

Alternative sources and/or sources for the blue one and/or sources for other os-tans are much appreciated aswell ;010

Picture very related


a little research yielded a retail price of about $40 USD, but that was 1. retail price, probably when it was new, 2. likely bought in japan, and 3. this is a RARE figurine; ebay didn't have the red version and amazon didn't have any at all.

if i were you i'd jump on it, it's unsure whether you'll even find this again w/o going to akihabara and doing a power search. :\


Sorry for the bad quality, its shot at night in my room with my mobile phone's camera. She has a small dent in one leg but otherwise she is in perfect health ;)

Its my win-chan throning on her .Net C# books ;D