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Started by Aurora Borealis, December 06, 2010, 06:40:33 pm

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Aurora Borealis

Got a message from someone on DA who plans on joining, and contributing to the Wiki. This person suggested that the pages' presentations need some major overhauling, especially since some of the wiki avis do look awful and need replacing, (And to think I thought they looked good at the time! What was I thinking?) and it doesn't help that the wiki has been neglected for at least a year now so there's a lot of outdated stuff on it.

I think the 100x100 avatars (the better-looking ones) would still work for the Annex Project and its simplified nature, but just using an image that small for the full pages doesn't do them any justice. How about for the templates in the wiki pages, we use larger images instead?

How about it? Let's breathe some new life into this stagnating project!


Does sound like a plan. What would be necessary also, is to look at the current material produced and relevant to that reshape the pages. And srsbzns newcomers are welcome always -w-

It'd help for me and the others doing literary work, though, if we could get a better defining picture to work with as character stuff. This should be a key target of the "new wiki".

Aurora Borealis

Yeah! This should be done on a case-by-case basis. Some pages need rewriting if the information is outdated (whether it's technical information, or if it's due to OS-tan characterization marching on), and some need to be added on to because that character's backstory had been expanded on at some point afterwards.

The most ambitious part will be to keep track of all the characters, since so many new ones have been made this year that aren't even listed! x__x


I could possibly help with writing? :D


I have no qualms about the layout or avatars. If anything, I think it would take away from the main focus:


That said, I am fonder of the Annex cause of it's easy, everything-in-a-simple-list format. = =

Aurora Borealis

Okay. The Annex Project will stay, of course, as a user-friendly way into the OS-tan universe that can't get bogged down by too many details at once. Need help with writing and rewriting stuff! Absolutely!

For the layout, should we keep the better-looking avatars, or instead use larger images. Personally I'm starting to prefer using larger images to get a better glimpse of the characters than just a small headshot. I'll start looking for pictures and come up with a sample. Anyone?


I vote using as many pre-made images as possible -- chibis, full-sized, whatever -- rather than making new. portraits. for everyone. That would just be waaaaaay too much work, even for a small team of people... = =

What dimensions are we talking, Aurora?

Aurora Borealis

I was thinking about 200x200 or 300x300. Of course I'll try to use as many pre-made images as possible!

For the overhauled template, I had something like this in mind, which I hope can be constructed and translated into wiki code!


Can help write for the Mac Tans yes? :)

and oooh, I like the Template.

Perhaps we can have neatly designed backgrounds based on alliance?

Aurora Borealis

Okay! And thanks! :)

I also like the idea of color-coded templates. Maybe not necessarily for the factions, but for Windows, Mac, Unix (proprietary vs. Open Source), Linux, DOS, Home computer, Mainframe, DOS, Hobbyist (also proprietary vs. Open Source)


I'm going to help update the very thing that got me into this....

/faints and leaves pic

just a quick makeup. Hope it's not too terrible and I am aware it's big.

Aurora Borealis

I like it! However, it looks hard to translate into wiki code. I'll see what I can do. If I can't get that layout, I could at least use the color scheme.


Yay! and sorry, my wiki-code is a bit basic (I have made a few wiki pages in the past though); I should've thought more about that.

edit; I just realized Windows ME's "latest stable release" is left blank. fricken LOL'D


Yeah, it looks good Chozo but very difficult to implement in wikicode. Which I know nothing of.


Ergh, the wiki; I love it but can't ever contribute anything productive.  I swore to write up biographies and such for my characters.  When there were about three or four.  I think I got SAGE and Whirlwind finished, didn't I Aurora-hime?