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Started by Dr. Kraus, November 22, 2010, 07:16:53 PM

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I thought this was the music topic, is the fact it's 2;30 am making me do stupid things?
If so, very sorry :(


I play the... erm...


I have no musical talent. But I can read sheet music for some reason. Weeeiiirdd...


i can read trebel clef, but not base clef (w/o help).

still itching for a piano.....

hay guize, should we start posting sheet music for stuff here? most of the time it's not hard to transfer sheet music from one instrument to another (piano to guitar, w/e). i remember finding a site with some vocaloid tunes in piano form, and i distinctly remember that i'm not the only vocaloid fan here xD


Base (F) clef is just treble (G) clef some octaves lower, with the notes shifted one whole row downwards (IE F is on the second line instead of on the top), so it's easy pie.

And sheet music is kinda nice, if ya find something worthwhile. The music I write (yes I do) is usually in cipher code, though, and converting is bothersome... -_-

Cipher code is handy since you don't need to actually set a key (you just use the interval values) but I've never taught anyone else how to read it aside from my music teachers in high school (for reading my homework -w-; ) so yeah. The upside is that you can post it quite easily without sheets, so plaintext works fine.


most of the stuff i've written is originally written do-re-mi, then translated to A-B-C (a being do, and so on).

so what i posted before:

would be


(try singing/playing that. if you recognize the tune, you just made my day. ^^ )

hang on:

i got music for a school project here.
(troubled windows opening season 1 is the top of the list)


PROTIP: In the Solfa system, which you're referring to, Do is C. Scale goes C-C. Illogical, but that's the way it is.

So you'd have to revise those.


eh, when i played it on the piano in the format i had it sounded it right.

either that, or i DID have it in C-C format and it's just been that long since i've played. -___-;;

either way, i'm better with the do-re-mi format, since it's easier to sing. :\

Dr. Kraus

Arg, my fingers hurt due to not having calluses built up on my fingers. Drumming doesn't really help build calluses much other then the bottom part of your fingers and not the tops.


if it's any consolation, (OT) i have a blister on the bottom of my tongue. it popped the other day, so now the extra part is coming off. it hurts like HELL. ;____;

STILL itching to play the piano.


Still itching to train my left hand well enough to play a piano. ><;;


lol. i suck with two handed songs, so be like me and either fake it or stick ot the easy stuff! xD


Haha, we could do a piano duet!  We'd have two good hands between the two of us! XD


indeed man, indeed! but first we need a piano. :[


We can just hijack one at a hotel lobby/fancy restaurant!


yay! but i'd like to practice first. :\

also, i've noticed that at hotels/convention halls w/ hotels, there is usually at least one piano. you just gotta find it. :3