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Started by Dr. Kraus, November 22, 2010, 06:16:53 PM

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Dr. Kraus

Don't know if this topic has been posted yet but I thought I might put it out here for kicks.

What Musical Instruments do you play? If you don't play any what ones would you want to play?

I guess I'll go first,
First off I play the drums but due to an on going medical problem I have to take a long break from it and learn guitar.
The picture is really big so here is just a link to it.
Just my drum set as it is right now, needs some TLC (Tender Loving Care) after 25 years of use but is still as good as day one from what my dad has told me.

I tend to futs around with my dad's Fender Stratocaster but I'm getting a Yamaha Pacifica for my B-day and I also futs around with my dad's Rickenbacker bass some of the time a truly legendary bass I'm honored to play.

now its your turn!


Some base practice on guitar and skills on bass, learned through extensive 9-year music ed. Also piano to some level.

First and foremost I am a singer, but my highest-level instrument is the saxophone - I own an old Yamaha alto sax since a few years ago, which I use in practice and play.


Keyboard...  but I'm not very good, I have trouble using my hands independently of one another. As in, I can play with my left hand or with my right, but not both at the same time. ><;

I sing a bit too... when nobody's around... <<;

Wanna learn the theremin and guitar though, in that order.

Dr. Kraus

Nice nice!

I drummed pretty hard today and broke two of my snare drum heads.
Ah, Pearl Jam how you compel me to play with too much soul and break my sticks and drum heads. I have yet to break the Bass drum head even though its 25 years old and never been changed. ever.


i like to sing, but am rather shy about it so i don't usually sing in front of others without the song playing in the background.

i love to play the piano, but i haven't played one since i left high school, and not seriously in over a year (beginning of senior year), since i don't have access to one. (i'm desperate to get one >__< )
even then, i suck with the piano as i barely scraped by in my piano class. 2 handed songs don't come easily to me. :[

i've always wanted to learn how to play the steel drum and steel guitar.
but first i'd like to master the piano. :3
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Dr. Kraus

ahha! the steel drum! That is a great instrument to play, we had one in our band class last year and I was the one to play it the most even though it wasn't in any of our songs. I just incorporated it into the warm-ups and such for the hell of it but I would also start sneaking drum-set into the warm-ups which was always crazy at the endings (I have to say I could destroy the room with the sound I made but that was just for fun. Don't do it in your band class, trust me, you will be banished from the drum-set for a while until everyone starts playing jazz songs.)


Jew's harp.  Don't really no what else to say other then it's not really a very handy skill since I don't have one.

Dr. Kraus

Ehhh, I was pretty depressed over how Yamaha discontinued their Hipgig drumset, probably one of the best kits around for its price which was a great value for what Yamaha offers which is the greatest ever.

Jews harp is a pretty cool instrument I saw one played at a concert once and it rocked pretty hard.


"Rocked" doesn't really seem like the appropriate word, but sure, rocked.

Dr. Kraus

lol I guess your right, but it was still pretty cool to see it played since its not your average instrument for a live show.


oh yeah, i have a wooden recorder and a (slightly broken) pan flute, and a harmonica around here somewhere, but i'm not very good on them. :\
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For the instruments I play skillfully, the Piano, Violin and the Cello

unskillfully... the fFlute and the Guitar.

I want to learn to play the flute well though.


lucky. the cello is such a beautiful instrument. huge, and if you're unskilled at it it sounds like a raging banshee, but otherwise beautiful.

and once again, lucky. i'm jealous of anyone with mad piano skillz. xD
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My piano skills aren't really great, I'm self-taught. I mostly just learn to play songs I like by ear.
I play the Cello the best by far (I can read the music too, which helps), I can play the troubled Windows song on it :D