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OS-Tan Online?

Started by 11076ddz, November 07, 2010, 06:36:46 pm

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i figured you would show decency and maturity but i am wrong. good day sir.


And how shallow the scope of your eyes must be, to remain unable to see it even at this point. Ah, well. Humans, I suppose.

And what of the usn change? That's just illogical. -_-


soultaker or 11076ddz or whatever your name is:
it's an interesting concept, however you're not going to get many results by pitching this to us because, you see, we are what's called a NICHE MARKET. this is one of the only OS-tan fansites in existence, and to my knowledge this is currently the only purely os-tan english site left.
being that we are a NICHE MARKET,

~we don't have time. this is one of the LAST os-tan sites on the web. we are regarded as the authority on this now. so ANYONE who likes this meme usually ends up here. as a result, we are all different people from all different countries and all different walks of life. the median age group of active members here is usually early 20's, so we're either always at work or always at school. what free time we do have is devoted to things other than planning a game, and we don't have enough time to spearhead a giant project like this.

~we don't have money. you're saying things like, "oh, it's only as much as a $25 dollar a month subscription plus na few donations!" ........i don't have that. i don't think i know anyone here who has 25 bucks a month to spare, and if we did, it would probably go towards computer parts or food or keeping THIS SITE alive rather than jump-starting something like this.

~we don't have the know-how. if you came here 4 years ago you would have encountered all of our programmers (besides fedora, but he doesn't count). they're all gone now, and nejin is the closest thing we have to a coding wizard. and as he said, he's not a fricken' wizard. i don't speak programmer, i'd expect stew, bells, and the brit to speak some archaic stuff, and nej speaks a little css/html. but other than that the only thing we have a chance at programming is a game engine like RPGmaker, Renpy, or MUGEN. (and even MUGEN is a stretch.)

~we don't have the drive. there's an OS-tan game already in existance (albiet slightly shoddy), as well as animations, comics, and a bunch of other things, so for right now you could say we're not having OS-tan withdrawl symptoms from a lack of anything. being that our needs our met in terms of this, we don't feel a surging need to create a new one. yes, we'd like to, but it's not a need.

~we're not sure if this style of game is the best fit. OS-tan doesn't lend itself to MMO platform very well.......visual novel? definitely. RPG? of course. 2d Fighter? obviously. but MMO's aren't usually based off of something else (except for .hack//fragment, but that was an MMO based off of an MMO so it doesn't count). grand fantasia, ragnarok, WoW, zOMG!, MapleStory, Trickster, EtherSaga, Jump Start, Free Realms, Hello Kitty Online, and pretty much every MMO EVER had its own closed, contained storyline as part of it. how exactly do we make a closed, contained storyline for something that already has a VERY open storyline?

it's a nice thing, but personally i don't see it happening. most of our creative efforts are poured into other things, anyway, and there's the problem of who's gonna host it, and.....

you get my point.

Dr. Kraus

Quote from: "NejinOniwa"And how shallow the scope of your eyes must be, to remain unable to see it even at this point. Ah, well. Humans, I suppose.

And what of the usn change? That's just illogical. -_-

I agree with nejin fully


Succinctly put, Kari.

And for the record, I know BASIC (the old 80s microcomputer language) and MS-DOS, but that's about it.
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i figured that counted under "archaic stuff" xD
still, it's not exactly the right stuff needed for this sort of job. basic is cool, and you could probably design a totally kickass ASCII game for some random early 80's 'puter, but for a more modern program, we'd need something along the lines of html, java, or probably C++. :\