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What are You Wearing?

Started by Bella, September 26, 2010, 12:14:38 PM

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'Twas searching for some thread when I stumbled across this blast from the past and now I feel compelled to necromance it -- or at least the concept.

Basically, what is YOUR wardrobe like? What do you like wearing, what trends and styles appeal (or don't appeal) to you?

I guess I'll go first... ahem... I am currently wearing a brown knitted sweater, a tan slip taking acting as camisole under that, and this rocking longer-than-floorlength patchwork skirt I bought from my Connecticut clothes merchant friend.

Jewelry-wise, I'm wearing my onyx owl pendant, a dharmacakra earring (on one ear) and what appears to be a planchette earring on the other). Also, my ankh ring and happy sunburst in a field of stars ring.

I dunno, I daresay my wardrobe has gotten more feminine since I first posted on Nejin's fashion thread in 2007, with more skirts and dresses (mostly of the floor-length, hippiesque embroidered/patchwork kind, exemplified here). Tanktops never go out of style for me, whether worn as outerwear in the summer or under sweaters and hoodies in the winter. Jacket-wise I've grown rather fond of my vintage wool peacoat, and I do have a few more boyish additions in my wardrobe, such as my pinstriped suit, a few pairs of black and pinstriped stacks, and these rather kickass camo pants I found at a second-hand clothes shop for like... a buck. xD

And my entire shoe collection consists of sandals and boots, with a lone pair of lace-up leather shoes taking the middle ground between summer and winter-wear.


I'm wearing boxers. and that's it. B)


My wardrobe varies from fairly androgynous hoodies and loose jeans to knit sweaters, knee-long skirts and spaghetti tops. Shoe-wise I belong to that horrible group of people who wear sneakers nearly everywhere during summer, but in total I own around ten pairs of shoes, of which only three pairs of leather boots are similar in style, all the rest different for different purposes. ^^ Absolutely no heels for me, still!

I usually wear no other jewelry than my topaz heart necklace and silver-knob earrings, unless the leather bracelet which I carry everywhere counts as well.


Why, why. This is a good use of a (5)Raise Dead spell... _W_


Currently wearing, uh, boxers and socks. I get warm very easily, as you might or might not know.

Only the primary and tertiary seals are active for now, since the secondary one needs DEF reworking - I expect that to be done in a few weeks or so.

My wardrobe has always been a largely even collection of slackwear t-shirts and thins, and stiffwear suitery with some SRS BSNS HIKING GEAR thrown in - it's grown more toward the stiffwear since '07 since that's the only thing I actively work to buy unless I'm with my family and some idiot decides that something looks good on me and forces me to buy it (SISTER), that is.

What's grown a lot is my EPIC LEVEL gear collection, which consists of a tailored red/black silk chinese style suit (slim-fit enough to give me an upgrade to DAT ASS magnitudes); an inherited vintage Velour suit made in California, complete with vest and a PINK RUFFLE SHIRT (gives me a +999 in FABULOUS); the most optimal wear for a modest Overlord, a black cashmere coat (words cannot describe the levels of awesome this thing has) and some other stuff. The two former are obviously only used for more party-like stuffs, but the last one is possibly the best piece of clothing I've ever bought.

Anyway, other than that my wardrobe is mostly pretty much like it's been before. Lots of suits, SHITLOADS of long-sleeve shirts, some shortsleeves, and some slackwear. I find myself oddly lacking in ordinary black pants, however, which is a great problem style-wise.

As for trends, I follow them like a teapot follows the phases of the moon. So to speak. My stylistic mottos are things like A suit is always a suit; No matter what the new black is, black will still be black; The more collars at the same time, the better; Ruffles are awesome; Black and red go together like fire and char; No matter what you wear, you must always look badass in sunglasses; among others.

Shoes are a mix of hikery, casual, sandals and specialist stuff.


Currently wearing:
One (1) pair of boxers, moose print
One (1) pair shorts, jean
One (1) watch, black and brown leather band with luminescent hands
One (1) Tee Shirt, Dunder-Mifflin Paper Co.

Wardrobe Trends:
I really, really like coats.  Probably far too much for my own good.  At least two overcoats (one a heavy wool Swedish Air Force one, the other a East German Army raincoat), a USAF service jacket, red fleece, Frostburg State sweatshirt, one for my own school, a US Army field jacket, and my policeman's sweater.  Other then that just the average t-shirts and jeans for the most part.  I like tan or grey/green jeans better then blue but what can you do?  Shoes, I don't vary all that much.  This is actually the first time ever that I've worn more then one pair a week, now that I have a pair of boat shoes to supplement my tennis shoes.  Sometimes the situation calls for my desert combat boots.  Right, there's always my stylish Hawaiian shirt covered in Rhode Island/New Hampshire lighthouses.


@Pitkin: huh, you're a girl? D:

I'm not so fond of heels either, but I do like tall shoes. Like, two-to-three inch soles. I like being tall and looking down on people~ xD

@Nej: your epic level collection sounds EFFIN EPIC. Please post pix when you get em. :V

@Stew: OMG, a Dunder-Mifflin shirt? You're now Officially Awesomeâ,,¢ :3

I dun have enough coats. D,:

A Hawaiian shirt covered w/ RI and NH lighthouses, isn't that a New England shirt then? >>


@Nej: your epic level collection sounds EFFIN EPIC. Please post pix when you get em. :V
Har. _W_
Well, my archives don't have all that much - I'll see what I can find, and maybe shoot something new.

Here's a shot of the china suit from my parents' century party - the light is bad, but I think it shouldn't be much of a worry in this case.


I have two Dunder-Mifflin shirts, to remember my time with the company.

Well, yes, I suppose it is.


You look badass even in (especially in?) silhouette Nej. AND THAT HAIR! You srsly need a medal for that.

@Stew: Dunno if I've ever mentioned it before, but the US version of The Office is one of my favourite series ever. :3




khaki cargo pants and a green polo shirt (which I just took off due to heat).


i died a little again ;____;


my wardrobe is big......mostly tshirts, tripp pants, and other random stuff. noteable contributions are my favourite tripp pants (donation from brother, roughly 5 sizes too big and they GLOW IN THE FRICKEN DARK WTFWIN >:3 ), my leather jacket (donated by another brother, has internal pockets for maximum sketchiness, makes fairly good rain coat?), my winter coat (thick, awesome detail, and got for 1 DOLLAR), my boots (3 inch heel!) and my favourite shirt (vintage tshirt given by father, reads "san jose #1 honda")

right now i'm wearing slippers (1 pair shoved in another pair on my foot), blue cotton socks, gray and rainbow striped pants, and a tshirt that reads "keep out of direct sunlight".

jewlery: 2 sets of earrings (one little silver drop shapes with a red stone on the middle parts, one a set of hindu hands),
3 necklaces (1 silver heart w/ ball of aquamarine inside on silver chain [gift from grandmother], 1 with random charms [ring, pendant, keys], ballbearing necklace with tag pendant with sign language symbol for love punched out),
2 bracelets (1 leather strap, 1 rubber bracelet with "pagan pride" and a bunch of symbols on it)

and glasses.
click to make it bigger


Quote from: "Bella"@Pitkin: huh, you're a girl? D:

Yes, but I admit to both claiming the opposite and not always correcting people when they've mistaken in the past. xD

QuoteI'm not so fond of heels either, but I do like tall shoes. Like, two-to-three inch soles. I like being tall and looking down on people~ xD

I'm fairly tall to begin with, and never really felt the need to be taller, rather the opposite: I often feel I'm a towering presence (feeling, which I don't like), despite knowing a good handful of even taller women. ._. Also, I've used heels so few times in my life that I must look like walking on thin ice every time I actually do. I do own a pair of three-inch-heel boots, but they're still waiting for me to magically relearn the ability to walk with them.

Quote from: "Chocofreak13"and glasses.

And glasses here too. x)


What is this? Our ever-reclusive, stealth-prone admin is actually revealing something? STOP THE PRESSES.


I got to wear my raincoat all day today, hooray.