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What are You Wearing?

Started by Bella, September 26, 2010, 12:14:38 PM

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I feel compelled to necro this thread since my wardrobe is now pretty much the polar opposite of what it was when I first posted here (freakin' hippie 2010 me).

A typical everyday outfit for the winter tends to be leggings + teeshirt or tunic + button up plaid shirt or cardigan + boots or sneakers, color scheme heavily slanted toward grays, blacks, and dark jewel-tone colors.

I wear leggings all the damn time now, say what you will about them not being REAL pants or whatever but they're comfy as fuck and go with pretty much everything.

As for teeshirts, I have a few plain ones but most of them are fandom tees / graphic tees of some kind. It's something of a goal to collect a tee for EVERY one of my fandoms...

I have a small collection of plaid shirts as well as a few trusty neutral color cardigans, I tend to like these clothes for work or school since the buildings tend to be quite warm and they let me layer down easily.

As for shoes, I've amassed a pretty impressive collection of socks, and one pair each of high, medium and low boots to suit different outfits/temperature conditions. I also have a few pairs of sneakers from Target that are impressively comfy.

My accessories tend to be a lot simpler these days, usually one of Stew's necklaces, my heart and sun/stars rings and stud earrings.


I wear tracksuits these days and other "chav" apparel instead of the usual "Dad" clothes I used to, thank God


@Bella: Leggings are nice, though I'm personally not confident enough in my body to wear them without a skirt over it ^^;


@Bells: we've pretty much cloned each others' wardrobes, except replace your plaids for oversize sweaters for me. there's this one grey one I wear damn near constantly now, mum thought I shouldn't get it but I did and I fucking love it. =w=

most of my clothes have been packed up and shoved in the car in preparation for the move. there's still a few lingering around, either waiting for the car or waiting to be packed, but I've pared my daily wardrobe down to the following:

all my socks, bras, and panties (didn't see a point to packing part of them)
2 pairs of leggings (one is black with grey and white roses all over, the other is a solid cranberry and are fleece-lined)
2 t-shirts (grey Atari shirt and a striped red/black/grey one)
2 long-sleeve shirts (knockoff sailor moon one and a purple and black Hilfiger one I got from Lilly)
1 pair of pants (grey sweatpants with fancy embroidered bottom)
2 sweaters (one solid grey, one lighter grey with white, heart-nosed skulls and crossbones)
2 pairs of pajamas (well, really, 2 pairs of pj pants and a pj shirt; the solo pants are suuuuper plush, teal-and-blue with a paisley? design, they were my grandmothers'; the pj set is blue and pink and covered in pictures of Asian food)
2 scarves (white/blue/beige plaid scarf my grandpa got me for Christmas, stupidly soft; grey knit infinity scarf my sister got me for Christmas)
2 winter coats (really only meant to keep one, but whatever; grey pea coat, and a green camo zip-up with furry hood)
2 hats (one was given to me by a coworker, it's a fleece pussy hat; the other was a Christmas present from a former-coworker-turned-friend, she knitted it herself and it's black and lavender; I also have a black knitted head wrap I got on Wish)
4 tanktops (3 braless, one with padding; the 3 are cranberry, grey, and yellow ochre, the padded one is forest green)
1 pair of winter gloves (fingerless, fuzzy, grey cat gloves)

I've also taken to wearing gloves a lot; the skin on my hands is freaking the fuck out lately, and putting lotion on at night, then wearing gloves to sleep, seems to be helping my skin absorb.

EDIT: i'm currently wearing the cranberry tanktop, the pj shorts from the Asian food set, and my trash panda panties (they're fucking awesome). occasionally I put on the grey sweater, get too hot, and take it off.
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@Kari: I used to be super into oversized sweaters! I haven't really been into sweaters this year, since I spend most of my time inside it seems illogical to wear anything too warm. I just bundle up in my coat and scarf while walking between my car and class or work.

I have a lot of clothes but it seems like I've really pared down on what I usually wear. Maybe in the summer I'll diversify my wardrobe a little more.


Considering how cold it's been at times in our apartment, the fact that loose-fitting sweaters have been my trip this winter as well will probably make a lot of sense.

Since quitting my teaching "job" I've pretty much abandoned collared shirts, flannel excluded. I go everywhere wearing Docs, and I've actually worn a dress already in 2017. Holy shit. That LBD had been in peace for over half a decade and now it stirred.

No longer into sporting a watch nor necklace, my only accessory apart from the bigger glasses would be a gift earring I always wear on my right ear. I've taken up kohl again. If the dresses had rested for five years, eyeliner certainly did for ten.

Got several printed t-shirts I love, for Sense8 and Life is Strange, and some with profanities. I love tank tops, in a perfect climate I would only ever wear them. Grey, green, white, purple!

I haven't been wearing skirts for ages. Last summer I went nearly entirely in small jean shorts and I'm hoping to do the same this year.

For many winters I used to wear longer coats, but barring the very coldest period I've mostly switched to shorter jackets. Got three second hand: black, dark brown and rust color.

Oh yeah, nowadays I go around 50-50 about wearing a bra or not. It's necessary for sports but apart from that it's just another piece of clothing to wash (did I tell you peeps how small this apartment is? No room for drying those damn clothes!) so screw it.


I think you and I are going in opposite directions Pitkin. :P I've hardly worn dresses since last summer, and haven't been wearing as many tanktops as usual. I went through a phase where I only wore bralettes or sports bras, but the last year and a half or so I've exclusively worn underwire bras (it's kind of a struggle to find them in my size that don't have a half-grapefruit's worth of padding inside them, though). Weird how things go in and out of personal fashion...


Hey, it's exactly because of that damn padding that I've gone braless more. I used to wear underwires exclusively,but  since I'm very skinny, I've come to the conclusion that not enhancing my bust makes for a more balanced / confident look overall in my personal case.

Also, god forbid I would wear dresses regularly! I've worn one twice since Christmas 2015: once for the family meal, once for an evening with the soccer team. ;)

Tastes sure change... it's peculiar how a lot of the favorite stuff from a few years ago has become a no-no now, only to (maybe) resurface years later again. I'm looking at you, green nail polish!


I actually don't mind padding in my bras, depending on what I'm wearing; for some outfits, it's better to wear one of the bras I have with less padding, while other outfits, I think it looks better with additional padding.


I'm wearing chinos, a pink, red, and white striped shirt, and a Donegal tweed jacket.
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Sounds stylish Red!

I've been trying to pare down my wardrobe a bit, selling things that I find totally out of style as the local clothes consignment shop. For some reason anything neon-colored or annoyingly pastel have gotten the axe. Also my recent clothes purchases have been mostly practical - comfortable leggings, bike shorts/slip-shorts so I can wear the short dresses and skirts I own, etc.

Maybe I'm getting old or some shit. I used to love going to places like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, American Eagle, etc. but I'm finding their fashions increasingly tacky and not worth considering (though I do occasionally find nice pieces from those shops and other 'fast fashion' stores at second hand/consignment shops).

That said, I do have a wishlist of fandom teeshirts, so maybe I'm not an old lady yet. :P


Honestly, most of my clothes have come from JC Penny, Walmart, and sometimes Target, with a few exceptions ^^;;
(I do like some of the items I've seen at stores like Rue 21, but it's sometimes hard to find my size there)

I will admit, as I pack for my trip, I've planned out a few different outfits beyond my cosplays; meeting up with Bella has given me the opportunity to wear a skirt I picked up early last year :3


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