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who the fuk is pleiades (besides the constellation).

from what i remember from your pic, grow your hair out a bit, bleach it, shave any facial hair, and you're good. -w- or you could be ME-kun since it seems like no one wants to and we could use one. :3

if you can grow your hair out enough in time, you could also make a passable 95-kun (since bells is being so resistant to going).

wait, wait, i just remembered, you're not even in college yet? how old are you? =? (ik we have 2 youngin's here but i didn't realize we had 3!)

Aurora Borealis

@Krizonar: Oh... So that's System 7/Pleiades-kun in your avatar! I fail!

Too bad there's no way I can go to this (I'm so isolated! I'm probably the only midwesterner here!), but if I totally could, I'd dress as one of the Mac-tans!


Another feller to the works is all fine with me... -w-

Though I sincerely doubt you'll be allowed the sword in. Unfortunately.

Here around these parts things are a lot looser - once when I was at Sweden's largest con, UppCon, someone had brought a full metal SCYTHE with them, and it was standing around the sleeping halls (no hotels here, we use cheaper stuff -w-). It was sorta blunt, true, but it was still almost 2 meters high with a 1-meter blade, and it must've weighed around 15 kilograms or something. More, perhaps, even.

So yeah. Next time I've gotta drag you all to some con over here... -w-


fun times! it's about time i went back to europe. -w-

at any rate, can people understand why i asked everyone to go as canon...... ;____;

and aurora, if the europeans can make it, you can too. ^^ it's not like the midwast is located in some obscure locale such as antarctica or white castle. :\


Quote from: "Aurora Borealis"@Krizonar: Oh... So that's System 7/Pleiades-kun in your avatar! I fail!

Too bad there's no way I can go to this (I'm so isolated! I'm probably the only midwesterner here!), but if I totally could, I'd dress as one of the Mac-tans!

Actually it's not, so you don't fail, it's my online character identity (an OC) with my two favorite Tans.
And that's what I'm trying to do is dress as a Mac kun :)

@Choco; Pleiades is the name I give Mac System 7, because like Antares, it's a constellation and its other name is "seven sisters".
growing my hair out I can do, I'm pretty uncomfortable with bleaching it though...
but don't worry, my hair is kinda long (shoulders) and it's wavy.

I turned 18 this month :D

@Nejin; hm, It has a sheathe and I can probably say its fake (since it's poorly constructed and pretty wobbly)

For all intents and purposes, System 7 looks like this and I have a dress shirt almost exactly like that (blue with white stripes). So I am absolutely sure I could pull off a male version of that look (except for having blue hair down to my knees...of course)

edit; My parents think this idea is fun and are willing to buy me any clothes to make my outfit be good! :)


yay, go you! ^^ so we have another one on board.

if possible, could you, um, go as maybe OS9-kun? (i have a bad feeling that if OS7-tan wasn't invented here, she might as well have been.) it's fun if people are like, "OMG!! OS-TAN!! <333" and we're like, "omg!! yay!! ^^"

well people, we've discovered how the majority of us are getting there. (and it turns out megabus is a double decker, whoo! ^^) now we need to figure out how much everyone would need to pool in for a hotel, where we'd stay and how/when we'd get there.



i'm double posting since i have a few announcements:

WHO'S GOING (so far)

Bella (you're going bella. this is just a formality.)
Red (haven't gotten a confirm or deny yet)

plane (internationals only)
bus (megabus for people coming from new england area, everyone else we'll figure it out)
possibly subway or such (in baltimore)

~all questions regarding weapons at the con, refer here.
~i am currently inquiring about hotels (which are closest, cheapest, most willing to turn a blind eye to a bunch of nerds in a room)
~i am also inquiring about pre-registration (when it begins, how much it is).
~stew requested that i ask about group events (i agree, it'd be fun to do something together ^^), so i'm asking about that as well.
~i know it's still far off, but otakon recommends we bring plenty of water, so everyone is required to bring a big water bottle. :3

if anyone wants me to find out anything else, let me know. i don't know bus prices yet as it is too soon to tell (ask me in a few months).

here is a map of the convention hall. :3



I'd really appreciate a cost figure, to start with - adding that to my flight ticket will give me a good lookout on how much this adventure will cost me overall.

As for weapons, I doubt I'll be able to bring anything anyway seeing as I'd have to get it through fukken customs first >_>

But it's nice to see some fire in this thread again! Makes anticipation rise for this summer. -w-


Quote from: "Chocofreak13"it's not like the midwast is located in some obscure locale such as antarctica or white castle. :\


Srsly, I have a WAAAAAY better chance of convincing the family to let me go on some solo quest to the West Coast, braving the groping TSA agents, terrorist infested Skies and the utter foreignness of San Fran - not to mention the $500-$700 cost of plane tickets - than going to the Con with you bunch of (and I say this from the most loving of ways) crazies. ><;

Basically, I need an excuse to go. An anime con is not an excuse that will fly. Now, if I were to go on some solo quest to Baltimore and just happened to visit an anime con and just happened to run into you totally awesome bunch of crazies, that could fly. I don't have a suitable excuse to go to Baltimore, however.

NOW, Washington DC is a place I've wanted to visit since childhood -- so IF I could get permission for that trip, and attach the Baltimore visit/Otacon on as a side-attraction, that could work. COULD. They're still really wary of letting me go solo to DC, since, you know, it's a big city with plenty of crime. And politicians. But THAT's the best "in" to a Baltimore trip, and Otacon, I have.


QuoteThey're still really wary of letting me go solo to DC, since, you know, it's a big city with plenty of crime.
I think I could fix the "solo" part of that sentence... >:3

Well, not that I know what you mean - it may be less common here, but I know my deal of restrictive parentry as well, I suppose. Not that I've had that misfortune, luckily - however, the main part of your go or not go seems to be which of the two basic strategies you'll be using. Truth-and-sheer-force-of-will, or White-lies-incomplete-stories-and-deception. Both should go if you push enough, and noteworthy is of course that legally you are your own woman, so as long as you have the finances in hand you should be able to do whatever you want, barring any contracts made beforehand. Not that I'm suggesting you draw the wrath of your family or whatever over your head, but as long as you're positive, you will be able to pull through.

The crossroad needs to be taken, though - strategy number 1 is essentially hit-or-miss, while strategy number 2 would need careful planning and a good bit of discreteness - and neither are very easy to pull off once you've tried the other, unless your opposing party is A: forgetful, B: gullible/very open to negotiations, or C: plain incompetent - neither of which are epithets I'd attach for a dollar.

In the ways you describe it, things sound like you're best off with #2, and possibly even - as sad as that'd be - avoiding co-transit with the rest of us; then again, that's just a reflex reaction to go full-out confidential with thing from my part, and I'm not denying there's a good bit of paranoia fueling that. You know your situations best - if in doubt, though, I'm fairly confident in my abilities as a strategic counselor.


Quote from: "NejinOniwa"I think I could fix the "solo" part of that sentence... >:3

MINE! *hugs Bella protectively*
Red_Machine: Flouting the Windows Lifecycle Policy since 1989!


Protective, now? My, my... That sounds like me being something you'd have to protect her from, doesn't it?



;____; no one wants choco. choco is unloved and thus turns to her pillow.
a wild pillow appeared! choco used hug! it's super effective!

a-anyway.....bella, i have another option, though it is likely to land you in the steampot later. take funds, go to boston, run off, ?????, profit!!

i think you'd also have a better chance of going if you mention the plan, but say that you came up with it yourself, and stress the fact that it's CHEAPY CHEAP CHEAP. (cheaper than flying, at least, and with alot less stress.)
if your folks want to meet some of us so we can prove anti-crazy, i'm willing to do that. on the net i'm much more insane that i am irl. (mind you, i'm still batshit crazy irl, but i have moments of SRS BIZNES, and can be SRS BIZNES if need be.) i have nej to back me up on this. if i can keep everyone together and find our way back to the condo from an unknown location at 2am, AND organize a trip to the biggest con in the country, i think i'm a LITTLE responsible. ^^

sides, if they're worried about your safety, just know that i consider you one of my best friends, and i'd take a bullet for anyone i'm that loyal to. :]



"Pre-registration usually begins anywhere between January and March, depending on when the folks who run it are ready. Keep checking the main site - it will be announced eventually, along with the price. Last year it was $65 to pre-register, if I remember correctly.

A lot of people I know who bring large groups to the con like to stay at the Tremont Plaza. It's a bit of a walk but I've heard the rooms are good-sized and comfortable. The Days Inn and Holiday Inn are both close by, but they sell out quickly. Your best bet is probably to check the hotels page of the main site and see what's still available, and then narrow down to what fits into your budget, and then you can check distances in Google Maps or another mapping site.

From the downtown Greyhound bus station, I believe you can take the MTA Route 27 bus towards Port Covington to get to the Inner Harbor. You can check their website for schedules and fares, it's You can also take a taxi - the ride is quite short to any of the Inner Harbor hotels and the fare will probably be less than $10, which isn't much split among a group. It might be worth it to do that if you have a lot of luggage."



And that's a damn nice effort. Really. Saves a lot of time for us all, especially coordination...

And 65 bucks is pretty cheap for me, what with the Krona/Dollar courses being what they are and seem to continue being.

Anyway, I'll be checking up the flight prices when they start popping up - with any luck, this'll turn out cheap enough for me to go without expending too much of my power points.