Started by Chocofreak13, July 26, 2010, 08:42:28 pm

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but if everyone's a different OS then we could have a full set ;____;




oh, and foreigners, maybe you could fly to baltimore to save money. :3

ps. pizza, would you be willing to go as ME-kun? it's basically the same look as 2k-kun only a different colour?


BWI isn't in Baltimore proper so you'd have to take the MARC to Penn Station (in the city itself).  Rail travel can be kinda expensive; it varies a lot but if I go at least part of the trip will be by train.


yeah, but it seems cheaper than everyone paying for gas.

if we can weigh the costs, then we'll decide which is cheaper/what we'll be doing.


/knows like nothing about cons

I'm 12 and wut is dis


Oh, you are most DEFINITELY coming with. -w-

And in fact, flights to Boston are like the cheapest there are if you're bound for the States. And I was thinking I'm likely gonna try getting there some weeks early, to hang around with you guys and actually have some summer vacation for once. -w- (Would suck spending 600$ on flight tickets just to go home after half a week >_>) So that needs to be planned as well.


Going by train might... um... sweeten the deal slightly.

Still undecided about going. And by undecided I mean almost certainly not, barring all sorts of FANTASTIC TWISTS OF FORTUNE! >>;


What, like having a Demon Overlord showing up at your front door with a very large and hungry grin on his face kind of twists of fortune? 'Cuz I think I could manage that. -w-


now nej, are you offering bells something that belongs in the hentai forum? xD

yay, demonic summer vacation <3 love that idea. and bells, you're coming. end of story. save some cash and register soon.

krizo, this is before your time. if you're on the east coast meet us at Otacon next summer dressed like an os-tan/kun.
and you're not 12, silly-willy. xD

nej, i was thinking flying directly in, since it would save you monehs on train tickets, but if you want demonic summer vacation, i'm not complaining.


i keep switching things around, ik, i'm sorry, but idk why i didn't think of this sooner. i take a bus 4 days a week. =?

anyway, apparantly megabus goes directly from boston to baltimore, meaning no annoying extra piece of how to get from DC to baltimore (since most trains/buses/etc don't go to baltimore), and (i seriously doubt we'll get THIS good prices) they apparently start from $1 a ticket.

i see plenty of megabuses leave from south station all the time. as long as we don't overpack, this is a perfect solution, compared to the cost of train/plane/automobile. ^^

unfortunately, since the con is over half a year away, i can't judge ticket prices yet. however, they usually aren't more than $20 (idk if that's round trip, but it's still GOOD), which is MUCH cheaper than train.
stew alerts me that it would be a REALLY, REALLY long ride, however i think in terms of cost because the cheaper it is, the more people can go. :3 (and the more monehs for con swag. >:3)
lemme know what you think. :3

EDIT: just so everyone knows, Otakon next year is July 29-31, 2011. If we could get down there the 27th or so, that would be best me thinks.

please plan accordingly. ^^



psst, hay guize. i'm making an account on the Otakon BBS as we speak, this will likely fill in all the info we need. ^^

i know this sounds impossible, but if we take it one step at a time we can do it. it sounds like it would be so much fun to gather everyone together like this. i hope everyone else feels the same way. (you guys are some of my best friends. it's time we met in person. ^^)


And what If I DID live on the east coast, by chance? ;)

I don't know much about you people yet, and I have no porn to exchange (unless you count the hilarious ecchi of my os tan) but meeting with all of you could be fun!


no no mah boi, not REAL porn. -w- tis a gag i came up with at this past year's AB. Basically we (dressed as OS-tan) did a little "file sharing" by passing out manila folders labeled "porn" (the contents inside were anything from us ranting to really bad doodles to dumb ecchi puns).

me and bells are in NH. stew's in virginia somewhere, svx just sorta.....exists, and pitkin, fedora, red and nej are all in europe (this forum is based out of france). where you at? (if you can make it, then make the pilgrimage to the holy land, my son. -w-)


Ah, I see,
I could probably pass out something then.

I'm in SC, so it's pretty far south, but hey, it's in the middle of the summer, It'll be summer before I go to college and I want to dress up as System 7 Kun! (Gangster overload)

will they stop me if I bring my Sword?


otakon has a more liberal policy in terms of weapons, but idk. is it a real sword?

i can't stop you from going as who you want, but it's highly appriciated if you go as canon as possible (the more people recognize us, the more fun everyone has). do as you want, but it'd be nice if we could all sync up. :\

SC isn't far from otakon. far from here, yes, but not far from otakon (you're actually closer than us :\)

i had a friend that lived in SC. don't know what ever happened to him....


Yeah, it's real, but I will admit it's not very professionally made.

Well, I was thinking I could go as Mac os 9 kun, but I don't think I really look like him much.
XP kun doesn't have a shirt, and neither do the OSX Kuns.

But I could definitely pull the System 7 gangster theme, you saw me in those sunglasses!
/puts on sunglasses

Plus I already have pretty much all I would need to dress up, gangster hat? check, gangster coat? check! Rainbow colored neckerchief? I'd be danged if I didn't own one. :D
I think I could pull it off very well is why I'd recommend me going as Pleiades Kun.

Though if you have anyone else in mind, I'll definitely listen :)