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Dr. Kraus

Most likely going to Ota with 2 other friends whom need me to manage money and all that stuff for them... they are hopeless!

We are driving because one of them got their license and the other along with me will be getting our permits soon (I could get mine right this second but I'm just lazy I guess ._.; ). ~250 mile drive (~400 Km) from Da Burgh to Baltimore so I would be one hell of a trip for us high-school students :V!

The total for the trip would be $1,497 when combined so cut between three of us makes it $499 each (This is on the bare minimum to survive at Ota) which is really a pain (we all have good paying jobs though so saving up the money isn't really a problem).

So if anyone else is going (I noticed Pizza is going!), we could meet up if you'd like!


There's no chance of me making it this year with such a tight work schedule combined with not earning any time off at all, but I'm going to try to go next year; that being one of the payoffs of completing my master plan...


i can never go, i want to do to the night scene of it, but i would be disowned from my family if i went.

dignity is the only thing i got in my family.


I'm planning on visiting DC this summer, which will probably ruin the one excuse I have to go to Otakon in 2012... unless I fall SO IN LOVE WITH THE CITY that I have to return next summer (and make a *cough*sidetriptoacon*cough*). =W=


.........if you were here in person, i'd kick you all for reviving a LONG-DEAD topic. ><;

@kraus: if you read this thread, you'd know that no one else could make it. :\


I blame Kraus; he's the one that resurrected this topic


everyone wrap up their conversations; next post i'm locking this topic.


....Are you gonna make a new thread for Otakon 2012? : /


nah, i might unlock this later, but for now it's semi-irrelevant. :\