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given that i have taken to aquiring as many OSTAN-ers as i can, come next july i will be dragging as many of you as i can get to Otacon. keep your schedule clear.

now then, one of the things i request is that, with coming, you cosplay as a (CANON) OS-tan (or -kun, respectively).
as follows, i am handing out RECCOMENDATIONS (this may change if you like) of which -tan/-kun people may be best suited for. i do not mean to sound tyrannical; feel free to suggest something else, as long as it is NOT a custom-made -tan (sorry, no vintage -tans. ;____;). the more canon we are, the more likely we are to be recognized, and that way everyone has fun. ^^

3.1: StewartSage has volunteered to be 3.1-kun (thankyou very much, stew ^^), but given that this is a year in front of us, we can work thins out differently if people prefer.

95: in my opinion, Bella, you would make a lovely 95-tan; i can provide all the costume materials and if you grow out your hair a bit you might not need a wig (if you don't want to we can find one).

98: i was on the way to convincing Red to cosplay as 98; if he arrives here a little early from the UK we might even be able to get together the Kamen Rider themed version of him. ^^

98SE: no one yet. (technically i could cosplay her in a pinch, or we could get a giant box. :3)

NT/Inu-T: No one, but, come to think of it, i have a furry friend that might like to sell her stuff at otacon. she could go as inu, someone remind me to contact her >___< (nej, you remember ki, right?)

ME: No one as of yet. (ME-kun is really easy to cosplay, guys, all you'd need is a small suit and a green wig, and technically i have the suit. :3 )

2000: Me! ^^ No needs to worry about that, just a few kinks to work out in the costume.

XP (any version): No one yet, though i know a girl who has the same "endowments" as XP; she could cos as her but she's a tad short (i also have an XP Pro-kun cosplay lying around, but it's a little small)

Vista: Nej, unless he wants to be someone else. He pulled it off something splendid this year, and whatever kinks you have in the outfit nej, we got plenty of time to work them out.

7: No one yet. (This one does not have the option of a -kun yet, so technically i could fill in for her if everyone prefers)

Norton Antivirus: Probably our driver (my friend/brother type person), Gabe. He's the one that introduced me to this whole thing, and the one that reccomended we all cosplay in sync, since he used to have a habit of putting on an unofficial skit based on 1 anime.

don't get mad or anything. this is a year away, so we have PLENTY of time to plan. but we shouldn't squander it, which is why i decided to put this thread together EARLY.

also, everyone that comes (and dresses up) will get to carry on the tradition of "file sharing" from this year's Anime Boston, by passing out porn folders. ^^



wish i could go, but i can not, i live 40minutes away from it, but i got no car (my pacer stopped working.)

I would dress up as 7-tan, or we-tan.

if we exchanged porn, you would have to have a spare 500gb external, my porn is at 411gbs.

I wish i could be a part of it, but i can't.


My attendance is contingent upon my robb- having enough money to get there/arrange quarters not my car/pay for gas/convince my mother I won't die in the City.

That aside I love Baltimore and can probably make some sort of 3.1-kun costume, though I'll need to find larger epaulets.....

Aurora Borealis

Aww... Too bad I won't be able to attend because I would have been willing to fill in one of the remaining roles. :(


Maryland's hella far from here, doubt I'll be able to go due to my duties to the family business + not having balls enough to DRIVE TO FFFFFCKING MARYLAND. D:

But if I can wriggle out of my duties to the family business + find balls enough to DRIVE TO OH GOD SO FAR AWAY you might see me there. (Prolly not though).



Not that I mean to sound bitchy, but if you put your mind to it you'll likely be able to go, regardless of your current situation. It's one year; more than plenty enough time to scrounge up flight money/driver/ride/confidence/opportunities to get there.

Manchester-Baltimore (for lack of more exact directions) is 444 miles; a considerable distance, but nothing that I haven't done in a single day before. For easy you could team up with someone and switcheroo.
if we exchanged porn, you would have to have a spare 500gb external, my porn is at 411gbs.
You're a bit off on this one... -w-;

In any case, I recommend anyone who IS remotely interested to start seeing just how (im)possible it really is. What does a flight ticket cost? Is there anyone you could bother to get you there? How much do you need to work extra/save to afford shit?

It's a bit unfortunate that train lines aren't as widespread in the states as in Europe, because that would've made things easy pie; then again, it is a bit different as a base problem, as well.

And here's to me, hoping I won't be all flat out of cash... -w-;


Well, I could stay at my grandparents in Rockville and take the MARC to Baltimore.....


i already arranged a ride. you need to get to massachusettes. (except stew and alex.) after that i'll take care of it. room too. we have the time.

alex, we could pick you up. :3

let's focus more on who's going, and going as what. and bella, YOU'RE GOING. END OF STORY.


Yes, Bella.  If I have to come get you myself, you're going!
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Probably best not to right now.  Don't want to scare her off.
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Mass huh? Eh... that makes it a far more feasible, but it'll be hard to get out of work AND explain to everyone why I'm taking a trip to lovely Baltimore Maryland.  >>

Maybe if I convince my family/boss I'm going on a quest to build up my travel self-confidence or something. This coming from a person who's terrified of auto travel (especially behind the wheel) and commercial flights and strange new places. <<


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It should be easy enough if you tell them like, now, shouldn't it? Stand-ins can be arranged, or something.


exactly. and bells you won't be driving. you'll be plopped in the back where you can sleep or annoy the other occupants or hyperventilate whatever. :3


who's gonna be who? :\