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Started by Agelu, December 20, 2005, 05:34:38 PM

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The question is, Nejin-san, where did you get the game? From what I can tell, it is not a free game, so unless it requires a registration key, or is a demo, it is pirated, ne?

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o/~ do what you want cus a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

oh sorry.. sumone needed too..

Playing Quake 4 right now.. much shootyness.  Less dark more action then doom 3 but still blinded by the awsome.


Answer to that is, Tsubashi-san, I does not know. You'll have to ask the SOS-Dan board frequenters. ^^ I got it from just the same place i show'd you...^-^;


My friend let me borrow his Pokemon Red Mystery Dungon game. It's pretty fun and more addicting then I thought! ^^;

Bella Inkscape and Photoshop count as games ^_^

If not I'll leave...

*walks away whistling*


Only if you draw, well, meaningful stuff.





I've started FF7... again :p I've actually lost count of how many times I've played the game, and I still love it. Currently about halfway through disc 2.

Occasionally playing my fav strategy game Alpha Centauri too. For those who don't know, Alpha Centauri is a turn-based strategy game based on the Civ engine and made by the same team. I heartily recommend it to anyone who is into strategy games :D


Princess Maker 5, Longest Life simulation strategy game I ever play. Can't stop playing it though...... 30+ hours so far and finally reach 4/10 the game.




Currently playind Metal Gear: Portable Ops

GAWD this is AWSOME! Limited due to the PSP lack of buttons and second anolog stick but its the metal gear action ive been craving!  On top of that, you can now capture soldiers and they have differnt abilities that help you out.  they are like pokemanz.

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Medal of Honor: Airborne.    

Was a biotch getting up and running, but then, it's an EA game...


QuoteWas a biotch getting up and running, but then, it's an EA game...

HAHAHAA that is a complaint for PC gamers!  

I got Condemed: Criminal Origins, and Prey for the x-box 360 at a pawn shop the other day.  Havent played prey yet but ive played condemed quite a bit.

Its bum fights, the video game!

Well maybe not, cant call it that if you the payer arnt a bum but an FBI agent, but still exept for that fact thats pretty much what it is.  It has the ocassional "crime scean investogator" bits where you simply press a button and it pulls out what ever tool you need to do what ever forensic work you need done. No thinking nessicary... and then bam~! next thing you know your alone fighting bums crazys and such.

You wander around differnt condemed/abandoned buildings or facilities, tracking a serial killer, while running into a veritable army of crazy homeless people using what ever happens to be laying around as a weapon.  Seriosly, like whatever you find.  From boards with nails or bolts, maybe fire, to differnt types of pipes, desk drawers, sledge hammer, fire axe, shovel, crowbar, rebar possibly bent or with concreat on it...

Yeah sure there are guns laying around, but why bother with those when you can mercilessly kill them with blunt objects? Its not like your an FBI agent or anything..

wait.. OH SHI-

Fire arms are available but are provided in a way that their usefulness is extreamly limited. First and formost, you cant carry extra ammo, and you cant reload.   Tho they provided a convenient check ammo button where the player will remove the magazine or whatever to see how many rounds are in it, which is important, because most likely they wont be fully loaded when you find them.  Hell your lucky if you find them with more then half their total capacity.  "yay I found a machine gun! ... its got 3 rounds...fark."

Of course once its empty he either spins it around to pistol whip or bludgen them with, or just carelessly tosses it aside for whatever crazy wants it.  Oh, and they CAN reload.

Dispite not having any spare ammo for his hand gun, this FBI agent has a tazer gun with unlimited cartriges. Sure its a less then lethal force meathod, but since we arnt interested in arresting these people instead, lets taz them and then pulverize their head with a sledge hammer or take their weapon to beat them with.

However, dispite all that, the game is adictive and fun to play. Story and sence, who needs it when you can beat up bums??
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Still playing Pokemon Emerald. My friend let me her GameCube so I've playing Colosseum.



I was "investigating" a school, and the freaking lunchlady came after me with a meat cleaver in the freezer and i had to beat her to death with the top of a school desk o_o
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Captain-san is such a brute -.-

Quote from: "Lilly-san"Still playing Pokemon Emerald. My friend let me her GameCube so I've playing Colosseum.
Nyahan! ^-^ I'm still playing Pokemon XD once in a while, just because it's the only decently new pokemon game that I have on an actual cartridge/disk. Well, ok, i DO have Sapphire, but i don't have anything to play it on except an old half-deaded GBA that forces you to mash your fingers on the buttons every single time you want to walk left.

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Also practicing my Super Smash Bros Melee skills, since that's very important when you're on conventions. Just one week left... o_o