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Started by Agelu, December 20, 2005, 05:34:38 pm

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Well, i thought that a thread like this was needed...

Try to post here what game are you trying to beat up, finish, or archieve "Greater Glory" on it. Also, u can say about the games u play all the time, regardless if u finished it or not...

About me...

Well, i normally play StarCraft, Tomb Raider games and King of Fighters (mostly '99. Yes, on a emulator)

Howeeeever, since my PC crashed, i just play some KOF, im beating Fallout 2 (AWESOME GAME!!), Lemmings '95 (a classic, wouln't played if my main PC crashed) and... pretty much that.

I also finished some days ago Fallout (1), so i started Fall2. I plan to retake and finish more Abandon that i have on my PC, well, at least until i have a more powerful or "capable" one...

What about u guys?


Day of Defeat.


Lately I've been mostly playing Bust-a-Move 3DX. Actually, ever since I got it a bit over year ago, I've only had a couple of short breaks with it.

Football Manager 2005 I also played very much this year, but now I've had about six weeks break. I've been playing the Championship Manager games almost constantly ever since season 1994/1995, and most probably will continue playing with FM2006 after Christmas again.

Another game I've played much this year, is Graduation, an older originally Japanese game where one steps into the boots of a high school teacher, trying to feed his five female students some education to get each of them achieve great academic futures. It's the game closest to the charm of Princess Maker 2 I've ever found.

Then again, I refound the original Siedlers/Settlers/Serf City: Life is Feudal, and played it bloody much with a friend. Same applies to the every-year C64 classics Last Ninja 2, the Great Giana Sisters, Powerplay Hockey and Summer Games II.

Sid Meier's Pirates! and Locomotion have been played pretty much, and would deserve even more attention, if only BAM and FM05 didn't take it all.

One more game that deserves a mention, is the fifth Prince of Persia game: Warrior Within. I couldn't finish it, though, getting stuck in a boss battle at the very end. -_-


Dawn of war. And like.. more dawn of war.  I love that game.
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Those were QUICK responses!! U guys are really lurking the site for new posts to respond, dont'cha? lol

Wow, Pitkin. I would love to have some of the good dating sims, not just sex and stuff.

EDIT: Try to post ALSO what are u beating at the moment

EDIT: lol Pitkin i JUST saw ur new avatar! Where's she from?


.... humm still dawn of war then -.-

I havent had time to play anything else, but i have a ton of friends i got into that game, so about once an evening I set aside an hour or two to battle with them

i check the site several times a day, tho.. there are normaly no messages..
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Err... Agelu-san, I changed my avatar many times within very few minutes, trying out the possible alternatives for Ikuyo-chi. ^^; Which one you might be referring to?

This goes way off-topic now with me posting pictures of a few of those avatars I tried, but I think I'll create an avatar thread a bit later and move this there then. ;179

edit: Ah yes, the Chinkle one below took me a while to create; had to make it transparent and so on... I'm not an artistic genius. ^^;

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uhh... i started spotting since the girl with the... uh, i mean, the GLASSES with THE GIRL (lol). the Bust a Move sure is cute...


;179 (I finally begin to remember this smilie's code)

Ahem, and back to the games topic... ^^; Graduation and Princess Maker 2 (the whole PM series, actually, but the rest aren't available in English) are really worthy games with lots to do.

Dating simulation games on the other hand... hmm, I've not been playing such in a while (Super Ego: Yeah, right.), but Season of Sakura I always found very funny and also not too hentai-like in spite of the few sex scenes eventually. True Love some people consider extremely good and "RPG-like", but in my opinion it doesn't really offer anything so appealing. May Club is a dating simulation at its purest with absolutely no other plot than getting to know with girls, but its setup is pretty interesting, with virtual reality. If one values longer dialogues and somehow dreamy atmosphere, a newer dating sim called Crescendo might be worth trying. Tokimeki Check-In! is another fairly newer title, with some very funny characters but extremely high difficulty level for such a game.

In general I know nothing of dating simulations, and they're not really my cup of tea in the field of gaming; some of them make great fun because of some very witty dialogues (Super Ego: You don't believe that yourself either.).


I've tried almost all of these, but Season of Sakura was way less hentai oriented (i havent finished fully any of these) so i liked the most. But games like To Heart 2, Pia Carrot, Memories Off... DAMN!! ALL 100% JAPANESE!! Heck, not even a fan subber has worked of these... well, sure, these would need to workout the "code" of the game to make the translations, but i know that if they would want, they would do it.

My favourite game genres are: Strategy, Adventure and RPG





Great oggly moggly.

Great jumping johosaphat.

ahem.  Now that my apperent shock is over, may I say thats seems to be alot of dating simulators.  I think I tried one once.   It was on newgrounds. It wasnt very good. -.-

Least I know if I ever want to try one who to talk too...

Agelu have you tried dawn of war? ??? ? :D :D :D If not you should, its a statage games. You should get it now.  Like right now.  So I can play you, or team up with you, pick your poison.  rah.
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Sim dates from newgrounds?naah, i dont think a flash game can equal a real Dating sim...though, i never played 1 of those -_-*

And lately i have been to busy...I cannot even draw a lot, so, playing vg's its out of question...u_u
God bless holidays.
So, i have been playing a few games this holidays, lets see:
-Simcity 4
errr...thats all...
Want to adquire:
-Halo 2 (if it's released for PC someday Ã,¬Ã,¬)
-AoE 3 (looks fine, but first, download the demo, because AoM sucked...)

im too lazy to search in google right now (lazy...or too busy playing Halo)...I'll look later at Dawn of War


Battle field 2, but it won't let me do on line play. ;258


I just started Metroid prime 2, Very bad ass. I didnt think they could pull it off, but the multiplayer is actually really fun too
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