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BTX is a new lay-out for the componets, its more strickt then the current ATX lay-out, plus it has better air flow wich equals lower comp. temp. BTX is already out for Intel, but Athlon has faster processers (even if intel says its the same, its not.)


AHA! you have succumed and called her vista! you too have converted, and soon longhorn will be no more !
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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well, you have to admit, a girl called "longhorn". . .
sounds like an insult for some one like me.


-.- i donno i just never cared for longhorn
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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for just the OS it's cool, but when the OS girl gets involved it sounds wrong.


-.- 98 is the accused "dick girl" tho most of us fans fight that claim.  I wonder where that started anyways?  Whatever the case.. I think we kinda strayed  :topic:
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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But u guys hate Microsoft or the XBoX 360? mmm... i guess both.

Nintendo still is my fav... DON'T forget that thanx to Nintendo videogames exist. Yeah, thats right, they didnt invented them, but they resurrected Video Gaming.


*sees all bowing*

Good boys... :) Anyway, PC will be the best. Ever. Cheap, upgradeable, tons of emulators... etc


And perhaps most hilarous is THIS: (No, there's nothing wrong in there.)

And to "quote" Sotuh Park:

Quote"Oh yeah, take THAT! We burned you! THAT WAS WAY FUNNIER THAN X-BOX 360."


at sony 141-0001 the Tokyo Shinagawa Ku Kita Shinagawa 6-7-35 HQ in japan a man at his desk

*a man runs to the desk* the identify of these ppl is secret ... so don't tell anybody
A: Hey the Xbox 360 is comin this week in japan
B: What why did know one tell, we got to stop them
A: The top bass say there nothing we can do to stop them
B: Then you know what that means
A: Yes ... we must on on the and research
B: I know it hard job, but someone got do it

day later the 2 men hit the street, kidnaping young ppl and interrogation in a black out car

here are some of there scare questions
A: R u down with it kid
B: u l33t |]u|]3
A: who da man
B: t3h f0rc3 iz  570|\|93 i|\| 7hi5 1

the ppls replies
what !?!
when do i get my free stuff
here a list of wht sony could do if there attack 360
Welcome to mcdonalds, do u want fires with that

four sleepless day later, A and B come up with an idea to beat the xbox 360

A: i got and idea
B: no we can't do that
A: stop read my mind
*worker walk up to them*
Ben: hey guys, what up?
B: where work on on a to stop ppl buying Xbox 360, YOU FOOL
A: yes your stopping us for working
Ben: you know you could just release an anime and make it and x-rated game
A: Ben ... your and idoit, you can't even stick the the company motto
Ben: what help sony take over the world, destroy sony's enemy. guy there are so many.
B: You would follow all all of tehm if you loved sony.
A: yes, now leaves us now you none loving sony man and i be the father of dogs before i listen to you.

2 days later sony reslease Toheart2

Ben: how your child A
A: atttack him my child attack
Ben: you dare set your child on me
*dog attack, but Ben put out and shot gun*

the war between Ben, A and B begins


wait a minute...I remember seeing a link to a blog in where they talked about how To Heart 2: Xrated beat the Xbox 360 in sales...but now its gone O.O
Or it was just my imagination?
Well, I have played the 360 already, not bad, not bad at all. Good graphics, and the console itself looks nice. It's a shame that I won't buy it (nor PS3 or N Revolution)


I remember it too (the link).


Umm, yeah... Did something happen to my link?


i think it was just my story was to long and they forgot abt the link or there was another site with the same information tht they may have c somewhere, we'll never know wht the answer is ... and if some1 answer it there lying

question Pikawil, was stroy bad or good?


.....  I must beg all of your forgiveness.....

I have bought the x box 360 -.-

Not only have I bought it, I already have 10 games and 4 controlers, and I bouht the deluxe one... with the 11 gig hard drive.  

I have shamed myself.

oh... and it touches my XP media edition in her special places.  bad xbox 360 bad!
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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Capt this image will burn ur eyes, look away those who like ps3 or psp unless u're think abt buying at xbox

this is wht touching your XP medis edition