The linux tan's have a power

Started by rdebath, June 29, 2010, 04:17:51 am

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I was looking around and came across this lovely montage of some of the Linux tans.

I noticed something; I thought it was impossible for OS-Tans; but maybe, don't some of those look like the same girl?

Is it possible that the Linux OS-Tan sisters can change their clothes!!!

Of course it could be that there are just some twins in there ... OTOH there are quite a few of them ...


Uh, we've seen -tans cosplay as other -tans before... so...........


Hate to break it to you, but all OS-tans can change their clothes... they can wear anything from bathing suits to ballgowns to winter gear to ceremonial kimonos (or nothing at all hurhur), in fact you'll see a lot of it if you cruise the galleries. It's only that certain characters have outfits they *usually* dress in. (Most notably, the canon Windows and Mac-tans)

Also, those AREN'T all the same girl. Each distro has its own -tan... Ubuntu is one girl, Debian's another, ArchLinux is another and so on.

But the Linuces are supposed to have a power, it's called Open Sourcery. :p


not to mention all linuxes use spears (except linspire).


Of course they're allowed to change their clothes for special occasions, going to the beach, Halloween for both canon and fan images.

But nine times out of ten you'll find them in their single set of clothes. Except I'm really not sure about the Linux sisters, especially now you remind me of their source-ary powers.

PS: I'll probably be along again in a few days so you should have almost enough time for those links.


STOP LINKING TO TROPES!! >___< ( i don't trope, for obvious reasons.)

nah, they have different hair too. they're all different. but they look similar, so maybe they have a team thing going on....


In Juzo-kun's depictions, all the Linuxes look alike and all have brown hair. In the OSC depictions, they're a little different. GNU Linux-tan has purple hair, ArchLinux has black, Fedora's is silver and Red Hat Linux's is red...

I've always just considered those outfits to be their battle suits too.

Aurora Borealis

Must links right now!... TV Tropes... notoriously addictive!

I like Juzo-kun's Linux-tan designs, but think they need more diversity, so when I draw those distro-tans, I draw them based on her designs, combined with elements from others.