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Started by Aurora Borealis, June 22, 2010, 10:53:08 AM

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Aurora Borealis

I'll continue to post stuff in this thread for OS-tan concept sketches, and put the rest of my new OS-tan stuff here.

Another historical OS-tan drawing, it's SAGE and GENIAC in 1955, playing one of their favorite pastimes:

I think this turned out well, but I'm not sure about the height differences and perspectives though. :-/


Can't help with perspective, but the height ratio looks solid.

Lil' SAGE is adorable Aurora-san!  And so is GENIAC-chan of course.  But she's lost her chance to beat GENIAC this time, perhaps distracted by her friend's drawing.



GENIAC and SAGE are cute deluxe. Well GENIAC is always adorable, but it's a real change of pace to see a happy-looking SAGE. ^.^

GENIAC's drawing in the corner absolutely slays me. ^//^

The perspective looks a'ight to me, and I quite like how you did the shading here... nice. :)

Aurora Borealis

Thanks, both of you! It is strange seeing SAGE so happy, and sane! :)

I also have planned a drawing of the last moments SAGE and GENIAC saw each other (back in '58 was it?), and also a drawing of their recent reunion!

Here's a new picture I'm working on: A DEC-tan family portrait!

It's an early vector sketch, with THOR/PDP-1 and OpenVMS only drawn so far. VMS is wearing her old uniform again, although she's not used to it yet, so THOR is there to motivate her.

I also picked those two to be in the front, as THOR is the oldest of the DEC-tans and established the empire, and VMS is the most influential of the DEC family. And I also like how much their appearances contrast too! :)


ohh new art thread. nice one aurora!
My my, aren't you lovely~


Quote from: "Aurora"Here's a new picture I'm working on: A DEC-tan family portrait!

You are no longer Aurora-hime...

...YOU ARE KAMI-AURORAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!

THOR-chama's looking amazingly moe here too (you and Choco have clearly been conspiring to make her as kawaiidesu~ as possible). VMS-sama's expression is an intriguing mix of newbie-like curiosity and apprehension, but I must say she's quite the looker in that uniform. ^.^

The only criticism I have at this point is THOR's hammer, it could stand to be upsized a bit... think... like about up to her mid-chest if it was standing straight up and down.  ^^;;;

Aurora Borealis

Thanks! :D

I was determined to make THOR-chama as cute as could be, inspired by your concept sketch of her! She is the most adorable DEC-tan, isn't she? :)

VMS also appears to be in a bit of disbelief, meeting the family founder, who turns out to be the most unassuming (but adorable!) DEC-tan! Wearing that old uniform probably also makes VMS remember the glory days, and all the fights she has had to deal with too.

Working on this right now, and used your critique, and make a bigger hammer! I guess THOR-chama is stronger than she looks... kinda like System 1-tan, the other little girl wielding a big hammer!

Aurora Borealis

Another series of themed OS-tan sketches, drawn at the same time as the first IAS family pic:

These characters are modern minimalists, and represent OSes even smaller than the Damn Small OSes! However the Damn Small-tans are still the smallest of them all to live up to their name.

These are modern OSes small enough to boot from a floppy disk.

-one of the friendlier OS-tans of the CIOST.
-loyal, straightforward, efficient and resourceful.
-but introverted and hard to talk to at first.
-a strong advocate for advancing the assembly language, believing it is not a thing of the past.
-ambivalent towards open sorcery (Menuet-32 is open source but hasn't been updated recently, the more maintained Menuet-64 is closed-source)
-will teach anybody that is interested.
-works in a machine shop building and fixing electronics.
-a very fast runner.
-modern but appreciates old technology just as much.
-carries around a Swiss Army knife and wields a ray gun.

-MenuetOS-tan's daughter.
-likes working with old technology.
-free-spirited and hyper.
-fully supports and approves of open sorcery
-likes to dress up fancily.
-wields a tiny but powerful ray gun. (referencing the Kolibri pistol, the smallest firearm)
-lives mainly as a wanderer, but known to assist MenuetOS-tan and her friends with their missions.
-speaks in English and Russian.

DexOS-tan (scroll down a bit in the article. The Wikipedia article was deleted due to not enough notability :( )
-very friendly and easy to talk to. (easy to install)
-energetic and playful, loves to play videogames and sports.
-is a highly customizable robot girl.
-an extremely fast runner. (designed to be the fastest OS ever)
-not very strong by default, but can be.
-is rather scatterbrained. (a modern OS that can't multitask or use a lot of memory)

-usually calm and laid-back.
-adventurous, travels a lot, to meet others and do scientific research.
-a skilled surfer.
-is somehow friends with TinyOS-tan!
-friends with the Binteeji Renmei OS-tans, but lives as a wanderer.
-is 120 cm in her 'human size' form, and 20 cm in her normal form.
-can use less than 2KB of RAM.

-is disgruntled and aggressive.
-a hi-tech super spy.
-doesn't like to travel, but does so for her missions.
-regarded as the most aggressive member of the CIOST.
-has a strict schedule. (multitasking is not preemptive, runs in a specific order)
-same height as Contiki-tan. (120 cm in human-size form, 20 cm in normal form)
-will work with others, but won't be happy about it, or make the experience pleasant!
-somehow friends with Contiki-tan.
-rivals with Tinfoil Hat Linux-tan (a rival super spy!)


This entire group.... confuses me somewhat. (I mean the actual OSes, not the -tans) ;;''

MinuetOS-tan is a long time favourite though (what with her beautiful red hair, wrench-wenchery and steampunk fashion), gotta love Kolibri since wings = awesomeness, and Contiki-tan is surprisingly... strange. (It's been ported to so many minis!) Hmm, Tiny-tan is a partial product of a DARPA project... interesting, interesting.

Gotta ask: who are those three teeny doodles of in the upper right hand area? ^_____^;;;

Aurora Borealis

The doodles are a quick concept sketch of Contiki-tan, first concept doodle of TinyOS-tan (originally had a ponytail), and angry microchibi TinyOS-tan... plus a common expression she has on her face.

Strange group of characters?

Aurora Borealis

Working on chibis of various OS-tans introduced in the "More IBM-tans" thread, here are Harvard Mark II and III in color, though I'm not fully decided on the colors.


Seeing that I really had no ideas for Mark II's and III's colour schemes, this looks 'bout right to me.

Aurora Borealis

Okay. I also want to make a chibi Mark I-tan and Mark IV to complete the family, though Mark I's outfit has so many layers, I don't know which colors you specified for her go where.


Here are a few quick'n'dirty colour maps

Mark I:

Mark IV:

Please feel free to embellish or simplify as you wish...

Aurora Borealis

THANK YOOOU! I'll get to work on those chibis! :)

Their color schemes work so well, especially Mark I's, whose outfit now suddenly seems less intimidating for me to draw!