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Hand Maid May

Started by Dos, June 25, 2008, 12:41:18 am

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Just as long as nobody mentions AI love you.
E 123 \'Omega\': Eggman detected. Begin annihilation sequence.
Miles \'Tails\' Prowler: No, Omega, Eggman is our friend!
E 123 \'Omega\': Small forest creature has gone mad. Suggest immediate termination.


I knew about Chobits first, so Hand Maid May reminds me of Chobits.

Hand Maid May has Cyberdolls, while Chobits has Persocoms.
Persocoms are computers with human forms, like Cyberdolls. One of the few things are Persocoms don't have human ears, Cyberdolls do.

I really want to watch Hand Maid May, since I find it sort of like CLAMP's Chobits.


^^ looks cute, worth a watch. thanks. ^^