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Member Introduction Thread

Started by Pitkin, December 11, 2005, 04:12:02 PM

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welcome, darling newbies~! the forum isn't as active as it was back WHEN I WAS YER AGEEEE (lol), but we're trying to keep it going. at the very least, i don't want to see this place die.

please remember to keep things respectful, read the forum rules, and try and post in topics that interest you! also, remember that this is a purely fan-run initiative, and we all have lives (well, most of us, i don't have much of one), so sometimes promised updates or other site matters might take a bit to drop. hope that's cool!

considering how long it's been since i joined up, and we have new people, i'll do a re-intro! (why not, the pre-sleep energy is reeeeeal)

i'm Choco, or Kari irl! i joined here 14 years ago yesterday! (i literally just realized that and was lowkey stunned, lol. on Earth, Wind & Fire Day, to boot!) i highkey take pride in my post count and am a bit cringe, especially given my liberal use of slang despite my age (over 30...). art student, not made of healthy stuff (none of my family is), i collect and study comics, total nerd. i've cosplayed a few -tans (i'm actually wearing my Homeko sweatshirt as we speak, lol), and favourite -tans include 7-tan (Nanami; none of the other ones made really vibed with me), 3.1-tan, 95-tan (i've cosplayed her), 2k-tan (her too), 1.0-tan (specifically the brown haired one, i've also cosplayed her and it was a pain, but i won a contest, so yay?) and a lot of the OS-kuns. i don't feel like the -kuns get enough love. personal philosophy for this site is that it's sort of our duty (?) to document as much about the fandom as we can, considering how small it is now (like, it was always small, but it's smallER).

sorry for the tsunami of text. again, hope everyone finds this place as cozy as i have for all this time! ^^
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