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Member Introduction Thread

Started by Pitkin, December 11, 2005, 05:12:02 pm

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I love the -tans!!


post everywhere. EVERYWHERE!! (except the 18+ if you're under 18)

L33t 4g3nt

Technically not a new member. But after a decade, I can't believe this forum is still online and active.

Shout out to the old folks here!


L33t 4g3nt... now just what is this sorcery?

Hey! :D

L33t 4g3nt

PitKin! Where did the "Pip" come from? Hahaha.

I was just rummaging through my old email accounts and I found old admin forum update emails. Do any of these bring back some nostalgia?


Well, eventually found my way back to the site. Figured out my log in and then lo and behold I am back on the forum. I did some back reading on my old posts and man it does seem like so long ago.


I had totally forgotten about the brief ostan.blackdiam.net period. :D

Pip's just to homogenise my nicknames, since I used to go with lots of different Pitkin variants but am now mostly PipPitkin everywhere. :p

What've you been up to? Still on the... west coast? Was it?


i have always wondered about this person but never got the chance to say hello. welcome back! new-oldfag here (7 years or so on here?), nice to meet someone who remembers the pre-.net days. :3

L33t 4g3nt

Hey Pitkin! I've just been abroad in Asia for the past 4 years and came back a year ago. So, back in SoCal. How about you? What has this forum become over the years??? Is Fabian and Capt still around?

Hi Chocofreak! Thanks for the warm welcome. New-OldFag here also. Hahaha. You can't believe how crazy it was back then when there were like only 3 to 5 actually active people on the forum!


dude, there's only like, 6 active people now, not much has changed. ^^;;

to answer your question, Cappy was here till a few years back--she took a long hiatus, but she came back for 9 months to a year or so? but we haven't heard heads or tails of her since last year. before that, it was early in 2012.

i never met Fabian, and like i said, i've been here since 08'. s/he seems to have been gone for a long time now.


In the case of Fabian, I recall Pit telling me that he pretty much dropped off the face of the planet after handing the site over to Fedora :\


Lots have changed, moved to France, got married, stuff happened. :)  Site is still the same size, with awesome members and lots of spam. ;)



we've got shitposts and cookies. :0

L33t 4g3nt

Hahaha, sounds awesome and cozy like before. Lots of people coming in and out. I guess I'm being drawn back in. I think it's all your fault, Chocofreak. The promise of cookies got me.

And Pitkin, belated congrats!

L33t 4g3nt

Dang it...too much new stuff going on in all of the boards. Hahaha, I don't understand half of what's been posted! HAhahahahhahadfajklbn,


i DO bake a really mean cookie. :0

take your time, dudeson. no rush, and ask if things are confusing. it's been a long time, after all. :0