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Started by Pitkin, December 11, 2005, 05:12:02 PM

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d'awwww...thanks ^^
I'm not a noob, I know lots about os-tans /shot
I'm not kidding. I have all teh animal crossing games and play them everyday.
My profile pic is from deviant art. It's not mine.


you're a newb till you prove otherwise. >:3


My post count knows more about OS-tans than you do, MAH BOI~
_  _


Welcome aboard lad.  I don't do much.


Quote from: CanaryTan on January 29, 2011, 10:14:57 PM
d'awwww...thanks ^^
I'm not a noob, I know lots about os-tans /shot
All of them?

I only know about Mac Tans, the rest I'm kinda just like "uhhh" about Xd


Quote from: CanaryTan on January 29, 2011, 08:23:44 PM
Um, Hi! ^^ I just got my own computer, and I discovered this site today and I died from happiness.
I obsess over the OS-Tans. c: I'm young. I have Windows XP Professional (Just because of the os-tan for xp pro xD I could've gotten a laptop with Home Edition for cheaper and be able to access internet but NO. I WANT XP PRO. I'm using my 7 right now btw)

You can call me Canary~

Welcome to the site, Canary! I'm the local good-for-nothing, usually spoiling the fun for everyone else too. I got my first PC at the same age as you, so yay for that too~!  ^.^


I got my first computer when I was around your age too, Canary. ^^

Lies! Lies, I tells you! Colonel-san does much here and Pitkin-sama is a lot of fun! >O<

Funny, Krizo, I'm sort of the same way.... except replace "Mac-tans" with "Early MIT system-tans". xD


Pitkin is pretty much the owner now, so she does more than she claims. and Stew does stuff. like a weekly radio show. -w-

i've done my research, so i know alot about the -tans......fufufu.....


Quote from: NejinOniwa on January 29, 2011, 09:58:55 PM
I'm your local Nightmare Fuel Reactor.
Try not to have your mind broken too fast. _>_

Nightmare Fuel Reactor...

That's an AMAZING name for a band!  It's like Twelve Car Pileup except MOAR BRUTAL!


the 'nightmare' part seems a little cheezy.

"fuel reactor" might be a good name for a band......but it feels too flat.



Hello. I was told to go here. Not sure what to write now that I'm here. I guess I'll sort of make it up as I go along and just keep writing. This is not going too well. It seems that nothing of value is being transferred from brain to keyboard except. What to do what to do. I'm just rambling now, you might as well just stop reading. I'll probably make a paragraph break if I do come up with anything interesting. Which I probably won't. I guess I like rambling. I ramble when I'm drunk. I'm not drunk. I can't drink - I'm on pain meds. Aaaah therein lies the catch. Pain meds suck - I can't quite seem to focus on things and I can't quite seem to care about it either. So here goes. Actually no, I'm not posting this yet. I should probably delete the part about pain meds right? It must seem wildly irrelevant for you as a reader. Or maybe not. I guess it does add some intrigue to the whole ordeal. A reason to keep reading. Which might or might not be a good thing i guess. Probably not. Just stop right now.

Or not. There's the new paragraph at last! Woop! No interesting twists though. Well, one I guess. I slightly exaggerated the whole pain meds thing. They really just make me tired. And unfocused. But the whole rambling thing is mostly about insecurity. I really don't feel like I have anything interesting to bring to the table I guess. And it's true I can't drink. Shucks. I had dinner with Nejin today! That was nice. He made salmon and wild rice. T'was quite supreme. Actually the best dinner I've had for a few days. Been stuck at home cuz of the stupid meds and I can't be botherd to cook proper food. Can't drive on them either. Double-shucks. I guess I also ramble because I miss this language. Not a lot of it in Swedenland. Mostly Swedish here. Is that supposed to be capitalized? I never could remember. Now that I think about it I doubt you're supposed to capitalize the name of a language. Maybe I should stick to swedish. See - I'll write it capitalized once and without once and I'll just say the wrong one was a mistake. I'm also bored - I guess that's mostly why I'm ranting on and on. Been sitting at home alone for too long. Really the pain meds aren't as bad as I make them out to be, it's just that I'm stuck at friggin home and it friggin sucks. There's nothing to do once you've checked all your interwebz four times, watched hours of TV and finished your book. It was even sunny out dammit and I couldn't even go outside. I should probably stop writing now, people are trying to chat with me. I guess this is it. No more now. Just... can't.... stop....      What will I do once I send it? No.... Imagination.....     Maybe sleep. 3....   2....   1....

Edited for spelling because yeah - and what the heck is up with the whole verification thing!? I can't read like half of them!


Well, whaddya know. You didn't even need to let the forum mentality sink into you, you were batshit insane even before you came here. -w-

Speaking of good food, I recently discovered that the only good brand of instant noodles available in this country - which seemed to have gone extinct since some year past or so - has reappeared in a store just a stone's throw away from the train station. Luck!

In any case, third time's the charm (or is this the fourth time I've tried to get you here? no matter) - Welcome to /osc/, mah boi. -w-


Nice meeting you Clone-san, you're gonna fit in well here. :]


twice the master, yay!! xD

welcome mr. cloney. ^^ you will fit in well. :3


Miiister cloney, dan dan dan, what went wrong in your head dan, da da da da da da dan *ridiculous guitar solo*

Thank you! :D what a nice forum! (and attractive too hehe creep creep)

Dammit this verification thing is so hard!