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Started by Alex_Reetz, June 14, 2010, 08:09:37 PM

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I been putting this off, but here is spazzy little Dr.Pepper-Tan!

I made here be extremely hyper, Addicted with dr.pepper, and unkempt. she also has candy hair decrements implying how it tastes like candy.

it didn't come out the way I hoped, but that is your decision.

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Guys....thanks for not slandering me with hateful comments about my drawing skills. I know I have semi-acceptable drawing skills ( and ever worse when i first came here) but I like to reassure you, and myself That I am trying to get better.

Since October of 2008:
*I actually started to take my drawing seriously( or what I called serious.)
*I started to use other programs presides MS Paint
*I caved in and bought a tablet (which is still hard to use.)
*I studied some minor drawing styles, nothing that really helps
*started reading 'How to Draw' books (Still no major improvement)
* started going to ( and doodling to break in my tablet
* Started to use paint tool sai,

... thats about it, really.

I am happy to see some fans, and honestly I am grateful for that. without you 3 or 4...or 7 people, I would of never started to tried to improve at all.

Sadly, I don't see much improvement on my drawing, so I decided to stop trying to making project drawings ( ones I 'Try' hard on.) until I review tons of tutorials and make all of you happy and smiles.

The books I bought don't seem to be helping at all, but perhaps I could skim some skills off youtube how to guides. I was told I would only find cocky 13yos who think they can draw making crappy how to vids and even though they were right, I managed to find some 'passable ones'.

I am mainly looking for videos on how to draw heads, arms, hands, actually anything will help  -_-; so please help a brother out if you got any advice or videos you can spare.

I also got a recent message from someone  i don't even know saying that I was left handed( (IDK how he found out), my hand shakes a lot, and I have to work on making the anatomy of my characters badly. He also said I jumped into the internet with my drawings to fast and became a laughing stock.

His advice was:
-Stop caring what others think unless it helps you
-all insults are not insults, learn to read between the lines
-a tablet doesn't mean your skill will improve 10 fold, it is basically like getting a bike when you were young.
-For someone as new as you,  you shouldn't finish a drawing at one sitting. Try doing it in parts.
-The Otakus and mainstream Anime boards are the worst places to post your art. You should try to post it within a small group of friends, or a forums where everyone isn't expecting perfection or fap material
-Try doodling, it will waste your time, but it will help you adapt to drawing normally. it will also help you stabilize your hand.

I hope this make you suck less and I look forward to better drawings from you. "

I am probably going to regret posting another 'attention whore' post, but i really need to improve.


thread resurrection!

drew this in 3 minutes


nah, you don't suck. it looks cute. :3 if anything, you've gotten better. ^^
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Originally, i was going to make a comic, but it turned out like this.

ah, well

5 minutes.

(i need to sit down and draw for about and hour.)


ho jeez, she sure has alot. xD

worth mentioning: i has started new comik. >:3
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....should i ask what's going on here?
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7-Tan Ad by microsoft.

my attempt at a comic. i was going to add more details to it, but i got sidetacked and just left it like this.


Uploaded with


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Aurora Borealis

These are cute comics! If the OS-tans were real, and were like that and were that demanding, I'd actually need time away from my computer! XD


if computers were like that, 1. i'd never need blankets again and 2. i'd give me less programmer's eye =__=;;
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6 and 11 is my favorite.

so true.

think what your computer would do if you pissed it off.



Aurora Borealis

It took me another look to realize that there are more panels, I only saw the first 6! Damn horizontal scrolling that gets overlooked. ><