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Started by Bella, April 28, 2010, 06:23:22 pm

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I figured we needed one of these, since so many members here are interested in vintage/historic/retro computers/OSes. And also old computers-- the ones that can't quite be considered "vintage" just yet, but are well on their way. ;P

I'll start with an "old computer" story. Today, I visited my local used electronics shop on a whim. Just to ask the shopkeeper if he ever got any REALLY old computers in the store-- you know, micros and what not. Turns out he doesn't, but he does have an abundant supply of those "old" computers.

Me: "Er... eh.. yeah... okay, how do I put this: I'm a wannabe vintage-computer collector, and I wanna know if you ever get any old computers in here. I mean, like pre-1995 computers."
Shopkeeper: *goes into closet, pulls out 1995 Apple Powerbook 190 laptop*
Me: "OH MY GAWD." *eyes sparkle*
Shopkeeper: "I'll take $20 for it, as is, no power cord and no guarentees it'll work."

Then he went into the Closet of Old Computers again and pulled out a IBM Thinkpad 770z. Circa 1999. "Ten bucks for this one," he said. I sparkly-eyed again. Last and probably least, he produced a Gateway Solo 2500-- running Windows 98-- which he wants $5 for.

Me: "Will you hold these until I get some money?" *sobs*
Shopkeeper ".......I'm pretty sure these aren't going anywhere."

I'm thinking of rustling up some Christmas money and going over there to buy 'em-- the Powerbook I REALLY want (a laptop from the not-so-golden-age of Apple Computer? Hells yeah!), but the others seem too good to pass up for $15. I dunno, maybe if I buy the lot I'll get a discount or something. What think my OSC peeps?


badass win, makes me want to pay a visit to MY local computer shop.

any chance you could give some directions to yours? :3


Wanna talk golden age?  My first computer was an Apple IIe, and that wasn't all that long ago either (well just under a decade, I think).  Anyway, I wish I still had it, largely for nostalgia (and a little for entertainment too), but it was taking up too much space.

I still happen to have a few the old floppies that came with it (from the person that dropped it on us >_< ).  Bard's Tale I & II remain some of my fondest gaming memories.

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You lucky little nerd!  I wish we had stores like that...

I REALLY want a 486 DX4 (100Mhz) computer that I can use for DOS and Win 95.  But alas, only eBay is good for things lik that and the only one I've found is £100.
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I got an old computer, not pre-dating 95 but it's from 2000 i think, doesn't start though and i havn't bothered opening it, bought it for 100 kroner from a guy for like 3 years ago :3 I wanna know where to get the old computers though.


I have both an old Apple powerbook 2400c/180 and a Performa... err... cant remember model, but it had a CPU around 150MHz. At moment theyre only collecting dust.

I dont know if 1st gen iMacs are "retro", but i have one, with OSX in it, for lulz. Actually, I have 2 them, though the other one doesnt boot.
My big bro just called me one day and asked if I wanted one, as he suddenly had a truckload of them, so he brought me 2.

I also have the chassis that has only its mobo and PSU intact, of a HP vectra from 1995.

Hmm, I have a laptop from 1996, 97, which I think is a Compaq, with Secchan installed and a AMD CPU at ~500MHz IIRC.


I actually got a Macbook (or whatever it was called back then) running Mac OS 7.5 for my birthday some years ago...I think I managed to break the poor thing, though. Inserted a floppy with an .exe file on it, after which it just refused to run anymore.

It weighed like brick, and looked REALLY old. I wonder, now...


@ Choco: Er... directions... lesse... well, you go north on I-93 for awhile, until you're in the middle of friggin' nowhere (you'll see the sign), then you take a left...

@ IDK: Noooo, how could you get rid of something like that? ;.; I have a friend in New Jersey who has an Apple ][ sitting out in his garage, and an old PC too. I asked to buy the PC off him if he ever decided to get rid of it, but he sounded rather attached to the ][ so I didn't mention anything. xD;;

@ Red: Really? No used electronics/computer shops at all? :V To be honest, I'm surprised we even have one here-- it's a bit of a one-horse town, you see. O.o

@ VonDaab: You have a nice collection of old Macs going!

@ Nejin: The Powerbook I'm looking at supposedly has System 7.5 installed. Hmmmph.


Tis true, the only place for used electronics here is classified ads in newspapers, eBay and car boot sales.  Even charity shops don't take electronics these days.

At present, I have an old Pentium 90MHz laptop with 40MB RAM; currently with Win 95 OSR2.1.  Bella, could you do with an 800MHz Pentium III at all?
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Quote from: "Red-Machine"Tis true, the only place for used electronics here is classified ads in newspapers, eBay and car boot sales.  Even charity shops don't take electronics these days.

At present, I have an old Pentium 90MHz laptop with 40MB RAM; currently with Win 95 OSR2.1.  Bella, could you do with an 800MHz Pentium III at all?

Oh, I see... a lot of second hand shops around here won't take older electronics either. :(

What do you mean? Just a processor, or a computer?

Anyway, forgot to mention this before-- today I went to visit my long-time hardware adviser/guru/repairman. I asked what he thought of those three laptops, and my chances of finding power cords for them-- he gave me a weird sort of WTH look and tried to talk me out of it (cause they're "too old to be useful". I just sort of snickered, since that's OBVIOUSLY not possible). I'm fairly set on getting the three of them... heck, it's $35 for the lot, and if I hold onto them long enough they'll go from being "old junk" to "antique computers". ;P

True, the power cords might be tough to find (and rather expensive when I do) but it's not like they aren't out there. He did warn me against any cheap "knockoff" AC adapters, since those tend to have woefully short lifespans.


yea, you tend to get what you pay for there.

lesee, moar specific instructions, cause there's nowhere and then there's NOWHERE.

like, goffstown nowhere or cheever nowhere? :\

oh, the oldest computers  have:
original shitty (technically no longer exists, except for speakers and hard drive) which was built in 97', and
tanky, who was running Sec-chan so somewhere aroun 99 i'd assume.


Last I checked, we still had thrift stores around here that sell "vintage" computers.  I think that's where my Apple IIe went.  Anyhow, I guess I should pay one of those places a visit and see what I find...

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Yeah, just a processor, Bella.  I also have plenty of RAM chips too.
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i need to go to the thrift store one of these days or sumthin .__.

maybe once big brother's girlfriend moves away i can cheer him up w/ old computers. ^^


Hey i have to ask you guys and gals a question. I already tried googling it but i havn't been able to find the answer i seek. Thing is, i recently (just 2 hours ago) got hold of a Compaq Presario CDS 742. Im very eager to find out when this computer is from and what type of hardware it has, from what i know it has a 90mhz processor, 12 mb RAM and runs windows 95. Can anyone help? ^_^