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favorite games

Started by Chocofreak13, February 14, 2009, 07:56:08 am

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SupCom 1 and 2 <--- TURTLING!!!
Rome: Total war <---- Romans pwn
Empire: Total war <---- Romans with gunpowder! :D
Left for dead 1 <---- PEEELZ HERE!
Homeworld 2 <---- Awesome space RTS, I really reccomend it.
Halo: CE <---- First console game i played.
Audiosurf <---- (addicted)
Age of Mythology <---- An awesome RTS with a few years on it's back, still good though.
Overlord 1 and 2 <---- Minions pwn teh feck out of everything!

As you can see, im mostly a strategy gamer ^_^


Supcom 1: AEON NAVY.
Supcom 2: illuminate HAS no navy FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ;_;
Total Annihilation: Still rules supreme, no question.
Overlord: Liek for the title, haven't tried the sequel.


Nejin, you should really try overlord 1 and 2, they are awesome.
Aaaww D: I wish i had TA D:
Supcom 2 no aeon navy was a knife in the back yes, but cybran navy being able to walk on land was awesome.


Quote from: "AMDKurt"
Halo: CE <---- First console game i played.

I'm sorry.

Regardless, I have a lot of "favorite games." One of which is most def Xenogears.

On the PC platform, I guess I'd go with the UT series.


But cybran navy was always amphibious...partly at least.

And most of all I can NOT forgive the resource flow concept's removal. That's what made TA and SupCom/FA the games they were! It's so annoying, trying to plan ahead and then "woops, you don't have that many resources" and "woops, you haven't RESEARCHED THAT SHIT" which makes me insane. I mean, I usually enjoy research elements in RTS and TBS (mostly TBS though), but SupCom2 really fails at it. The lack of T1->T2->T3->EX tech tree is precisely why we can't have nice things.
SupCom2 engine + FA units and system = TOTAL WINNAGE, imo.

And like I said - Overlord charmed me with its title, so I tried it. 'twas enjoyable, but I never got around to finishing it. The sequel didn't quite get the good parts of reviewing, so I skipped out on it...might try it sometime, though.

And ANYONE who hasn't got a copy of TA should just learn2throw off your foolhardy mental shackles and TORRENT IT, IT'S ABANDONWARE ANYWAY SO WHAT GIVES. >_<
Personally I go with the Twilight modpack.


I have to agree that planning building is piss annoying, but that leave you to more micro-managing, wich is annoying but it's good if you want to get better at RTS'es, like starcraft, micro all the way. I wanted the tech's though, just like you say. I get really bored with the few units you have, like 1 battleship, 1 sub, 1 cruiser and 1 destroyer -_- Im also mighty pissed on how they buttraped the cybran units, no big ass spiderbots, no sweeping lasers instead they get tiny feckin walkers only good in swarms. Supcom 1 with some graphical feutures from supcom 2 would be awesome, like underwater wreckages and stuff (there are mods for that though)


Agreed. And modding capability in general...SUPCOM2 HAS NONE ;___;


WHAAAT!?? T____T No mods? D: Well SupCom 2 was a good game, it was fun to play if you could stand the micro, the crappy rescource and research system, but supcom 1 was way better. I mean i played supcom 1 with a broken arm when i first got it on releaseday. No such memories in supcom 2 T___T