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Started by IanDanKilmaster, April 16, 2010, 02:06:47 am

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So all this talk about Puppy Linux sparked an old interest of mine, making a persistent LiveUSB.  This is something that I've had a real problem with on my current desktop.  Most of the auto-tools seem to be able to make a LiveUSB that'll work on newer computers, but not on mine.  I really don't get this.  My computer is perfectly capable of booting to USB (I have an external floppy I use on occasion that is detected by my BIOS), but I can't seem to get any LiveUSB OS to work.  There is one exception, however, I did get ol' Incognito to work on USB.  I just don't know why.  I think I've tried every option Puppy will allow me to create a LiveUSB, and none of them work.  I even tried using Pen Drive Linux to get it to work and no go.  I need to be careful cause I'm probably close to killing my 2GB flash drive at this point.

Right now I'm working with Puppy Arcade 7 on a LiveCD fyi.

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Weird. I installed mine just using the regular installer, I think version 4.2.x...works like a charm as long as whatever computer requires its help has the usb boot enabled.

Puppy Arcade? Whuzzat, custom puppy?


i'd liek a copy of puppy arcade .____.

i should send this thread to my brother russell; he'd probably be able to help. sorry i can't. :[


Puppy Arcade is indeed a custom version of Puppy Linux.  It was specially designed by Scott Jarvis to run a plethora of classic game emulators.  It is quite possibly the snappiest OS I've seen run off a CD.

linkage > Puppy Arcade 7

It just plain looks great too... I love that wallpaper, but methinks copyright could be an issue thar...

I think the solution, or at least part of it, lies in figuring out how Incognito sets up its filesystem and MBR.  I could likely apply the information from that to setting up Puppy Arcade, or any other OS, to run from LiveUSB.  From what I've read Incognito just does a straight copy of their LiveCD system to USB, I don't really know how that differentiates it from other OSes.

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Interesting, could be useful for a linux-based cabinet.

EDIT: Disregard, the GUI is not useful for a linux-based cabinet. D:

Does anyone know any good MAME/emulator frontends designed for linux-based cabinets?

EDIT2: nvm, found Wah!Cade.