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Drawing Pad situation

Started by Alex_Reetz, April 10, 2010, 07:49:27 pm

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I got a situation. I am looking to spend 100.00+ usd on a drawing pad, but I know nothing of the market or stats I am looking for. what will be a good online store, brand, and specs.

I heard wacom was good, but other say it doesn't matter cuse they all do the same.



Wacom Bamboo.
It's the best one for starters, considering their price.

Pretty much when you've worn out one of those, you've practiced enough to move onto a more expensive one.


errgh no wacom!! too expensive!!
my first (and only) tablet is a genius g-pen 450. it's small, but it works great and was only 45 bucks on ebay. it still works for me even though i bought it a year ago, however i DO use it sparingly so that's probably why.

recently i lost the pen for it ;___; but you can buy replacements for that on ebay so it's no problem ^^


My first table was an Aiptek 6000u, which cost me some 30-40â,¬.
It was a horrible creaking pile of crap, but did its job somewhat well.
Until its pen broke. Also the pen needed a battery to run.
It lasted a half year of active use, until I got a Wacom Graphire4.
That was in late 2007.
Graphire4's arent produced anymore, but the Bamboo is supposed to replace it.

Both of these tablets are small, around 5x3.5 inches of active area.
Same size as basic Bamboo model.

The most basic Bamboo model "Bamboo Pen", goes around 60-70USD.
Wacoms are usually pretty good quality, which explains the slightly higher price.
Here's a rather good review of the Bamboo Pen.


I second the recommendation to buy a Wacom Bamboo. I got my Wacom Bamboo Pen for $69 USD from Apple.com, no shipping, it arrived within a week and I'm perfectly happy with it. Most of the amateur/hobby artists I know use Bamboos, and they love them.

Here's a price comparison between the different online retailers:



i still reccomend genius. saves you 30 bucks. :\


I recommend pen and paper. Just add scanner! -w-


scanner iz moar expenisve than wacom and genius put together....

well.....maybe not wacom.....