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Started by ViperXtreme, March 05, 2010, 12:20:58 am

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Recently ive been looking for more materials to put for my comic, and stumbled at this site, looks like a good place to search for more info hehe, and along with that, just wanna share an ongoing comic of mine titled Welcome to Windows 7, starring Nanami Madobe, my GPU girl (tan) XP tan, along with some extras, and even AVAST! tan XD

Anyway, here they are, mostly grouped in 3/2 paged chapters.
(most of these stuffs are found in my dA page)

some extras/wips from the pages...

ive been doing android based GPUs (video cards) a long time ago and wasn't aware of the "tan" concept, and just recently discovered it fully, with the release of WIndows 7 along with nanami madobe.

Ive already did a comic of a GPU "tan" long ago though, starring 9600GT along with some other characters, around 38 pages.



good job. you're putting me to shame. :3


Thanks and sorry it wasn't my intention to put anyone to shame :)

and here's the new batch...


no no, that's a compliment. :3 lots of people here put me to shame. basically i'm stating that your art is shiny-er than mine. :3


This sounds like an interesting haul indeed. Only thing I'd say is maybe to get someone to QC the script and lines and such, but hell, that's overblowing things -w-;


The lines are a bit rushed hehe, i just place whatever i feel like placing, and i tried to minimize the jargon stuffs so it wont be confusing for others...btw the raws...


You, sir, win the internetz. Awesome art, great character design, and fun story.

(BTW, is the 9600 an old GPU already? I remember buying my 8800 about an year ago, and it was almost cutting edge at the time... it still runs all my games at max detail at 1680x1050... almost all my games are RTSs, though.)


thanks, in the world of PC gaming, the 9600GT IS old, its around 2 years old already when it first came out. 8800GT/GTS 512MB are even older and the original GTX and GTS 320/640 are much older :)

anyway, some wip...


it's a dream come true~
You're a great artist, are you professional or planning to go professional?
What's in your hand, back at me. I have it, it's an oyster with two figures of your favorite Touhou characters. Look again, the figures are now vials of the Hourai Elixir. Anything is possible when your waifu smells like Old World and not a man. I'm a frog.


thanks, its just a hobby along with gaming XD

anyway, continued...



Firefox-tan is made of all kinds of win and awesome, Avast is pretty badass and your design for the "cookies", while totally expected, still made me chuckle.

Now, continue as soon as you can, I wanna see an epic fight scene!


Wait...if drawing is a hobby, what does that makes your gaming anyway? >_>


^ A professional slacker masterful in the arts of head shots and fragging?


I really don't wanna' know though.

@OP - You, sir, win the internetz... all of it. I added you to my deviantwatch. :D
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Wow, great drawings here! I wished I could draw as good as you do! ;010

Dr. Kraus

Ah, yes! I was wondering when this would service here! I happened to find these on deviant art a while ago! Its great to see that you are working hard on this comic! If you want some help or anything just send me a message on DA! Username is ~Daslineal

Hope to see more of this!