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Started by Aurora Borealis, February 20, 2010, 01:17:23 AM

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Quote from: Aurora Borealis on July 23, 2011, 12:56:08 AM
The resemblance is uncanny!

Do I smell a potential Haruhi crossover? BeOS= Yuki, OSX Puma = Mikuru, Apple /// = Ryoko?

I'll condense that down into an Annex bio, and next up, dig up details on NeXTSTEP-tan!

I'll fund it!

Quote from: stewartsage on July 24, 2011, 10:18:54 AM
Does that mean Tiger is Haruhi, System 7 is Kyon, and.... someone for Itsuki.

I really need to send you that DEC military stuff Aurora-dono.

Don't you think Oscilloscope Eyes-tan (forgot her real name, sorry!) would make a better Haruhi? d:

You need to share that DEC military stuff with the world. O_O

Aurora Borealis

Tentative version of NeXTSTEP's bio. I lost my notes on her somewhere, and had to reconstruct them from memory. x_x

-biological daughter of BSD-tan
-debut: 10/12/1988 (v0.8), 9/18/1989 (v1.0, shipped)
-height: 174 cm (5'8-5'9")
-lived on her own, saw the disgraced Lisa-tan as more of a mother figure, or at least someone she admired.
-was not meant to compete against the Mac-tans (they competed in separate markets, NeXT wasn't allowed to compete directly against Apple), but they were antagonistic of each other.
-the Macs saw her existence as betrayal by one of their leaders.
-drives a cube-shaped tank
-wields several guns, and dresses in pieces of space marine style armor. (DOOM was developed on NeXTSTEP)
-had a collaboration (or relationship?) with Solaris-tan (referencing collaboration on OpenStep),  but it ended, and took their own paths.
-developed the World Wide Web and HTML.
-Collects bugs, frequently travels with Darwin-tan.
-Affiliated with the CIOST, but her attitude towards them, and their attitudes toward her are ambivalent. (Impressed by her influence, sympathize with her obscurity, but many CIOST-tans dislike that she's of a Unix bloodline.)
-Considered to be very elegant but tends to dress in cyberpunk or other gritty styles.
-Mother(? or sister?) of Rhapsody-tan, who is the mother of Darwin and the OSX-tans.
-Met her near demise in the mid 1990's, the Macs risked their remaining resources to save her, and their own future.

note: Yes, there was some self-interest involved, the Macs wanting their leader back and needing a new bloodline to continue the Mac dynasty, but it was heroic of them to risk everything to save her.

I also like Krizo's interpretation of her, from his Apple-tan family tree, but I'm not sure how much of it I can fit into her bio, but I'll try. I especially like the part where she met the family in late '88 (when System 6-tan was near death and seeing her caused NeXTSTEP-tan to abandon her vendetta), that's quite heartwarming. Though I'd imagine that System 6-tan being befriended by NeXTSTEP-tan would have taken a while, since 6-tan would have been bitter that NeXTSTEP's World Wide Web pretty much made Hypercard obsolete (Hypercard debuted with System 3, 4 or 4.2, I can't recall which, but became popular during the System 6 era).

Aurora Borealis

Any input for this? Some of NeXTSTEP-tan's details are still tentative, even though she's a character that was created years ago. :(

A few more bios:

Name: Pilot OS-tan
aka: Xerox Star
Debut: circa 1981 (born 1977)
Height: 148 cm (4'10")
Weight: ??kg
Eye Color: Red
Hair: Blonde

affiliation: Binteeji Renmei

Quick Facts:

-First commercial GUI OS, but rarely, if ever recognized by mainstream OS-tans.
-Younger sister of Alto-tan. Took after her, until their separation from abandonment took its toll.
-Short-tempered, has little good to say about anything modern and usually keeps to herself.
-Swears a lot, and known to guilt-trip others frequently.
-A pilot who once had a fleet of aircraft, but had to abandon all but her trusted X-Star plane.
-Her only close friend is PC-DOS.
-Helps PC-DOS and MS-DOS meet up.
-Has short blonde hair held back with her goggles.
-Wears an aviator hat with the old Xerox logo on it, an aviator jacket, boots and long scarf.
-Doesn't resent her life in the Binteeji Renmei despite her bitterness, and is willing to risk herself to help them.

Expanding on Yggdrasil Linux-tan's characterization, a new bio:

Name: Yggdrasil Linux
aka: Yggdrasil Linux/GNU/X, LGX
Debut: 12/8/1992
Height: 175 cm (5'9")
Weight: ??kg
Eye color: Red
Hair: Blonde and brown

affiliation: Binteeji Renmei, formerly of the early Linux Union

Quick Facts:

-Forgetful of things (alpha release left out some source code), an especially unfortunate trait because she likes to build things and document information.
-Highly adaptable to new situations. (first plug-and-play, auto-configuring Linux version)
-Dresses in early medieval Viking gear, including the historically inaccurate horned helmet.
-Has long hair tied into three ponytails, with leaf-shaped hair-ties.
-Wields a halberd.
-An influential free software advocate and crusader.
-Wears a disc-shaped pendant. (first Live CD distro)
-Kind, calm and helpful older sister figure of the early Linux Family.
-Was the first to document the early Linux family's culture and genealogy, which she has continued to do. (Compiled CDs of the latest Linux and other Open Source software, also from Yggdrasil is The Linux Bible)
-Disappeared in 1995, had not been heard from in more than a decade.
-Joined the Binteeji Renmei to retire, using her fighting skills to defend it from intruders.
-Friends with EvilEntity-tan, who sees her as a role model, and Spectrum-tan who shares a fondness of genealogy work.


i didn't think i could input because i'm not much with older OSes, but these are solid bios. i had completely forgotten about NeXTSTEP, and didn't really realize she was a member of the mac family. i'm gonna have to work her into my comic somehow, lol.
as for the others, it's kind of sad that Pilot-tan doesn't get the recognition she deserved, but at least she's not dead, lol.

What do you mean by Yggdrasil being 'missing'? meaning she's missing entirely or missing to the linux family since she's with the BR now? :\
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Aurora Borealis

NeXTSTEP-tan is an honorary member of the Mac House, but doesn't live with them. She lives on her own (usually accompanied by Darwin-tan) and is mainly affiliated with the CIOST.

Yggdrasil Linux got discontinued in 1995, so in-story, she 'disappeared'. The Linuxes usually don't interact with the Vintage-tans, so few of them have heard from her since then, and she's rather reclusive. Some of the youngest Linuxes think she's a myth!


which would fit, given that yggdrasil is mythological. :3

what sort of relationship did NeXTSTEP have with the macs? (who did she interact with and in what context? what, if any, relation does she have with them? [adopted? 'blood brother'?] was she involved in the OSwars in any way? what does she think of the windows-tans?)
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Quote from: Chocofreak13 on August 27, 2011, 09:26:50 PM
which would fit, given that yggdrasil is mythological. :3

what sort of relationship did NeXTSTEP have with the macs? (who did she interact with and in what context? what, if any, relation does she have with them? [adopted? 'blood brother'?] was she involved in the OSwars in any way? what does she think of the windows-tans?)

IRL: NeXTSTEP is the super-direct ancestor of OSX. The mother or grandmother, so to speak. (OSX's family tree goes like: Bell Labs Unix (1969) -> BSD (1970s) -> Mach kernel (1980s[?]) -> NeXTSTEP -> Darwin -> Rhapsody/OSX Server -> OSX)

In the OS-tanverse: Well, I see NeXTSTEP as the mother of Rhapsody-tan and grandmother of the OSXen, but Aurora might disagree with me on this one.


then it's up to the story to intrepret it?
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i love that last mac quote so much. xD
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To Aurora - is there any way you could send me those annex avatars you made? I went back to find some (to use as reference pics) and all the photobucket links are broken. And none of the ones I'm looking for are on the wiki either. : /


Mostly CDC, IBM and various other mainframe-tans.

At the moment though, I kind of need the System/360 OS-tan avis to use as references - TOS and BOS in particular. (I forget if you ever made avatars for OS/- or DOS/360.)

Aurora Borealis

I made one of OS/360, but not DOS/360. I'll get them for you.


Okay, I wasn't sure. ^^; Thanks.

Aurora Borealis

Here's a compilation of most of the mainframes with avatars:

Of the /360-tans, there are avatars for TOS/360 (the one with the knife- but I prefer your wilder-and-shorter-haired rendition), OS/360 and BOS/360. 


Thanks so much Aurora! This is really helpful. : )