OS-tan Annex Project Revival

Started by Aurora Borealis, February 20, 2010, 02:17:23 am

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windows 1.0 (both forms)

windows 2.0

windows 3.2 (and DOS bunny)


CTOS-tan (i think i'll have to re-do this one, sorry)



Saeko-tan (microsoft office assistant, appeared in a few comics)




ILU Choco. <3

They are all ABLSKFLGALGLY adorable, but damn, CTOS-tan made almost pass out from cute overdose. 2.0-chan's sweet, MCP-tan's looking properly sorceress-like, Multics-sama is lovely and Unix wonderfully angsty (although we've known how well you draw those two for a long time ^^) and THOR-chama is SO MOE IMMA DIE. :U

Your drawing of Saeko-tan reminds me of a certain character from FMA... but her name escapes me right now. D:

Aurora Borealis

Awww! They're all so cute! Great work! :D

My favorites are Windows 2.0, 97 and Unix!


^^ your praise is like a happy bolt of lightening to the brain. danke schoen.

oh, and ilu too bella. ^^


Oh man, they're all so so adorable it made me smile.

Aurora Borealis

July 03, 2010, 12:00:59 pm #95 Last Edit: July 13, 2019, 11:03:07 pm by Aurora Borealis
I got 5 of the pics converted into icon form:

But right when I was almost done working with 3 other icons, my computer crapped out on me, it suddenly shut down and I had to plug it in, even though the battery still had 18% left!

Restarted with no problem, but I didn't save the .psd files for the icons because I didn't think I'd need to, and I lost the three I was working on! AAAAAAUGH!


Oh no!  Is it something with your power settings?  For a while my laptop did that, I had to change something in the power mananger.... I think....

Aurora Borealis

I don't know. I had my settings so that the display would go to sleep after 5 minutes when not in use, and the computer going into sleep mode after 15 minutes. Those settings have worked well since I got this laptop 13 months ago.

But sometimes my laptop suddenly shuts down, even when I have about 20% left. This has happened a few times before, and all recently.

Normally when it runs out of power, it goes into sleep mode for a while before shutting down.


Hm, yeah, that's what mine does.  *shrug* Oh well I suppose (would you look at that I broke 1000)


I can see cuteness oozing out from CTOS-tan. It's sooo cute XDD
Windmill, windmill for the land
Turn forever hand in hand,
Take it all in on your stride
It is ticking falling down...

Love forever love is free
Let\'s turn forever you and me
Windmill, windmill for the land
Is everybody in?


yay. ^^ the icons look great aurora. ^^ sorry i didn't do that initally. o____o;

sucks about your laptop. virus scan?


Good to see another fan-made OS-tan fan, kgm! :D

Kami-Aurora is a Mac user, Choco, her computer has no need for virus scans. </smugness>


Bios! This time, we are treated to the tragic mother/daughter combo, Xenix and SCO Unix-tan.

QuoteName: SCO Unix
aka: OpenServer, OpenDesktop
Debut: 1989
Height: 163cm or 5'4''
Weight: 56kg or 120lb
Eye Color: blue
Hair: blue

Quick Facts:
-Daughter of Xenix, although the two never knew each other very well.
-Her mother's absence fighting in the Unix Wars and subsequent death are believed to have negatively affected her already demanding personality.
-Was always a treacherous and suspicious person, in recent years has morphed into a paranoid-delusional.
-Sue-happy, she chooses to hassle enemies with frivolous lawsuits and legal threats.
-Mistrusts of the Linux-tans above all others, she has been in several failed alliances with their kind.
-Believes that GNU/Linux is a secret illegitimate blood-relative of the Unix family.
-Rivalrous with her step-sister, UnixWare, as well as GNU/Linux, RedHat Linux, SuSE and the IBM Unixes.
-Believes herself to be the true heir to Unix-sama (and thus, guardian of her bloodline and name).
-Was humiliated in battle when UnixWare defeated her, winning the honour of protector of the Unix name.
-Faces financial woes, but still manages to maintain a relatively strong position in the server market.
-Sympathetic to the Windows-tans.
-Dresses in plain, businesslike clothing, has short blue hair and oval glasses.

SCO-chan believes herself to be the Only Sane Man in the Unix Family, when she's actually the exact opposite.

QuoteName: Xenix
aka: Microsoft Unix
Debut:  1980
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Eye Color: hazel
Hair: teal-blue

Quick Facts:
-The only Unix allied with Microsoft, she was unconditionally devoted to the company.
-Considered a traitor by her fellow Unix-tans.
-Acted as a loyal custodian to the early Microsoft/IBM family -tans: Altair 8800, MS- and PCDOS, Windows 1.0,  2.0 and OS/2-tan.
-Had a cheerless, austere personality, yet was surprisingly gentle with her charges.
-A skillful melee fighter, she was employed as an assassin (her choice weapon being a wire garrote).
-Retired from Microsoft and never got to see the family she loved so much grow in power and influence.
-Felt it was her duty to fight in the Unix Wars, even at the cost of raising her daughter, SCO Unix.
-Was sent to fight in the front lines of the war, where she was killed in action.
-Missed by few and largely forgotten.
-Had shoulder-length blue hair, hazel eyes, during her time at Microsoft wore a maid-like uniform and bonnet.

Notes: I'd be interested in knowing what happened to Xenix after she stepped down from Microsoft and before she got killed in the Unix Wars. What started this train of thought? A security-oriented variant called Trusted Xenix achieved a B2 rating in the DoD TCSEC test, making it the second most secure OS ever tested. To compare, Mul-frickin-ultics got a B2 rating as well.

AND ALSO, I'd like to motion for the inclusion of two more seconds in the Annex Thread if it's possible: Unaffiliated Applications and Unaffiliated Hardware, soft- and hardware-tans that have no known associations with OS-tan factions. Basically a place to put all those assorted -tans and -kuns until we figure their places (if they have them).

Aurora Borealis

Awwww... SCO Unix-tan is a Jerkass Woobie with a lot of enemies! Are there any Unices/Linuces that DO get along with her? o_o

Wow! Xenix is amazingly secure! That must mean she was a VERY effective bodyguard for the old family, but for her to have gotten killed in action must have involved major sabotage by other forces that wanted her dead...

BTW, although Altair-tan is 5 years older than Xenix-tan, I think it makes sense for Xenix, who was rising in power at the time to look after Altair, who was falling into obscurity and ultimately did so by some time in the 80's.

But for some reason, after MSDOS and PCDOS were born in 1981, Altair-tan had to leave, possibly due to orders from the higher-ups. But I think even then, Xenix still kept in contact with Altair for as long as she could and helped her out.

And another note, discussing OS-tan backstories here is highly encouraged! Maybe it will also inspire some drawing and comic ideas too! :)


send me some example pics, and i'd be happy to draw then if no one's volunteered. :3