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Aurora Borealis

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That's cool that Snow Leopard-tan is both a proud Mac and Unix! I'd say that Rhapsody-tan is proudly both too, and Darwin OS-tan too.

NeXTSTEP-tan is an Independent OS-tan who is also an honorary House of Mac member, but she wants nothing to do with most of the Unixes.

s]A/UX-tan would have been proud to be both an Apple-tan and Unix if it weren't for her strict upbringing. As a Unix, she was trained to be professional, only mingling with the elite, and was rarely allowed to see her step-relatives even though she loved them. :(

This is out of date upon further research: A/UX requires a specific Mac OS version to be installed with it, and the Macs that can run A/UX cannot boot directly into A/UX. Based off of this, A/UX-tan worked alongside System 6-tan and System 7-tan.

She identifies herself primarily as an Apple-tan, but still attends Unix meetings out of obligation, and to show she isn't exactly a traitor. She doesn't dislike the Unixes, but dislikes the personal consequences of being one. Addition: This is more in the present day since she lost her standing in the Unix Family hierarchy after the Unix Wars and after her exile from Apple.

EDIT: Got up some bios, for the wacky wanderer Windows-tans!

Quote from: undefinedName: Windows 3.2
Debut: circa 1990
Height: 137 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Magenta
Hair: Grey

Quick Facts:
-Windows 3.1-tan's twin sister, separated at birth, raised to compete in the Chinese computer market.
-Has lived as a wanderer for her entire life.
-Strongly resembles her twin sister, but wears a purple+blue qipao, and has her hair tied in pigtails.
-Is accompanied by a rabbit representing DOS, akin to 3.1-tan's DOS kitty.
-Generally cheerful, but her lifelong experience as a wanderer has turned her into a skilled survivalist and thrill-seeker.
-Given her distant upbringing, the Windows Family isn't aware of her existence, and she's barely aware of theirs. Reluctant to meet other Windows-tans since most of them she has met turned out to be malicious bootlegs.
-However, she is well-acquainted with 95 OSR 2.1-tan, OSR 2.5-tan and 97-tan.
-Has also met and befriended Windows 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan, even though she's unaware of their status as real Windows-tans.

Update: 3.2-tan wasn't always a wanderer and also represents the Chinese version of Windows 3.1. 3.2 is her upgrade. She was from a branch of the Windows Family that became obsolete after Windows 95 was released.

Name: Windows 95 OSR 2.1
aka: "OSR2.1", "95B"
Debut: 1996
Height: 158 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Gold
Hair: Brown

Quick Facts:
-Has a calm and courteous disposition.
-Is an old-fashioned inventor who makes electronic gadgets, though they often backfire, giving her a reputation as one of the least reliable Windows-tans.
-Has long brown hair decorated by metal hairclips and a bow fashioned from cables.
-Wears a steampunk-style dress with a kimono-style vest, and an "OSR 2.1" brooch.
-Is the last Windows-tan to know of MS BOB-tan, and is the only one willing and able to speak of her.
-Grew up in a competitive environment. Wanted to be as powerful and graceful as 95-tan, but wasn't a very good fighter.
-A sci-fi fanatic more interested in the future and introduced USB support to Windows, believing it to be the thing of the future and put previous interfaces in the past.
-However, she didn't do a good job with that, and soon ran away from home in shame, and has never returned.
-Now lives far away on her own as a hermit, but regularly contacts 95 OSR 2.5-tan via letters.
-Helped out 95 OSR 2.5-tan in her time of need.
-Is very friendly and offers to help out any fellow wanderers.
-Is a great sharpshooter and wields a hi-tech bow and arrow set she crafted herself.

Name: Windows 95 OSR 2.5-tan
aka: "OSR2.5", "95C"
Debut: 11/26/1997
Height: 153 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Red
Hair: Brown

Quick Facts:
-Has a feisty, hot-blooded and competitive attitude.
-Has short brown hair decorated by a large black bow and "2.5" hairclip.
-Wears a white sleeveless top with a red bow, long black gloves, black skirt.
-Regards 98-tan and 98 SE-tan as rivals but no matter what she does, they still see her as a well-meaning friend.
-Wields a jutte in self-defense.
-Ran away from home at an early age (like OSR 2.1-tan), but occasionally returns as a playful freeloader.
-Regularly writes letters to 95 OSR 2.1-tan.
-Is friends with Atari DOS-tan, and from her connection to the Binteeji Renmei, she also found out about Windows 1.0-tan's and 2.0-tan's existences.
-Delighted to meet long-lost relatives she had never known about before, but keeps their existence a secret from the Windows Family for 1.0's and 2.0's sake.

Name: Windows 97
aka: "97-tan"
Debut: none, technically*
Height: 143 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Red
Hair: Brown
*Windows 97 was the working name for Windows 98 before it was released.

Quick Facts:
-Is cheerful and energetic.
-Her origins are unknown, her existence is a surprise to many of the Windows-tans.
-There don't seem to be any records of her past.
-Has a 'Napoleon Complex' and greatly envies XPMCE-tan for her physique.
-Keeps the front of her hair braided, the rest tied in buns on the side of her head and decorated with colored tassels.
-Wears a red+white traditional Chinese-style shirt over a navy blue swimsuit and adorned with a Windows logo brooch.
-Has the kanji for '97' on her forehead.
-Frequently covers up the '9' on her forehead and claims to be Windows 7-tan.



Aurora Borealis

June 08, 2010, 11:25:02 pm #62 Last Edit: July 13, 2019, 10:53:05 pm by Aurora Borealis
Yeah! They sure are a strange bunch!

Been working on the project for the past few days, four of the mainframe-tans now have pics up!

I had to make up a color scheme for NOS-tan. I thought that bright red really suits her vengeful attitude!

Of the Independent OS-tans, Open VME's bio is now up.
Quote from: undefinedName: OpenVME
aka: "Virtual Machine Environment"
Debut: mid-1970's
Height: 158 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Hair: Blonde

Quick Facts:

-Normally whimsical and easily distracted, but can get aggressive. (unfinished version was supposed to be fault tolerant)
-Leads to Buffy-speak.
-Can be snobby, considers herself better then Unix or Windows derivatives.
-One of the IBM-tan's many enemies.
-Never has been awfully successful, and doesn't really have many friends.
-Prefers to remain above the petty bickering of others, and eat pastries.
-Has undergone a series of rather serious experimental surgeries, leading to an.... interesting internal arrangement (system's been overhauled, rebuilt, and combined a lot)
-At one point, someone tried to graft Unix type wings on her. (see above)
-Changes labels around on her friends or enemies belongings.
-A skilled civil engineer, designs and constructs her own buildings. (QuickBuild application)
-Wears a steampunk-style outfit with layers of clothing, and has heavy plastic-rimmed glasses. Her eyes are usually bloodshot.
-Has mismatched wings. One is a black owl wing, the other some sort of white wing, neither of which retract, both wing roots are surrounded by scars and metal.

Of the wanderers, Apple III, System 3.4 and Trip OS now have bios up.

Quote from: undefinedName: Apple III-tan
aka: "Sara"
Debut: May 1980
Height: 163 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Red
Hair: Red-Brown

Quick Facts:

-Born in 1978 (when development started), she was a cheery and proud young girl, but Apple I-tan's death sparked a series of mental breakdowns she'd later have.
-By the time of her grand debut in 1980, her attitude worsened and became a pyromaniac.
-Only got along with Apple I and II. Tried to improve herself (without much success) and left the family in 1984.
-Lives with her followers on a remote island and observatory.
-Has huge ambitions and the desire for self-redemption.
-Used to dislike the Mac-tans, but became proud of them after hearing of their remarkable recovery efforts after the OS Wars.
-But being a failure, she was for a long time too ashamed to ever see her relatives again.
-Is friends with SAGE, GENIAC and Adam.
-Within the past year, she has gotten enough courage to visit the Binteeji Renmei, to visit GENIAC and the Apple-tans there.
-Wears a black jumpsuit with a cloak and boots and decorates her hair with metal hair clips.

Name: Macintosh System 3.4-tan
aka: AppleShare 2.0
Debut: circa 1988
Height: 180 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Hair: Dark Brown

Quick Facts:

-Is hot-blooded, boisterous and cheerful.
-Likes to make up conspiracies and is even the subject of some herself since there are no comprehensive records of her past.
-Lives as a wanderer by choice and is a traveling stunt performer.
-Is Macintosh System 6-tan's twin sister. (System 3.4 used the same Finder version as System 6.0.x) They used to have a bitter rivalry but have reconciled as friends. Update: They didn't have a rivalry because System 3.4 had a very different purpose.
-Her closest friends are Commodore 65-tan and Windows 3.2-tan, and the three of them are usually seen together. Addition: They met as wanderers.
-Initially felt she had no purpose in life because of her obscurity, so early in her life, she left the Apple Family to pursue her own dreams.
-Now she is very bold and confident and no longer cares about her obscurity. She has found a lot of satisfaction in her work.
-Has cheated death many times, much to her own amazement, but knows she is living on borrowed time (any day could be her last) and strives to make the most of it.
-May have been kept alive for several years through the sheer willpower to live.
-Wears a grey frilly blouse and blue skirt with ballet shoes.
-Keeps her hair tied in long, forked pigtails tied with red ribbons and decorated with hairclips. Has large, winged sunglasses with colored panels.

An updated bio will be posted.

Name: TripOS
aka: "Trivial Portable Operating System"
Debut: Jan 1978
Height: ?? cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Brown

Quick Facts:

-Has a calm, old-fashioned and pleasant demeanor.
-Is Amiga's mother, but while Amiga was in the service of the Commodore Family, she was not allowed to see her at all.
-Didn't mind at first because of her research and travels as a university scholar, but had a change in heart by the mid-90's.
-Behind the times, her research and experiments are obsolete but still mean a lot to her.
-Lives as a wanderer and traveler.
-Now makes efforts to regularly visit Amiga and her family, especially eager to see the grandkids [Morph OS, Anubis and AROS].
-Has short brown hair and wears a blue+white cyclist's outfit.
-Rides a motorized tricycle.


NOS-tan's avi brought a smile to my face and laughter to my heart. It's just... her expression... the pout, the furrowed brows, the hat... it's all so PRICELESS.

I didn't know ///-tan was so short. D: TripOS-tan, the mother I keep forgetting of that other OS-tan I keep forgetting. Why does she sound like she'd be BFFs with ITS-tan?

Aurora Borealis

It looks like I invoked Narm with NOS's avatar! XD

She does have a Nice Hat, and she is an over-the-top character! :D

I originally had in mind Apple /// being 153 cm, but seeing how you draw her closer to SAGE's height, I changed it. And to think that ///'s predecessor is only 127 cm!

IIRC, it was mentioned that Trip OS would be friends with ITS, and the two would travel together. BTW, what faction is ITS in? I don't have her listed.


i love how much NOS looks like Mimi from the Drew Carey show. xDDD
only in this pic mimi looks adorable and huggable. ^^


That's right, it was proposed ITS and TripOS would be friends! :D Not sure what faction ITS is in, either the BR or the Wanderers (probably the latter, considering her denial that she's a "vintage" OS-tan).

Moar bios:

Quote from: "Me"Name: Plan 9 from Bell Labs
aka: Plan 9
Debut: 1993
Height:  160cm or 5'3''
Weight: 51kg or 112lb
Eye Color: grey
Hair: light grey

Quick Facts:
-Of all the Unix-tans, Plan 9-tan could be the most physically like Bell Labs Unix-sama
-Except for their shared obsession with simplicity and elegant solutions, she has little in common with her mother
-This difference caused a rift between Unix-sama and Plan 9-tan, that eventually culminated with Plan 9 renouncing her position as heir to the Unix throne
-A nonparticipant in the Unix Wars, she advocates the need for unification and peace between all Unix-tans
-Has an extremely strange, but harmless, personality
-Has trouble expressing herself clearly and talks awkwardly
-Described as “alien” by her fellow OS-tans-- a label compounded by the fact that she, indeed, owns and pilots a flying saucer
-A necromancer
-Enjoys camp culture and B-horror movies, especially Ed Wood films
-Has white bunny-ears and short light grey hair, typically dons an astronaut outfit or a low-cut “Vampira”-style dress and wears glasses

Name:  Slackware
aka: formerly known as Softlanding Linux System, SLS
Debut: born 1992, debuted 1993
Height:  168cm or 5'6''
Weight: 59kg or 130lb
Eye Color: brown
Hair: brown

Quick Facts:
-One of the eldest of Linux's children
-A mechanical whiz
-Has a blunt, no-nonsense personality that many people mistake for unfriendliness
-Generally competent, but has been known to lapse into moments of mania
-Feels an affinity for Unix culture and fastidiously follows the tenets of Unix Philosophy
-Is rather enamored with the Unix-tans themselves (especially their leader, Bell Labs Unix) and attempts to woo them whenever she can, often with comical results
-Wears monotone cloths, usually overalls and a toolbelt or a shirt, tie and slacks; keeps her hair in a ponytail or braid and smokes a pipe

Name:  ITS
aka: Incompatible Timesharing System
Debut: circa late 1960
Height: 163cm or 5'4''
Weight: 52kg or 114lb
Eye Color: hazel
Hair: brown

Quick Facts:
-An MIT native and one of the founders of the Hacker Culture
-Disagreed with the “grandiose” timesharing OS-tans of her era (especially CTSS and Multics) but was generally polite toward them
-Dislikes Unixes with a venomous fervor, but is friends with Linux-tan
-Excellent friends with WAITS-tan and Emacs-kun, the latter of whom she mentored
-Has a nonchalant, no-nonsense personality, is rebellious but also rather ambitionless
-Employs quirky self-defense measures
-An expert markswoman, always has a few guns on hand
-Rides a vintage motorbike (symbolizing the PDP-10 computer)
-Dresses in a mix of old southwestern and steampunk clothing, including a duster coat, waistcoat and bolo tie, goggles and boots

Name: OS/2
aka: OS/2 Warp; formerly known as CP/DOS,
Debut: 1987
Height:  171cm or 5'7''
Weight: ??
Eye Color: blue
Hair: blue with white streaks
Notes: OS/2-tan represents all OS/2 releases from 1.0 to Warp 4.52

Quick Facts:
-Was born into the ill-fated Microsoft-IBM family
-Lived a sheltered but happy childhood in the company of the early Windows-tans, MS DOS and PC DOS-tan and Xenix-tan
-Was also trained rather rigorously in preparation for her future duty as the flagship OS of MS and IBM
-Took the breakup of her family and subsequent separation from her sisters very badly
-She fell into the custody of IBM; while she was trained in advanced fighting skills, these would be no match for the broad and aggressive marketing of the Windows-tans
-Blames Windows NT-tan and 95-tan (her half-sisters) for the breakup of the family; as such, she harbours a vendetta toward them
-While outwardly vengeful toward the Windows-tans, she really just wanted her family and old life back
-Was generally nice, but arrogant, as a child; her attitude has since morphed into one of bitterness, hostility and a touch of insanity
-A fan of Star Trek
-Dressed in business-like clothing during her youth, but now dons a Starfleet uniform (complete with phaser)
-Multitasks using prehensile hair
-Leader of the Anti$oft Coalition, a ragtag resistance movement

Name: Windows 2.0
aka: N/A
Debut: 1987
Height:  ??
Weight: ??
Eye Color: bright blue
Hair: black

Quick Facts:
-Daughter of Windows 1.0-tan
-Has a level of emotional maturity that belies her young physical age
-Sickly and weak since birth
-A skilled mason
-Was exiled, with her mother, from the Windows family not too long after the Microsoft-IBM family broke up; Windows 3.1-tan is perhaps the only Windows-tan that recalls her's and Windows 1.0-tan's existence
-This, coupled with the hardships she faced during the OS Wars, has inflicted substantial psychological trauma which she's still struggling to overcome
-Is now at home in the Binteji Renmei (Vintage Federation)
-Dresses in a blue and white school uniform, leather masonry gloves and Mary Jane shoes


;____; i need to get on that.....


June 16, 2010, 10:56:42 pm #68 Last Edit: July 13, 2019, 10:54:01 pm by Aurora Borealis
Really, 3.1-tan has no memory of them? Always assumed she was the only one who did, actually. O.o

You're forgetting a few avatars Aurora-hime:

Reposted cause they're adorable. :D

I've been in a writerly mood lately, so expect more bios in the near future...


Aurora Borealis

Thanks for posting them, I forgot! ^^;

Or rather, 3.1-tan barely has any memory of them. However, MS DOS-tan remembers (and knows them), but keeps it all a secret from the rest of the family, since she occasionally sneaks out to visit the Binteeji Renmei and reunite with her sister.

Aurora Borealis

June 17, 2010, 12:02:43 am #71 Last Edit: July 13, 2019, 10:57:36 pm by Aurora Borealis
Some more new bios, including two for the DOSSE, the most overlooked of the factions!

Quote from: undefinedName: DR DOS-tan
aka: CP/M, Caldera OpenDOS, "Control Program for Microcomputers"
Debut: 1976
Height: 146 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Blue-green
Hair: Grey

Quick Facts:

-The mother of the x86 DOS-tans, and GEM's older sister.
-Works as a doctor for the vintage OS-tans for free, but extremely expensive to everyone else.
-Is hard-working yet laid-back pleasant, and motherly, but not adverse to using sadistic punishment either.
-Childhood friends with IMSAI 8080, who inspired her to great ambitious, at a cost...
-Used to be an aggressive workaholic who didn't often see her children, and outright scorned QDOS, MSDOS and PCDOS for several years.
-After she joined the Binteeji Renmei and DOSSE, she strived to atone for her past negligence towards her children and get to know them, especially QDOS, who she hurt the most.
-Helped her sister GEM recover from traumatic experiences.
-Had multiple name changes and had moved to multiple different companies, including Novell where she became a colleague of Netware and UnixWare.
-Tallest of the DOS-tans, has long grey hair in pigtails, and wears a stylized doctor's uniform with a nurse's hat.
-Wears hair clips alluding to her original name: CP/M.

Quote from: undefinedName: PTS-DOS
Debut: 1993
Height: 135 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Lilac
Hair: Light Blue

Quick Facts:

-Speaks entirely in Russian, but understands other languages too.
-Likes to be around others, even if she can't always reply to them.
-Taking advantage of language barriers, she likes to jokingly point out the obvious or speaks in non-sequiturs.
-Is a prankster with a mischievous streak.
-However, she usually keeps to herself.
-Is sharp, witty and knowledgeable in history, philosophy and the arts, but appears offish and apathetic to those that cannot understand her.
-Even though she can't communicate with most OS-tans (including her sisters), she cares a lot about her peers very much and gladly helps them.
-A master of reverse engineering, and can work wonders with technology that seems impossible to decipher and software that seem impossible to duplicate.
-Wears a traditional Russian school uniform and keeps her hair braided and decorated with floral hair clips.
-PCDOS considers her a close friend who she can talk about her problems to.

Some new bios for the House of Mac, overhauled:

Update: These may be getting updated again.

Quote from: undefinedName: Mac OS1-tan
aka: "System 1"
Debut: 1/24/1984
Height: 125 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Silver
Hair: Black
Blood Type: 16

Quick Facts:

-Is feisty, bold, charismatic straightforward and wants to be a leader, but is childish and has a one-track mind.
-Is scatterbrained and speaks primarily in newspeak (despite the irony of being an aggressive non-conformist in her youth) because it's easier for her.
-Is stronger than she looks and wields a hammer as her weapon of choice.
-Still regards herself as a vigilante fighting against tyranny, even though her glory days are long behind her.
-Had a rough upbringing before her public debut in 1984, having been forced by Lisa to be her servant.
-Was happy to become independent and speak out against Lisa, but now feels sorry for her.
-Means well and strives to be a mother figure to all the Mac-tans, though nearly all of them treat her as a little sister figure who needs to be cared for.
-Considered GEM a rival and major threat back in '85 and took action against her, but has long since regretted it.
-Has reconciled with GEM recently and the two became friends, but still has long-standing rivalries with PCDOS and Sinclair QL. Is also friends with QDOS.

Quote from: undefinedName: Mac OS2-tan
aka: "System 2", "Ahiru-chan"
Debut: Apr 1985
Height: 127 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Silver
Hair: Black
Blood Type: 16

Quick Facts:

-Looks much like System 1-tan, but has two side ponytails, wears a sash, and a sleeveless dress.
-Is observant, witty, and intelligent but desperate for attention and gets forgotten a lot.
-Even worse is that unlike the rest of her family, she isn't a good fighter at all.
-Appears calm at a first glance.
-Likes to give long lectures, read classic literature and discuss philosophy.
-Carries around a duck puppet to assist in her lectures to make them more entertaining, with varying amounts of success.
-Despite being highly intelligent, she is misunderstood, with few believing what she says.
-Cares for her family, but really hates that she cannot be taken seriously, and gets aggressive when ignored. Swears she will get the last laugh some day.
-Gets along best with Apple II, Mac OS1, OSX Panther, and OSX Leopard.

Quote from: undefinedName: Mac OS3-tan
aka: "System 3"
Debut: 1/16/1986
Height: 130 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Eye Color: Silver
Hair: Black, w/ multicolored streaks
Blood Type: 16

Quick Facts:

- Has a bubbly and cheerful disposition.
- Loves to wear old-fashioned clothing dyed with unnaturally-vibrant colors.
- Gets along with all her sisters, but shares the best chemistry with Mac OS4, Mac OS8, OS9, and OSX Tiger.
- Is very cheerful, friendly and outgoing, and has great social skills.
- Is the least stable Mac-tan, has a huge fear of bugs and is klutzy.
- More efficient and better-organized than her predecessors but still cannot multitask.
- A competent fighter with improvised weapons, but only able to show her skills when provoked enough, which doesn't happen easily.
- Loves shopping and tinkering with old gadgets, though back in her youth, she introduced new technologies to the Apple Family.
- Very fond of OS9-kun, sometimes over-protective. Because of this, she has a rivalry with Windows ME.
- Can empathize with ME very well when they aren't feuding over OS9-kun.


Wooooooooooooo, CP/M-sama, Queen Mother of the DOSes, long lost DEC-ish-thingy...!

Um... I'll comment on the rest later. Since I have to go pass out now.


Long live the DOSSE, and long live TV Tropes!  Ah yes, the Russian OS-tans.... most concerning....


Bios! Windows 1.0-tan + 7 DEC-tans.

Quote from: "I"Name:  Windows 1.0
aka: N/A
Debut: 1985
Height:  ?
Weight: ?
Eye Color: green
Hair: green

Quick Facts:
-The genetic mother of the 9x Windows-tans.
-Physically a young woman, but has an innocent, child-like mentality.
-Her stunted mental condition makes the completion of complex tasks difficult, but she revels in her ability to perform simple tasks.
-A loving and caring personality, very perceptive of other persons' emotions.
-Tries to be a good mother for Windows 2.0-tan, but more often then not 2.0-tan takes care of her mother.
-Was ousted from the Windows family with 2.0-tan around the time of the breakup of the Microsoft/IBM alliance.
-Often wears a variety of bandages and slings (a nod to Windows 1.0's unfinished and experimental nature).
-Donned a fine kimono and hair decorations during her time at MS, now dresses in plain 1920s-inspired dresses, usually tattered and patched.
-Has short green hair (was darker in her youth, now light green), a 1.0-shaped hair decoration, wears a kind but far-away expression

Name:  RSX
aka: RSX-11, all other variant names of RSX
Debut: 1972
Height: 170cm or  5'7''
Weight: 56kg or 123lb
Eye Color: blue-grey
Hair: black turned grey
Notes: this character represents ALL RSX releases and variations
Quick Facts:
-Is the biological daughter of Bunker Ramo RW-300 Control System-tan, but never knew her mother. Was raised at DEC by DOS/Batch 11-tan.
-Mother of OpenVMS and VAXELN-tan.
-Has a serene but rather emotionless demeanour; but was nothing short of devoted to her own children.
-A skilled swordfighter, she carried a backsword
-She also trained many of the younger-generation DEC-tans in swordfighting
-Has geomancy skills, specializing in air control
-Physically a mature woman in her mid-to-late 30s, wears glasses and medium-length braided hair usually tied into a ponytail.  She begrudgingly donned a military uniform during her time at DEC, but now prefers light clothing like long sundresses and sandals.  

Name:  RSTS (pronounced Ristess)
aka: RSTS/V, /E, -11, RTSS and others
Debut: circa 1971
Height:  165 cm or 5'5''
Weight: 66kg or 145lb
Eye Color: brown
Hair: blonde
Notes: represents all RSTS variations and releases

Quick Facts:
-Daughter of TSS-8
-Has a pragmatic, utilitarian outlook
-A lively woman, known for her good sense of humour and love of practical jokes
-Her boisterous nature might be mistaken for cockiness, but friends know she's actually quite grounded
-A tomboy
-Physically mature, strong and stocky with short blonde hair, unfussy about her dress and appearance
-Like many of the DEC-tans, shows a longing for the past. Still employed as a hobbyist OS.

Name:  DOS/Batch 11
aka: DOS-11
Debut: 1970
Height:  150cm or 4'11''
Weight: 47kg or 104lb
Eye Color: green
Hair: silver

Quick Facts:
-Borderline psychotic.
-Notoriously temperamental and unpredictable, even toward her friends and users.
-The adoptive mother of RSTS and RT-11. Claims to be RSX's mother, despite no evidence of their being related.
-Wields a butcher knife and established the DEC-tan tradition of bladed weaponry.
-Particularly enjoys messing with Unix-sama, with whom she has a rivalry.
-Abusive toward RT-11, who she felt stole her userbase.
-A bit weak and sickly, but doesn't allow her handicaps to get in her way.
-Physically a short teenage girl, with short silver hair, glasses and a red and white schoolgirl-like uniform
-Died sometime in the mid 1970s.

Name:  RT-11
aka: N/A
Debut: 1973
Height:  152cm or 5'
Weight: 48kg or 106lb
Eye Color: bright blue
Hair: red
Other Notes: Represents all RT-11 releases and variants

Quick Facts:
-Demure and quiet with low self-confidence
-Has trouble standing up for herself.
-Hypersensitive to physical and mental stimuli.
-Considers herself an outsider in the among the outgoing DEC-tans
-A fast and agile, moreso than Unix-tan even.
-Short, teenaged, has large blue eyes and long red hair held in twin ponytails. Wears a DEC military uniform.
-A tinkerer.
-Has a devoted following of Soviet Elektronika clones, it is unknown if her menagerie of fans does anything to boost her spirit.

Name:  OS/8
aka: OS/12, MS/8, PS/8
Debut: 1971
Height:  168cm or 5'6''
Weight: 54kg or 120lb
Eye Color: green
Hair: black

Quick Facts:
-Is very fast, has excellent reflexes.
-A notable orator and communicator.
-Has a subtle sense of humour and enjoys telling witty anecdotes.
-Perhaps a little less straight-laced than her fellow DEC-tans.
-Has a poor sense of internal timekeeping, often wakes in the night and sleeps during the morning.
-Lithe and agile, wears a bobbed haircut and 1920s style dress when not in uniform.

aka: VAX/ELN, formerly called ELAN
Debut: 1996
Height: ~165cm or 5'5''
Weight: 56kg or 118lb
Eye Color: blue
Hair: light blue

Quick Facts:
-OpenVMS-tan's sister and RSX-11's daughter.
-Raised in Seattle, had little contact with her family.
-Still has a fairly strong cultural identity as a DEC.
-Born two years before the fall of the DEC society, feels like a latecomer who missed out on the glory days of her culture.
-Mildly jealous of her far more prolific sister.
-Has a rather dazed and unprepared personality.
-Physically a late teenager, short blue hair, blue eyes, bears a strong likeness to OpenVMS.
-Most friendly with RT-11.
-Enjoys skiing.

Name: Ultrix
aka: n/a
Debut:  1984
Height: 170cm or 5'7''
Weight: 62kg or 137lb
Eye Color: green
Hair: brown

Quick Facts:
-An BSD-tan, was integrated into DEC culture at a young age (the first Unix do to so).
-Accepted into the DEC ranks despite objections by the strongly anti-Unix DEC-tans and leadership. Very proud of this fact.
-Had a long-running “turf feud” with OpenVMS-tan (Ultrix and VMS ran on the same VAX computer systems).
-Harbours a strong, but strangely good-natured rivalry with OpenVMS.
-Ironically, has a much more venomous vendetta toward her fellow DEC Unix, Tru64 Unix-tan â€" who stole her position at DEC
-A cool, collected and sly personality.
-Wields a trident with three bladed prongs.
-Physically mature, has wavy brown hair, mischievous green eyes, usually wears a slinky black dress when not in uniform.

Windows 1.0-tan's having worn a kimono while as MS is a nod to the alternate, non-OSC designed Windows 1.0-tan that's become so popular over at... Futaba imageboard, is it? Anyway, I like that design too and feel it's akin enough to our Windows 1.0-tan to be considered the same character.

RT-11-tan is a Woobie x10.

DOS/Batch 11-tan is related to Roberto the Stab-bot, for reals.

VAXELN-tan is my long-lost sister as far as being born in the wrong time goes. D:

Quote{This former megalomaniac has become a lot nicer, but can still be pretty scary!... She also has an unusual history for a DOS-tan... }

I'm telling you, that's because she's actually a long-lost DEC-tan~! :V :V :V

I was recently on an OSC Wiki-walk when I began reading the histories of the various DOSes... wow! I'd forgotten what an interesting-ablbeit-sad backstory DRDOS and QDOS-tan have.